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Dreamy Weekend on the Lake

Last week was one of those work weeks that seriously made me want to put my head through a wall no less than 700 times.  I have never been more delighted to see a Friday than I was a few days ago… just to be able to stand still for a second and decompress.  So naturally, I kicked the weekend off by rearranging the house on Friday night (because apparently cleaning is calming) and putting the $1 Yard Sale scarf to good use to dress up the headboard:

After Planes Trains & Automobiles (aka Matt) came home from his 5-day business trip, I squeezed him for about an hour, then squeezed Gus for another hour, then finally got some sleep.  And had coffee Saturday morning like this – in peace, on the patio, watching Gus watch patrol the back 40.  It’s too bad the basil’s in the way and you can’t see those big beautiful birthing hips my boy dog has.

An unseasonably cold, rainy weekend is not what we envisioned for a lake retreat, but it was surprisingly calming.  We were heading up to Catawba Island (on Lake Erie, just across from Canada) to Matt’s childhood best friend’s family’s cottage.  And this is what we rolled up to Saturday afternoon…  a little slice of heaven.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the old cottage…  Nothing has been touched since the early 1900’s.  There are vintage photos on the walls…  piles of pillows and blankets everywhere for guests…  open windows in every room…  huge cans of sharpened pencils for crosswords…  and chipping beaded board ceilings, like this one on the sleeping porch that overlooks the lake:

After a little marinating at the old cottage, we took a jaunt into town for some pops (Put-In-Bay = the Key West of the Midwest…  so lots of Bachelorette parties and penis paraphernalia, lots of hair gel, and LOTS of good people watching):

Passed through the Food Beer (that is literally the name of it) on the way home, where I requested fried okra, and got a look like I had 7 heads.

After consuming about 7000 calories worth of (delicious) hot dogs, hamburgers and taters back at the house and taking in the sunset, we posted up for a looonnng, long sing-a-long.  With the talents of Matt’s self-taught BFF on the guitar, and the tone-deaf vocal skills of yours truly.  I think a few kittens probably died during that jam session.

On the way home Sunday, I soaked up Saturday’s liquid intake with this, and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it:

And then Matt – aka the best boyfriend, EVER – suggested we stop at a few antique stores on the drive home.  And I shed a single tear of pride / gratitude.

Last night we had Matt’s Ma and her Man Friend, Jim, over for dinner.  We had to toss it together pretty quick, so I just put out the pretty blue napkins I got in the Hamptons, a few candleholders I pulled out of storage, and some green & blue glassware:

Gus was kind enough to help with clean-up.  What a good boy!

And that was that.  The weekend started all kindsa frazzled and it ended all kindsa peaceful and rejuvenated.  Is it Friday again yet??

Have a great week!

Lake Life! Aka Scenes From A Midwestern Weekend

The two floozies, reunited!

There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes… well, except for the annual jaunt to the in-laws’ absolutely perfect lakeside casa at Magician Lake in Michigan. There are so, so many reasons why I love this trip.  It’s the most serene environment, with a quiet stillness only interrupted by my father-in-law’s James Taylor Pandora station streaming through the house.

My mom

Two hammocks beg you to lie in them with a good book.  There’s a steady diet of sweet corn and BBQ.  And the best thing about it?  Our Midwest-residing family and friends are only a drive away to share in the tranquility…:

And ohhhkayyyy, maybe sometimes a little debauchery…

Luckily, my hubby got to spend Father’s Day with his dad.

And I’ll just let the rest of the pictures tell the story…

Steph's homemade salsa (top) and Mom's homemade strawberry shortcake (bottom)

Cap'n TEEM and Powers aka Peezy aka Sugar Daddy

"Cause we're the two best co-bloggers that anybody had"

Sigh… Until next year, Lake Magician.