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Adele’s Newest Song JUST Dropped.

“While We Were Young” just dropped today… Oh Adele, why do you reach your hands into the deep crevasses of our chest cavity to pull out our beating hearts, over and over again?:

Happy Tuesday darlings!


Friday Throwback Mix

As a card-carrying, omg-i’m-still-devastated-they’re-really-over child of the 80’s, I keep their soundtrack on a pretty heavy rotation… in all its blue collar, jorts-tastic glory.  Maybe it’s because all of that music reminds me of being a kid in our happy little working-man’s hometown (?)

Our Hometown | Covet Living

When Karrie and I were in Palm Springs this Memorial Day, we had the Steve Winwood Pandora station blaring at the pool all weekend and it was GLORIOUS.  Anyhow… “Roll with It” came on my Spotify the other day, and I got so stoked that I sought out all the long-lost “OMG I **LOVE** THIS SONG” songs on this list.  They’re like the cousins of the more mainstream ones I usually listen to, and there are several in this bunch I’m not sure that I’ve heard – oh – since I looked like this… circa no teeth and giant underpants.

80's leotards | covet living

And since my cousins and my cousins’ hair looked like this.

80's hair

And since my Mom (on the left) and Aunt Lou were getting jiggy on the weekends.

mom and lou

This mix reminds me of everything in tawny shades of orange and mossy green…  of sifting through my mom’s jewelry box which I thought was like One-Eyed Willie’s treasure chest… of every family cookout with potato salads and burgers on the grill… of the sound of my relatives’ cackling with deep-throated smokers coughs…  and dirty, grubby hands of happy heathen children running around the yard catching lightning bugs.  In jellies.

Be honest.  When was the last time you thought about Glenn Frey?  Or listened to anything from the Beaches soundtrack? …you’re welcome.  Link to Spotify playlist is HERE.

Friday Throwback Playlist | Covet Living


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