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Song of the Week

Meet Parson James. I just discovered this soulful singer about, oh, 4 minutes ago myself and already I’m a big ol’ fan. Interesting write-up on him: Certainly the 24-year-old’s story up till this point is fascinating: a bi-racial kid born to a teenage mom and an absentee father, James also came out in his teens, but the singer’s real strength and selling point are his bold pop melodies and the stirring crack in his soulful delivery. And of course, the way he weaves his experiences into his lyrics. 

Take a listen, and don’t tell me this song doesn’t stir up something in ya:

Happy Thursday darlings!


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Adele’s Newest Song JUST Dropped.

“While We Were Young” just dropped today… Oh Adele, why do you reach your hands into the deep crevasses of our chest cavity to pull out our beating hearts, over and over again?:

Happy Tuesday darlings!