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And Just Like That, We’re Beliebers Again

It’s not cause he’s gone two months without urinating in a bucket, getting a DUI or illegally taking his pet monkey to a foreign country. It’s not cause of his mea culpa during his Comedy Central Roast for being a little douche lord these past few years… No, we’re Beliebers again because of this BANGIN’ new song he just dropped.  And we’re not afraid to admit it. G’one, take a listen, and tell us you’re not tappin’ your metaphorical foot while listening to it!:

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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Thought for the Day


My friend Lauren said this to me today as the caboose to a long pep talk… (you know, the kind you didn’t even know you needed till you got it, but love the person a little more for after they give it to you, because you feel like it just spawned a mini-epiphany).  And all the words in her pep talk were on point, but none so much as the last four: “Luck Rewards the Brave”…..  (I’ll pause for her to drop the mic and for fireworks to go off in your dome like they did in mine).

Karrie and I have been having a lot of sidebar conversations lately about how quickly time is passing (literally, it’s like life is whizzing by) and how to wring the most out of it, because we’re both terrified of ever looking back and realizing that any part of life passed us by while we were – I dunno – busy being biz-ay.  Or going through the motions, which is so easy to do it’s frightening.  Karrie actually just sent emails to a few of her close family members/elders and asked them what advice they would give her for making the most of her life before she wakes up one day and is 60 and is like, “oops.”  (Ahem – I’m currently popping popcorn and awaiting that post with baited breath).  Similarly, I just had a conversation with another old friend while I was in Chicago last month who told me a story that knocked my socks off about a lady she works with – career woman, total bad ass, etc – who always wanted to have a family but got busy doing other things and then woke up one day and realized that that part of life had passed her by…. (GULP).

So as someone who (always) needs to take her own advice, I’m encouraging you guys to also put those 4 little words in your pipe & smoke ’em, too.  Here, I’ll say ’em again for em-phass-is:


Cuz when you think about it, every time you’ve ever taken a leap and done ANYTHING that terrified you or that you initially thought you couldn’t do, did anything really awful come of it?  Or were you glad you took the leap?  Oh here!  I’ll answer for you: I bet GREAT things came from it, and I bet you grew leaps & bounds and learned a lot about yourself in the process.  I took an internal inventory of my last 5 years and realized that two of the things I had originally been terrified of doing (and had previously talked myself out of for years before I took the leap) ended up being some of the best things I could’ve EVER done for myself.  I don’t want to imagine who or where I’d be if I hadn’t done them.  So if you have things you’ve been thinking about doing but keep finding ways to talk yourself out of, or reasons why you will later but just can’t right now… honey.  Do ’em.  And know that the worst POSSIBLE thing that can happen is that you’ll learn something about yourself you didn’t already know, and that you’ll grow in a way you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if you’d stayed nestled in that cozy place we all like to call our comfort zone.  And if you get scared, make like that cute shaggy-headed kid from “Crazy Stupid Love” and know that all you really need to take the first step is 20 seconds of insane courage.

Thanks again, L-money, for the words of wisdom… that means you too Sabs, Cates & Kar Bear.  Love you girls, and love all of you nuggets reading this post too (Mom, Tina, May & Marge Hobley… bahfjjdkhfjkdahfdhjkah).


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