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Who Says Maternity Style Can’t Be…. Well, Stylish?!

This is Janae. You’ve seen her before on the blog as the adorable owner of Pink & Navy, the fashionable boutique on our beloved Anna Maria Island.  Well, Janae’s preggers with her (2nd!) child and big surprise, she’s been embracing her pregnancy by rocking the hottest, most on trend fashions.  We’re always so inspired by her super cute style – pregnant or not.  So much so, we’ve made her our de facto maternity style guru and asked her to recommend her favorite looks right now for those with beebs on the way – all available right now at her shop:

Hey you fashionistas!  I just turned the big 30 and am mom of one rambunctious, over-intelligent, hip three-year-old boy.  And at this moment I’m currently and happily rocking a 37-week VERY pregnant bump.  This ever-growing bump is home to my next son for at least 3 more long weeks!

Finding a stylish, yet super comfy outfit is never easy.  I am one who despises maternity clothing.  It’s never trendy, and is always way too long or big with that “Hey I’m a maternity shirt” ruching down the side.  The love of denim is long gone after you have reached about 30 weeks into your pregnancy (yes, yes, yes, we know… no more denim is a sad, sad day).   There is a very easy way to stay stylish and not be suffocated in your too tight, baby squishing jeans.  Let me introduce you to the brilliance of “oversized buying”, with a bump complimenting combo!  I own every one of these fabulous pieces, and they score beyond 10s in comfort:

ITEM #1 (below): I adore these Michael Lauren pants worn by Kendall Jenner (and am actually wearing them today):

ITEM #2 (below): I love this leg-showing Gypsy 05 dress with a little back showing to make you feel sexy:

ITEM #3 (below): This Lauren Moshi top is great to pair with the Michael Lauren pants.  This top is long, comfy and hugs the bump perfectly:

ITEM #4 (below): This Gypsy 05 seaweed tube maxi falls perfectly on the bump and dresses you up:

ITEM #5 (below): How cute is this L *Space bandeau bikini?:

ITEM #6 (below): If you can’t rock the two piece, rock an L *Space fringe one-piece:

ITEM #7 (below): Linea Pelle trendy studded clutch shoulder bag with cat eye glasses (below):

ITEM #8 (below): Linea Pelle stud stackable bracelets to keep you current:

Thank you Janae!  We heart you and your always spot-on sense of style!

ALL of these items are available right now at Pink & Navy.  Find them on Facebook or give Janae a call at (941) 567-4000.


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