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2014, in all its glory.

Big Sur

2014 was a PRETTY big year.  So before we cheers to 2015 tonight (clink!), we wanted to take a look back at some of the best posts of 2014, and all things bitter and sweet that shaped us…  for the betta.

1. ON LOVE:  Karrie’s really real talk on marriage and everything learned – so far – on the subject.  We will ALWAYS try and be truthful, honest, and sometimes – to the chagrin of those closest to us (schorray, Teem!) – pretty darn candid.  Which brings us to…

Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

2. ON LOSS:  Steph’s raw and heartbreaking post – penned in the throes of a painful split – left our readers in a puddle.  The love that had joyfully radiated through the internet and the subsequent loss of it were equally palpable.  But how ‘bout that silver lining?!!  …the shift to a more fulfilling career in a warmer place, the goodness of so many loved ones and strangers, and the profound lessons learned… and learned a-gain at the end of 2014, just for good measure.  Many of which can be summed up by Mark Manson’s Love is not enough.  No regrets though – not a one.

I Loved, I Lost | Covet Living

3.  CALIFORNIA DREAMIN:  Once bi-coastal bloggers & besties, Steph’s cross-country move put us just down the street from each other (Santa Monica à San Diego)…  which means regular trips to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (stay tuned for the before & after of Karrie’s breakfast nook we’re currently revamping!), a lot of hilarity, and a lot of trips to Casa Machado.

Karrie and Steph, Encinitas | Covet Living

Southern Cali | Covet Living

It also means Tim wants to punch himself in the face on a regular basis.

Teem | Covet Living

4. ALL IN THE FAMILY:  Our hearts literally broke this Spring when we said goodbye to Steph’s beloved Grandpa, Bud…  a man who once said: “I never understood the point of fake boobs.  Anything you can’t fit in your mouth is a waste of time.”  What a stud.

BUD collage

Then they burst at the seams later in 2014 with the addition of one of the cutest, most angelic things to grace us with her presence – Karrie’s niece, Willow – a cooing little nugget we wanna eat up!  (Look at that FACE!)

Willow | Covet Living

Rounding out the fam-jam:  Steph moved into a bachelor pad with Karrie’s he-cousin + another young lad.  She affectionately refers to it as “El Frat House” and some days, wakes up to the sounds of thighs slapping and the sights of a sea of empty beer cans.  LAWD.  But to their credit, those 2 hooligans make for protective pseudo brothers, and the whole shenanigan makes for some amazing stories.

5. FASHION ROUND-UPS:  Look no further than our fashion round-ups {2014 Oscars | 2014 SAG Awards} to get a sense of the evil texts we volley to each other during awards shows (in sweatpants).  Who do we think we are – Anna Wintour + OP?  Nah…  just two hens cluckin’ about all things fashion related.  And when we’re not weighing in on stars’ fashion triumphs & mishaps, posts like this inspire us to keep our wardrobes effortlessly cool.  And fearless.

Camilla and Matthew | Covet Living

Jason Bateman | Covet Living

6. BACHELOR(ETTE) ROUND-UPS:  Speaking of being perched up in the judge’s chair…  Most Tuesday mornings, Steph shares her candid, kooky and controversial belly-laughing commentary from Monday night’s Bachelor episodes.

Cody and Mad Libs | Covet Living Bachelorette Commentary

Opera Singer on Bachelorette | Covet Living

Operation Doctor candidate | Covet Living And we can’t WAIT for Farmer Ted’s season – otherwise known here on Covet Living as the “Panty Dropper” – to start on January 5th!

Chris Soules Farmer Ted | Covet Living 7. ON TV:  Someday, we’ll tell you about the time Steph was in a close overtime thriller to be one of gals vying for Farmer Ted’s heart.  As for Karrie (a reality TV producer by day), this year we toasted not one but two of her MAJOR hit shows!  The pint-sized drama on Little Women: LA left our jaws on the floor, and the modern-day arranged marriage / social experiment that is Married at First Sight  had everyone from the ladies on The View to the check-out ladies at your local grocery store talking about it.  Look for even crazier TV shows to come from Karrie in 2015.

MAFS | Covet Living

8. GLOBETROTTING:  With girls’ trips to Palm Springs and Malibu, weddings in Big Sur, wine country getaways and jaunts across the pond to the South of France, we took in some of the most gorgeous places in the world.

Travel | Covet Living

9. HEALTHY BODY:  We both embraced dropping gluten and picking up yoga in a major way, and we feel a MILLION times better for it. And big props to Amy P at Corepower Yoga in San Diego for kicking our ever-loving butts in the happiest and most Namaste of ways.

Post-Corepower Yoga | Covet Living

Check out über healthy & delicious recipes for zoodles + meatballs, autumn ingredient salads, and lazy weekend brunches if you missed ‘em… and this post for our workout playlist.

