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Bright Copper Kettles Project: The Kitchen

Mood Board: Project Bright Copper Kettles | Covet Living Interiors

(center inspo image via: Steven Gambrel)

Hola Sugarplums!  Happy (long) Weekend!  I hope you guys have killer BBQ’s and lots of feet-up-chillaxin’ on the agenda.  Sorry the Bachelor Blog is a cool 5 days late… but look at it this way – you’ll probably totally get a double feature in the next few days.  Think of it like bingeing on Netflix.

I’ve fallen off the blogging map some in recent months because life just got REAL bizay.  In the best way possible though.  In addition to doing sales & design for the best dang custom cabinetry shop in SoCal, I also branched out on my own super legit-like and have been doing a lot of design work.  I got all licensed up as Stephanie Ballard Interiors, but am flip flopping to Covet Living Interiors.  You know, to pay homage to the Mothership and all (#represent).  And cuz dang – it’s just such a good name for what it stands for, and it really is where it all started.  Anyway – ya wanna see one of the projects I’m working on??

This is for the sweetest couple ever back in the Heartland (Midwest).  About my parents’ age, and this will be their forever home where their grandkids will come on Christmas, where they’ll sit by the crackling fire at night and read – wrapped in cabled throws – etc.  Bah!  So cozy.  Their taste is definitely more on the traditional side: warm, rustic earth tones.  Classic finishes.  Think bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens // brown paper packages tied up with string.  A *touch* of country without going all crazy Cracker Barrel.  You get the idea.  I got an email from them a few weeks ago which basically said: “We trust you implicitly, and this is your blank canvas.  Make us proud…. go!”  Which brought a single tear in my eye.  Mind you, I’ve never met these lovely people in person – just via email and some conference calls (where I could tell they were both hovering with their heads together over a rotary phone, like George & Mary when Sam Wainwright calls in It’s a Wonderful Life – SO SWEET I COULDN’T TAKE IT).


This project is also right down the street from my Modern Farmhouse project that’s just wrapping up.  WHICH I CANNOT WAIT TO PHOTOGRAPH.

Anyhow.  Here are the concepts I sent them.  I have a fave, but you tell me – what do you guys think??!

Farmhouse Kitchen 1 | Covet Living Interiors Farmhouse Kitchen 7 | Covet Living Interiors
Farmhouse Kitchen 3 | Covet Living Interiors Farmhouse Kitchen 2 | Covet Living Interiors

I am LOVING this sage / layers of cream / patina’d metal / reclaimed wood / calacatta gold marble / copper palette, and all the finishes are pretty interchangeable depending on what they wanna put where.  The one thing we’re working around at this point is a black range – a Mac Daddy they got a screaming deal on.  At first I was thinking: “ohhhhhh fuuuuuuudge” / and saying: “nbd we’ll totally make it work!”  And now I really love it.  Stainless isn’t the end all be all after all.  I would’ve loved to have incorporated some soapstone in this kitchen, but it might be a bit much with the black range… and even if we put it on the island, this kitchen doesn’t get a ton of natural light, so a lighter island (calacatta oro marble, or something similar) will brighten ‘er up and do a much better job of reflecting light.

Anyhow – these were the original elevations (before I tweaked em)… it’s just one back wall where the range and fridge will be, and then an island.  10 ft ceilings, and cabs will go all the way up, so we’ll likely do pretty glass peepers way up top:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.46.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.46.59 AM

I’m also kicking around the idea of doing leaded glass in some of the cabinet doors, à la:

leaded glass

That’s it for now!  Have an amaaaaaazing weekend, thanks for ALL THE LOVE (always!) that you guys send our way.  And if you need help with your project, gimme a holler (


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Target Tuesdayyyyyy

Oooooooohhhhhh it’s Tuesday, and you know that that means: it’s Target Tuesday. (Don’t worry – Steph’s Bachelorette post is coming in hot tomorrow). So without further ado, here are our top 10 fave finds this week – and of course the Instas where we originally spotted them:

Linear Weave Lounge Chair – $79.99 (regularly $99.99): Rattan ain’t for your grandmas anymore!:

Linear Weave Lounge Chair - Threshold | Target Tuesday | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @jenna_rogers}

Sleevless Ruffle Jumpsuit – $47.99: Admittedly this would probably look better on Steph’s body type (read: Barbie-like), but whatevs; I still fancy it:

Sleevless Ruffle Jumpsuit | Target Tuesdays | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @ppfgirl}

Vintage Clear Bulb Lights with Gold on Bottom – $19.99: When regular ol’ bistro lights just won’t do, THESE lights are the ticket. How cute?!?!:

Vintage Clear Bulb String Lights with Gold on Bottom | Target Tuesdays | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @justinablakeney}

Women’s Ruffle Top – $24.99: Love this shirt w/a pair of worn jean shorts!:

Who What Wear Ruffle Top | Target Tuesdays | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @shopcapella}

Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp – $26.99: Make your desk at work feel classy AF, just like you:

Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp by Threshold | Target Tuesday | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @k.r.interiors}

Women’s Button Through Jean Skirt – $19.99: The 90s are back, they are back, they are back! Now if you could be a peach and ship Jordan Catalano to me for $3.99 I would be eversograteful:

Women's Button Through Jean Skirt | Target Tuesdays | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @styleoptimist}

Wooden Planter Stand in Black – $19.99: West Elm, suck it:

Wooden Planter Stand | Target Tuesday | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @idasdecor}

Women’s Strappy No Waist Romper – $24.99: Easy & cute and I could see myself being real comfy in this after housing a bowl of Velveeta… so basically this is my perfect outfit:

Women's Strappy No Waist Romper | Target Tuesdays  | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @targetdoesitagain}

Women’s Saddle Crossbody Handbag – $34.99: I haven’t bought myself clothes or accessories in 6 months and I AM ABOUT TO BREAK MY STREAK AND BUY THIS PURSE, ASAP.

Women's Saddle Crossbody Handbag | Target Tuesday | Covet Living

{Originally seen on @raspberryglow}

Marble and Brass Wall Clock – $14.99: Marble? In a clock? Target, you classy lil’ broad you!

Wall Clock Marble with Brass

{Originally seen on @redandkhaki}

Whatcha liking from this batch, friends?! Hit us up!


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