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Dear Santa, From Karrie (Version 2012)

Dear Santa, here we are again, one year later.  Me and you.  Old pals.  I’m pretty sure this year I’m as deserving as ever of getting each and every one of the gifts my tender heart desires.

I’m always good to my friends (oopsie… Haylo Steph!).  I always behave in a dignified manner.  Like a lady.  I always act my age.

Without further ado, here’s a smattering of the things I’m hankering for this year!:

1. The Microdelivery Peel from Philosophy, because I’m *ahem* in my 30s and conscious of keeping my skin nice and healthy, and because HEY, you can never spend too much time purtifying your skin, right?  And THIS stuff’s supposed to work wonders.  It smoothes out rough skin and perks up a dull and splotchy skin tone. DONE.

Also available at Sephora

2. Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita.  It’s been five months since my mom and I traveled to Italia, and yet, I just can’t shake the “dolce vita”-ness from my psyche.  It grabs onto you and doesn’t quite let go so easily.  Giddily, I recently discovered a new book from one of my all-time favorite photographers, Slim Aarons, and it’s chalk full of the most lush, magnificent shots of Italy.

3. Two newish decor books: Kathryn M. Ireland’s Timeless Interiors and Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera. One designer is Cali cozy-meets-globe trekker chic (and a bit cray, if you watch her on Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo). The other loves eclectic, vintage glamour (and was the subject of one of our first Designer Spotlights).


4. Two more books – but this time, fiction: The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger and Mortality by Christopher Hitchens.  One’s a tale of a new married couple at the beginning of their journey together.  The other, a memoir from beloved and at times controversial writer Hitchens as he was battling cancer.

5. A Mophie Juice Pack Air.  Allow me to enter dork mode for just a moment, por favor.  Now this gets me excited.  The Mophie is this little external battery you attach to your phone, and recharges your batter by 150%!  It also doubles as a nifty case, so it protects too!  Git on it, people.

The super light recharger mirrors the aesthetic of your phone

6. A 10-pack of classes to Yoga Hop.  Because my chakras need some hip hop from time to time while I’m doing my downward dogs, and because having to deal with the holier than thou employees at my old yoga spot – which rhymes with Shmoga Shmorks – brings to mind, every time, this scene below from Bridesmaids:

7. Barefoot Contessa’s new book Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust - Because I love her.  Because her recipes are warm, comforting, just the perfect touch of elegance mixed with cozy ‘Merican dishes.  I heart you, Ina Garten.

And that’s it! What are y’all putting on your lists this Chreeshmosh?!

“Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.” – Ralphie from A Christmas Story.


Eh. Mah. Gah.

Where have these been all my life, and why can I not locate them for purchase ANYWHERE?  Quel tease! I ran across them over at LeSueur Interiors (Meg runs a delightful little blog if you’re not already a follower), and now cannot find them on Kate Spade, Zappos, eBay or anywhere.  I’ll hand over my first born to anyone who can point me in the right direction.  But while we’re on a blush & bashful note, lately I’m seeing (and loving) every color of the pink rainbow EVERYWHERE.  Check it:

Jenny’s Lumbar Pillow project via Little Green Notebook.  They have a hint of Granny and a lotta panache.

Brooklyn Decker.  I think I’ll go hop on the treadmill now.

Red + Pink = magic.  By way of Coco + Kelley.

Thai Silks as seen on Coco + Kelley

Amanda Peet’s Living Room

The palest pale pink wall via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Michelle Armas Painting

Vive Le Shabby Chic!

Red + Pink = Greater than the sum of its parts.

Looks like a candy-colored scene from I Dream of Jeannie.  Via From the Right Bank.

Coming Soon (!)  Shower Curtains in this fabric from Furbish.  You best believe I’ll be ready to pull the trigger 0.2 seconds after these come available.

Hot pink lipstick = so pretty and fresh when paired with a neutral outfit.  I just bought some this week, and I feel REAL good about it.