Autumn Ingredient Salad | Covet Living

10. HEALTHY MIND: Though most of us love to read, we’re often so busy that we (whoops) forget.  And then when we remember, we don’t know what’s out there worth reading.  Well.  Leave it to Karrie to dole out good suggestions, always.

Books to Read, Covet Living

11. HEALTHY SPIRIT:  Many-a-Mondays, we shared words of wisdom like this & that… and maybe the most notable of all this year, THIS’UN.  Because if there is ONE thing we do our best to practice, it’s finding the joy (and hilarity) in everything, every. *single*. day… and being kind to people… and taking the leaps that scare you to death (“…because one day, there won’t be any more time to do the things you want to do.  Do them now.”)  Finding the good in all things – even the things that absolutely suck.  The entire reason we started this blog almost 5 years ago was to share with you guys that spirit for life and for all the things we love.  We love you to the moon and back for staying with us all this time.  And if you’re new – wassup!  Sit down.  Have a cocktail.  Stick arrooouuund.


Happy 2015 to you all!!!  And yo…don’t forget to take an Uber.


Steph & Karrie


Bachelorette Recap: Boys II Men, B-Ball & Eric

1.  Nick aka Babyface reminds me of a cute, grown-up disheveled toddler.  Is it his bedhead?  Is there a hint of a beaver whistle in there?  Is it his inspector gadget jacket he borrowed from his dad’s closet??  …I’m not sure.  One or all of the above. Regardless, I feel like he should be running around wearing a onesie with padded feet.  All that said… he’s cute!  I totes would’ve had a crush on him in 5th grade.

2.  WHAT. IN. THE. NAME. OF. &$%#. ARE. THESE???  Did he just tear down the tapestries in the dining room and weave himself a pair of pajama pants?

3.  Every time Bradley makes like a Disney character and bursts into song, I feel like a small animal is being tortured somewhere.  And then a little throw up creeps up in my mouth.  And Gus’ balls shrink.  And I make like this kid.  OMG, he’s harmonizing in the background.  I can’t take it.  #earmuffs #handmesomethingsharp

4.  “I touched my first butt to ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ in 7th grade” – BAHHADHHDASHDHAH.  Eric is a great kid.

5.  Do GTL and Josh share a room, and is that room one giant tanning bed, and is the dial on the bed turned to the Oompa Loompa Orange setting?  Is there also a bottomless hair gel dispenser in the bathroom?

6.  There isn’t enough vodka in this universe to prompt me to sing on stage.  And one reason is because I think those sweet, criggity crunked tone-deaf boys drank it all.

7.  OMG…  Marcus = Jake Pavelka!  Einhorn IS Finkle!  FINKLE is EINHORN!  There’s something off kilter there that I can’t put my finger on, and I give him about 2 more shows for it to come out.

8.  Bill Nye (JJ) at 80 = what happens when Christopher Lloyd + Magda from There’s Something About Mary procreate.

9.   Dylan is adorable.  And by adorable I mean smoldering.  He just captured the flag back from Farmer Ted.  And by flag, I mean underpants.

10.  Speaking of Farmer Ted…  whaaaaaat the *&$% happened to my boy?  Did he get shot up with a vile of the ebola virus?  Has he not slept since last week? He looks like Jimbo from Outbreak right before his eyeballs start bleeding and he goes into shock.  Somebody get that kid an IV of Vitamin C (or Vitamin Me) and a week-long nap.

11.  Is Josh actually an Endo Rep?  That’s for my peeps back at my old gig – y’all know it’s true!!

12.  Brian’s adorable.  The argyle’s doing him proud, but his on-court game did him prouder.  Wait – hey, hey buddy – over here!  Stop giggling about your half court shot for a sec – Andi actually JUST fell down with her legs up in the air.  Slash, you KINDA gotta love a good guy with no game.  They’re like a mythical endangered species that you only see on Animal Planet.

13.  That’s a baller dress.  BOOM!  …PS, wait.  Who slipped piss & vinegar in her bubbly?  Was this right after Eric told her she had a poker face?

14.  She doesn’t have a poker face – girlfriend’s got a bit of a short fuse.  Gyah…  she was so busy flying off the handle and taking what he said so personally that she didn’t even take the time to actually listen to where he was coming from, which seemed like a place of zero malice.  That whole meltdown of a scene just seemed so unnecessary and unfortunate.

15.  I’m sorry… Why are we so focused on how Eric’s death affected Andi?  No offense, she’s a nice girl and I’m sure she doesn’t feel great about his exit now that he’s passed, but if we’re gonna take some time to honor him, why couldn’t we have heard a great happy memory of him from each of the guys?  Or something.

Penny for your thoughts, Campers!  Go.