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Bachelorette: Week 2 Recap

1.  HAAAAAAAAA – “Cupcake” in air quotes is amazing.  Kudos to whomever at ABC’s idea that was.


2.  Ben Z knocking the speed bag off the dooflickey is just the sort of thing that wet dreams are made of.


3.  Dude, I seriously can’t take this guy.  I straight verped in my mouth when he kissed her.  It was so yucky I thought about paying Gus in Scooby Snacks to scratch my eyes out.

jj4 jj3

4.  Amy can’t take him either, which I love her for.  Best line of the night?  “…maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself and not be such a turd.”  FJkldjskljfklajkljakjakja.  Also, if you missed her shutting him down, check it out here.


5.  Let’s play the doppelgänger game real quick, shall we?

…I mean, obviously.

bart simpson





kid n play



HAjahdjshajdkhajkhajhajhaahakha.  Sorry pal.

white fang

6.  Dear Boys EVERYWHERE: Take note… passing notes is just about the cutest move of all time.  Especially because none of us have been passed a note since the 7th grade.  If you don’t believe me, just look at Kaitlyn’s face:

note note2 note 4

…and if you still don’t believe me, why don’t you call a now 26-year old hunk of a meaty stud we’ll call “Show Pony” who walked by me in the operating room 3 years ago in super slow mo, looked me right in the eye in super John Hughes rom com style, and handed me a folded up piece of college-rule notebook paper.  I think I peed in my scrubs… and then I think I let him take me on a date that night.  And I’m pretty sure I still grin when I think about it.

7.  White Fang’s beard seriously looks like everyone in San Diego’s yard right now.


8.  If JJ had ever seen Steel Magnolias then he would know that ‘an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure.’  Also: if he’s smarter than 90% of the guys there, then he should be smart enough to know that “underspoken” is not a word.

dear jj

9.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Baby Oscar’s boutah give Ben Z a run for his money.  Timeouttimeouttimeout: Did he seriously just say “I think you took my breath away today”???  Ehhhrrrmahgarh.  I love him.

clint5    clint2

10. …wait.  Say what now?


11.  Um is this the best group of dudes EVER cuz they decided to give the guys who hadn’t gotten any time some time at the beginning of the rose ceremony?? Single tear.

12.  I feel the same way about JJ ALREADY in week 2 the way that I felt about the likes of Juan Pablo, Nick aka chews-on-rocks from Andi’s season, and Chris Bukowski.  Also… I LEGIT think JJ soaks his teeth in trays of red wine + coffee at night. Cuz they’re 50 shades of purple & brown.  PS: did you know you should bite into a hunk of cheese if you’re gonna drink red wine at a party?  It creates a film over your teeth so they don’t turn red.  BOOM.

toofs2 toofs

13.  I’ve actually NEVER liked Kaitlyn more than when she took no BS from Kuba and sent him packing.  Strong move, sister.

smell ya kuba

14.  Did he take 7 shots of testosterone before the rose ceremony?

kuba kuba2

15.  Dear ABC: this is seriously becoming the silliest habit.


16.  I swear I smell incense and see peace signs everywhere. #woodstock2015

IMG_1383 woodstock

That’s all I got!


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We’ll Always Have Palm Springs (Plus a New Playlist!)

Steph and Karrie | Palm Springs | Covet Living

{With Steph, feelin’ allllright}

This past Friday, Shtooph and I joined forces in the glorious desert town of Palm Springs for the long weekend, and it was exactly.what.we.needed.

Side note: I recently read this blog post about the impact that a positive response has when someone asks you how you’re doing.  The blogger made a good point – that 99.9% of the time, responding with how stressed you are doesn’t really further the convo any… it’s like describing that crazy(!) dream you had last night with your 6th grade gym teacher, a white lion and a swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding… not many people care.

So, I apologize profusely, dearest readers, because there’s something I need to get off my chest: Being an adult is really, really stressful sometimes, and I have been painstakingly, exhaustingly stressed these past few days.


To say Steph & I needed this getaway is the biggest understatement since Yeezy explained his outbursts by saying he was a “passionate” person.

So we both packed up our mags, dogs and sunblock and booked it from Santa Monica and San Diego.  Once there we immediately set up marination station at our adorable, slightly kitschy (as in the place hadn’t seen the soft touch of an interior designer since the late ’70s) home away from home, replete with a pool/jacuzzi, a sprawling backyard looking out onto a golf course, and room for 10 of us *including GusGus and Kilroy, our sons, to sprawl da eff out.

Palm Springs house | Palm Springs | Covet Living

{We loved our house!}

GusGus and Kilroy | Palm Springs | Covet Living

{GusGus and Kilroy, brothers/boyfriends}

Shtooph | Palm Springs | Covet Living

{“Steph, didn’t you borrow that bathing suit from me 3 years ago?”


Straight chill in' | Palm Springs | Covet Living

Sunset | Palm Springs | Covet Living

On the agenda: 1) Sunning 2) Eating junk food like we were at a slumber party circa ’96 3) Listening to the Bruce Hornsby Pandora station for hours at a time 4) Cackling 5) Gazing at the stars, and  6) Not brushing our hair:


{What is wrong with us?!}

OH. And we might have taken a trip to a fabulous Palm Springs party where frothy drinks and go-go dancing were on tap:

Go go dancing | Palm Springs | Covet Living

{Whoooops, how’d we get here?}

So anywho, it was a blast, and with the memories and a sunburn all that’s remaining from the weekend, I’ve put together a nifty little playlist to commemorate our little sojourn in Relaxation Town. Warning: It can veer into crustiness at times, but ya know, sometimes you just need some old school 80s crustiness to put your mind at ease……..:

“Sara” by Fleetwood Mac:

“Breathe” by Hands to Heaven:

“The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby:

“Between Dreams” by Poolside:

“Fading Listening” by Shiny Toy Guns:

“When the Stars Go Blue” by Tim McGraw

“Blue Jeans” – RAC Mix by Lana Del Rey:

“Embrace” by Goldroom:

“Give It Away” by Zero 7

“Til Sunrise” by Goldroom feat Mammals:

“Sights” (Tourist Version) by London Grammar:

Now, if you can just fast forward these next four days ’til Friday evening……. #thestruggleisreal.


karrie signature