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Spring is (Nearly) Sprung!

marquesa dress | covet living

That little Marquesa number makes me weak at the knees… but it also makes me giddy for Springtime.  Even though it’s always Summer in California, I still get excited for this time of year… for everything in shades of pastels, for planting new flowers & herbs outside (OMG, I’m 107… but seriously, I can almost smell heirloom tomatoes on a vine in the garden)… just for a fresh start.  And if you’re any of my people back in the homeland, I bet the sun peeking through the grey skies and warming your face + the promise of green buds popping up from underneath the snow makes you so happy you could cry.  Hit play on the ditty below and keep scrolling down to getcherself in the mood for Springtime!

This weekend…

Hello Spring | Covet Living

Open a window – even if it’s still freezing out, and even if it’s only for a few minutes – just to let some fresh air in.

Open Window 2 | Covet Living

Or if it’s warm enough, sleep with all the windows open, and wake up like this on Saturday morning.  Which is precisely what I’ll be doing.

Happy Weekend | Covet Living

Pick up some fresh flowers from the market.

Peonies | Covet Living

Rearrange your furniture or refresh your decor, with things like this pillow from Lulu & Georgia:

Adana Extra Long Pillow | Covet Living

Mix yourself some lemon mint water… a) because it’s so good for you, but b) because it tastes like Springtime.

Lemon Mint Water

Go get – or DIY – a mani in a bright, happy hue.

NARS Kutki Polish | Covet Living

Get stoked, even if you’re over the age of 4, about Easter coming up, because even if you’re not gluing sequins on Easter eggs, at least you get to wear a Easter-egg-colored-outfits that weekend.

Sequin Easter Eggs | Covet Living

Treat yo self to a bright staple, like this green Gigi New York oversized clutch.

Island Green Uber Clutch | Covet Living

Throw one bright piece into your wardrobe mix this weekend, just to perk things up a little.

One fun color | Spring

Pink Skirt | Covet Living

Pot a basil plant in your kitchen window.

Basil in Window | Covet Living

Go for a bike ride (!!!!)

Spring in Notting Hill | Covet Living

Happy Weekend!


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5 Good Things for Your Weekend

Good Mornin!  I hope you guys are doing what I’m doing right now: wrapped up in a blanket with a piping hot cup of coffee, a stack of “literature” (otherwise known as design mags – oozie), watching the sun glisten and quietly creep up and dance on everything it touches, and listening to this morning playlist (it’s good, I swear – click the link or the pic below and hit play).

OR, maybe you just had your toddler throw a Lego truck at your head, and your younger nugget is screaming at the sort of pitch that opens garage doors.  Which also sounds super fun.  Either way – here are a few things I loved this week and wanted to share (click photos for sources!)

1.  MAKE THIS FOR DINNER TONIGHT (and serve it with a bottle of Meomi Pinot Noir – $18 at Trader Joe’s)

2.  BRASS LANTERNS = EASY HOUSE UPDATE: I saw these bad boys while I was taking a quick spin through West Elm this week after work.  They’re super versatile and really good-looking in person.  3 Ways to use ’em this fall:

(1) Grab 2 bigguns and pop on either side of the mantle (if you don’t have sconces up there) – or you can also put them down on the hearth.

(2) Grab 4 of ’em (maybe 2 large, 2 small) and sit them out on your graduating front porch steps – like these.

(3) Pop a pair of ’em on the dining table.  If you wanna go super crazy and festive, you can fill the area around the candle with mini gourds – the cream and funky colored ones.

3.  TREAT YO’SELF: To this amazing bauble – Vintage Glam Necklace from Majestical Jewelry.  People will tell you they love it, then sigh and say, “but it must’ve been $200 from J.Crew…  right?”  Wrong.  It’s under $30 and looks like a million bucks.

4.  MOODY MANI: I think I might wanna take this cobalt lacquer for a spin…  right?  So fun for fall!

5.  REMEMBER THESE WORDS, when and if things get tough.  They are true.  I had a very wise friend tell me earlier this Spring (when my life was in upheaval) that there will always be happy times, and there will also always inevitably be sad times… so knowing that everything is cyclical, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to just try and always be at peace.  That made a lotta sense to me.

Have a great weekend!!!