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Do It… (Now)

Can we talk today about getting out of your own way and taking the leap already – or at least the first few steps – towards whatever it is that you want?  I can’t begin to tell you how many friends and loved ones I see stuck in a rut or hear talking about (sigh) the way they want things to be:  ”In a perfect world, x would happen.”  OR “I really need to lose 40 pounds, but it’s too expensive to eat healthy.” OR “I have to make a million and get everything in my life perfectly perfect first before I do anything.” OR “(Sigh), I always wanted to be a (fill in the blank), but it’s too late in life to make a career change now.” OR “That sounds great!  But I gotta wait until the feeling of being 100% ready hits me like a ton of bricks.”  First comes the dream, then comes the slew of self-inflicted road blocks and excuses.  I believe it’s called “getting in your own way,” and I could tell you ALLLLL about it because I did it for YEARS.

Something Bud used to say to me always rings true:  ”Wish in one hand and sh*t in the other, and see which one comes true first.”  And he’s right.  He usually was.  I’ll agree that there’s something to be said for ample preparation…  so then make a plan.  And maybe that plan starts with writing down your road blocks, and then figuring out how to remove each of them.  Cuz there’s also something to be said for getting out there and j-u-s-t  d-o-i-n-g i-t.  The things and the people who light your soul on fire?  Hang onto those.  Chase after those.  Make a life around those. Because otherwise, aren’t you just kind of existing?  Life is too short.  I’m not that old or that wise, but I’m old enough to have seen my fair share of loved ones get taken away justlikethat, and I’m old enough to know what regret looks like.  And I’ve seen enough to know that life is far too short to let your wonderful, flowery words and plans be enough, and it’s far too short to spend talking yourself in circles forever… then wake up and be 75 and wonder where your life went, and why you didn’t really live it the way you wanted to.  Actions are better. Put that *#&$ in motion.  Do it now.  I’m not saying jump off the back of the boat without your life vest.  I’m saying, strap your effing life vest on and then GO.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail??

…………………………………….(go do it!!)


6 Things That’ll Make You Happy

1.  Is it time to go back to France yet, where everything is enchanting and there’s a constant symphony of accordions playing La Vie En Rose and the “meep meep” of foreign cars and indiscernible chatter floating through the air?

2.  If you’ve just looked at this pic of Caramel Brownies with a Pretzel Crust for more than 2 seconds, than you probably just gained 7 pounds.  And I bet it was so worth it.  I know this because I accidentally made them on Saturday night and washed ‘em down with Sauvignon Blanc and then forgot to eat dinner.  #whoops

3.  Um.  I don’t know who this chick is, but gyah I’m happy for her.  How can you look at this and not be overwhelmed with joy?  I saw it and may or may not have instantly burst into tears.

4.  I. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT.  The only thing that melts my heart more than chubby babies and golden retrievers is chubby babies and golden retrievers who are best friends.  This is my new Insta-friend’s nugget and her (GusGus lookalike) pup, Oliver. It’s amazing how many Insta-friends you make when you hashtag your golden retriever – we’re all cut from the same cloth (…and apparently went to college together – who knew?)

5.  So much more Lilly Pullitzer-esque than my white-on-white sensibilities would normally push me to do, but I adore this room by designer Anne Hepfer.  The perky, kelly green fabric on the headboard…  the hot pink piping and hot pink pompom throw…  the scalloped pillowcases… the little bamboo nightstand.  How could you ever walk in this preppy, tropical heaven and not be happy??  Isn’t that what good design should be all about?

6.  This has been a *real* interesting year … and now that 2014 is rounding 3rd, I realize it’s taught me as much about myself and my own character as it has about all the people around me.  At the end of the day, you can get all the advice in the world – solicited or not – but this is still the only way I know how to do business.  And that is A-ok by me.

PS:  here’s the board where I keep my happy vault.  Hop on & follow along!

Have a great week you guys!!!