House Beautiful

Effortlessly Cool, Part Deux

I want… I need it all.  Let’s take it back old school – cue the music.

RIP Liz.


*For photo credits, hold cursor over photo.

5 Responses to “Effortlessly Cool, Part Deux”

  • Beautiful. I wish I could pull those looks off… but I’m more of a sweatpants and big t-shirt kinda girl. And I usually look more disheveled than ‘effortlessly cool.’ Once again- AWESOME post!!!

  • Do you think the girl in the ballerina picture is singing “I whip mah HAIR back & forth I whip mah hair back & forth”? Did not know about Liz. I’m going to go pleurer in my soup.

  • Can you tell us designer names for each picture so we can purchase?? =)

    • Hey there Steph! Best way to find out the designers is to put your cursor over the pic, and the title of the pic will be the site where the pics are from. You should be able to locate them there… hopefully.


  • Beautiful ideas

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