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WHAT’S UP TEAM!  Here are a few of my faaaaavorite things:

Crystal Champagne Coupes, Etsy, $168.  I’m crying as I type this because I wanted to order these so badly, but a) we don’t need them, but b) if I bring one more set of glassware into this house I swear Chris will serve me with divorce papers.  So, may the fastest typing hands win them.

Rattan Scallop Ottoman Tray, 20″ x 20″, Covet Living Interiors, $150.  I love this thing so much.  I am about to place an order for them so I can’t promise they’ll get shipped from my shop to you before Christmas which makes this gift guide item a huge bust; nonetheless, let me know if you’d like a swell January surprise 🙂  We’ve all seen a joe schmo tray, but this one ups the ante with the scallop detail – 4.5″ high.  Holla for preorder!

Bone Inlay Frame, Etsy, $65 for 8×10.  Probably also not getting to you by Christmas OHMYGYAH I AM THE WORST – does it still work to gift wrap a Polaroid of whatever you got so-and-so that’s not here yet?  Anyhow – I think this is so beautiful and you can specify your color which I love.

Blue Crush Artwork, 57″ x 41″, Covet Living Interiors, about $750 shipped (depends on destination), January delivery.  My New Years rager continues.  Christine Flynn has some similar, surf-radical stuff on One Kings Lane, but this one is my favorite.  I did it in one lovely client’s house in LA and it’s a stunner.  Send me an email to place an order!

Farm Table Plank, 40″ x 10″, Hudson Grace, $195.  Someone just bought this for us from our registry and I am straight tickled to get it.

Brass Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, Sir | Madam, $34.  Thirty four dollars is a lot for a magnet, but not having your S/O have a reason to say: “I didn’t unload the dishwasher cuz I didn’t know if they were clean or dirty” = priceless.  THIS CAPTION WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN 30 SECONDS.

Gingham Napkins in Cognac & Blue, Covet Living Interiors, $110 per S/4.  Another day, another January party.  These JYEST came back in stock after almost a year of being impossible to find.  I have the dish towel version and the weight and texture is perfection.  You will have these forever.  Holla for preorder!

The Prettiest & Most Vibrant Bolivian Frasada You Have Ever Seen, 56″ x 64″, Covet Living Interiors, $350.  These are HARD TO FIND in great condition and especially in the right colors.  This is the happiest textile I have in the shop.  Dying to cover (a bench, a chair – anything) in it but I just ran out of time and it’s so good, I feel like I should send it out into the universe.

Here’s a dining bench we used another one on in a client’s house 2 years ago… and at that point, that one was the most vibrant one I’ve ever seen.

Vintage Anatolian Runner, 43″W x 109″L, Covet Living Interiors, $1300.  This is one of those pieces that I will probably cry when it sells.  It is really beautiful – purples/violet, this greyish sage color, and then the pumpkin.  I acquired it years ago but never really found a place for it, so it’s a recent addition to the shop.  Holla for dibs.

Rialto Rocks Glasses in Millicent, S/2, Sir | Madam, $52.  What kind of list would this be if the caboose was something that was actually in stock?  It DOES come in the most beautiful rainbow of colors – and also in coupes / martini glasses etc – but the green was calling to me.  I would have these except, again, I’ll be in timeout till 2022 if I bring more glassware across that threshold.

Happy Trails & Happy Shopping!  For any of the items listed at Covet Living Interiors – holla at me to order –  I’m off to polish off the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge and pretend like I’m starting a cleanse in the morning.  See yaaaaaaaaa!






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