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I get by with a little help from my (girl)friends

Listen, I hate to go all Carrie Bradshaw girl power on you guys today, but I feel like I have to give a shout-out to my people.  And by people, I mean my girlfriends.  When I was little, my grandmother always told me that if I got to have even ONE true friend, then I would have way more than my fair share.  Somehow, I ended up with a heaping handful of them.  They are the most talented, successful people I know – lawyers, doctors, wedding wizards, cake makers, vp’s and execs. But they’re also amazingly kind, infinitely gracious, strong, hilarious, charismatic and so, so wise.  And I feel like if I’m any of those things I just mentioned, it’s because of them.

These are the people I look up to the most…  they have (literally) spoon-fed me when I could not eat…  held my hand and cried on the gym floor with me over broken bones… held my hand and cried on the living room floor with me over broken hearts… dropped everything to fly across the country for my birthday, or to take my calls whilst they’re in a meeting with J. Lo…  They are people who are always (ALWAYS, *cough* Karrie) pushing me to do what makes me happy…  who tell me when I’m being an ass hole…  who help me know when to bow up and when to back down…  and who always remind me to hold out for and not accept one OUNCE less than what I deserve…  because sometimes, everybody needs to be reminded.  Their houses are my house, and their families are my family.  I honestly feel bad for everyone who doesn’t know them, and I would be lost without them.

Love you girls so much.  Thanks for being so good to me, always.


**not pictured:  Nikki and Benny B

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  • I am honored to be able to say to all of you “I knew you when.” High school is the place that people either remember as “hell on earth” or the one place where they felt happy and safe. I have seen all levels and layers of emotion in my teaching travels and I can honestly say that every word that I have just read is sincerely beautiful. You girls are blessed with true friendship, sincere compassion, and an unending river of light and courage for all who know you. Thanks for the good read kiddos and carry on.

    • Mrs. BIGGS!!! That is the nicest comment we’ve ever received. Thank you so much for encouraging us back then, and still.. into our *cough* mid-30’s. Go Owls!! xx, Steph & Karrie

  • ahhhhh so beautiful. love this and love you girl.

  • PS. it takes a great girlfriend to know one.

  • Love this post & your blog! you are so genuine, honest & fun-loving. I’ve always strived to be the same but have had a rough year. I’m hoping to instill these qualities in my daughter though & know how important strong girl friendships are so do you have any tips for how to build these etc.? Thanks if you have a chance to reply!


    • Hey Dee!! You’re so sweet, and I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough year! And, oh gosh… how to build them. Just thinking about my girls, and the way we treat each other, I would say this: let them know you always have their back, and then back that up – because words without actions are useless. Unyieldingly support and encourage them, but also have the courage to be honest and tell them when they’re wrong, because doing anything different doesn’t help anyone… you have to be each others’ moral compasses. Make them a priority, NEVER talk behind their back – ever – if you have something to say, have enough respect for them to say it to them. Always cheer for them, always be there for them and take their calls even when you don’t have time to talk, and always treat them like they’re family. Because they are. Does that help??

  • Awwweeeee…..this is so sweet ! I am the lucky one to have you in my life :). Love you… Mwahhhh

  • Gosh Steph! What a gorgeous post. Gave me body tingles.
    It sounds like these beautiful souls you call girlfriends empower you to be a better person day in and day out.

  • Mom always said: Boys will be in and out of your life but girlfriends are forever. In college I declined a dance invite from a basketball cutie ’cause my BFF went into de-fib every time he was around. Turns out he really liked ME (oh, well…). Fast-forward 35 yrs later when I finally told her, she said I was a good friend. Still think I made the right decision not to hurt her. Here’s to gal pals. xo

  • Stephanie, you are just as amazing as your friends! I’d like to think I had a little to do with the person you are today!
    Love you bunches!

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