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Listen. Eat. Wear. See. Read. Repeat.

LISTEN: “Why Do We Fight” by case/lang/veirs

Just, yes.

EAT: Burger King’s new Mac ‘n Cheetos

Mac 'n Cheetos | Covet Living

What? Yesterday was National Junk Food Day… PS, funny story: Last week my husband and I made a healthy, delicious dinner and were patting ourselves on the back, when quietly my husband said, and I mean barely audible, “Today I stopped by Burger King and got the new Mac ‘n Cheetos.” I was stunned. Who is this man I married? But then he said they were really, really good, and the trashy version of me who resides deep in my bones yelled at me to try them. And I will. Soon.

WEAR: Target “dv Gabi Gladiator Sandals”/ $39:

Gabi Gladiator Sandals | Covet Living

Dying over these shoes this summer. I wear them every single day. And they look and feel 3x expensive.

SEE: OJ: Made in America

O.J. Made In America | Covet Living

Think you know the whole story? This 5-part series is a completely gripping look at his life and of the murder… in a way you’ve never seen, I promise.

READ: “One True Loves” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid | Covet Living

Who wants a beach read? Or if you’re landlocked, a reservoir or man-made lake read (what up Hoosier friends?!). This might be it. It’s the story of a woman unexpectedly forced to choose between her husband she’s long thought dead and the fiancé who’s finally brought her back to life.

Happy Friday, lovelies. I’m off to Temecula today for a friend’s birthday weekend, and Steph… well, she’s in Colorado… visiting a *cough* veryspecialfriend…


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Pretty in Pink Nursery

Little Girl's Nursery | Covet Living Interiors

Hola!  Yesterday, while I was on the Greyhound bus ride from *hockeysticks* with no Wifi, no service and no end in sight, I doodled this sweet little girl’s nursery.  It is pale pink on cream on pale pink on a WHOLE lotta pattern with splashes of green, which at first I thought was way too busy (and it may still be), but now when I look at it, it just feels layered & cozy to me because most of the patterns are all in the same tone… well, with a bright punch of hot pink for good measure.  So yo.  This one goes out to my next friend to get knocked up!

Sources:  Otomi Pendant // Soane Sconce // Armoire // Macramé Rug // Jenny Lind Crib (similar to shown) // Crib Sheet // Penny Morrison Ashok in Pink Fabric // O&L Coronata Star Wallpaper


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