House Beautiful

Listen. Eat. Wear. Read. See. Repeat.


Awww… every time I hear this song it transports me to sunny San Diego to one of my weekends with Stephy poo, lounging around her beach pad, drinking one of her fresh homemade juices and getting ready to head to the beach or yoga. Haylo Shtayph!



Naturally dyed deviled eggs (oh so pretty!), perfect for Easter:

Naturally Dyed Deviled Eggs


Spring’s a callin’, people, so dress appropriately. This ruffled shirt – seen below on the smoke show that is fellow blogger Andee Layne – is the perfect statement top for the season. I could also see this on a summer night with cute vintage cut-offs:

Andee Layne in Bardot Ruffle and Frill Shirt

Bardot Ruffle and Frill Shirt | Bloomingdales


Now, I have zero children, but 89% of my friends do. And of that 89%, about 79% of them occasionally let it slip to me, usually over a bottle of rosé and some delicious appetizers, that they hate their husbands from time to time. In fact I bet about 63% of you reading this have kids, and periodically hate your husbands too.

It’s alright. You’re in a safe place. And this book is perhaps your next read. Just do it on your Kindle, so your husband won’t see the book cover and start pouting. And then make you hate him even more.

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids


A sweet, funny, breath of fresh air in a TV show: NBC’s new show First Dates on NBC. You gotta check it out on Friday nights. It premiered last week and I cried in the first minute of the show. And then laughed and again cried, but mostly laughed. Based on a British TV show, it’s a hidden camera show that follows different couples on blind dates. Sounds simple, and it is, but it’s oh so endearing. And at times, hilarious:


That’s it for this week. Happy Friday frynds!!!



Wise Words Wednesday

Wise Words Wednesday | Covet Living

“Rushing things you wish to bring to fruition will disrupt your journey. Allow the end result to appear naturally and without pressure. If you want it, if you speak it, if you believe it, it will come. Relax. Being disruptive to your journey will quickly humble you. Let things form, flow + grow freely. If you’re open, if you’re trusting of the process, if you’re hardworking, it will come. Relax. What’s meant for you will not pass you by. Timing is everything. Work for it while you wait for it. Attempting to expedite the arrival of what you want, wish or think you deserve, isn’t going to make it appear quicker. Grow with the process. Practice patience. Trust in the fact that you’re going to get what’s meant for you in due time. Be productive + stay humble. Because, timing. Because, faith. Because, you’re going to get what’s yours.” – Alex Elle


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