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10 New(ish) Workout Songs


Happy Thursday fryns! So, two things I know for sure: 1) For a lot of you reading this, it’s soul crushingly cold where you live, and working out is the FURTHEST thing from your mind. I get it. But keep reading. 2) Steph’s gonna wake up in the morning and be REAL happy I collaged pix of her in her skimpy doo-dads and slapped ‘em up on da blog {woopsh!}.  But honestly, who better to illustrate the wonders of exercise than Steph herself?  Cuz she’s a BAD ASS who gets it done. And today, I’m offering up 10 songs I think are super good and might help you get offa yer aces and into a sweat session.

Below, the 10 songs currently in my rotation. Also, be sure to follow my Covet Living Workout Spotify playlist. Enjoy – and be sure to let us know what YOU’RE listening to.  We always need new music recs!!!!!!!:

“Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert:

“Ghost” by Ella Henderson:

“I Can’t Lose” by Mark Ronson and Keyone Starr:

“Feel Right” by Mark Ronson and Mystikal:

“Blue Jeans (RAC Mix) by Lana del Rey:

“Truffle Butter” by Nicki Minaj and Drake:

“You’re On (Gramatik Remix) by Madeon

“Nothing Really Matters” by Madonna

“Delirious (Boneless)” by Steve Aoki:

“Time” by Jungle:

Getcher freak on,

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Listen To This Song and Be Transported.

Happy Friday, people!  You know that feeling you get after a super good massage when your mind feels completely lucid and tranquil and – even if just temporarily – free from the usual voices that come in and out of your head?  So for the past couple days, I’ve been feeling just that.  And I credit that feeling to having just returned from a week-long vacay with my family to my old home, Anna Maria Island, FL (above pic) to see my brother’s new baby.

It was one of the best weeks of my life.  Being in paradise and being there to witness the new generation of our family coming into the picture – well, it was incredible.

ANYWHO.  Pics/post to come of that glorious trip later, but just know that I’m currently in float mode still; relaxed and happy and calm and in love with my family and the memories that were made this past week.  Isn’t that what life’s all about?

And as I was trying to keep this feeling going yesterday upon my arrival back to LA, I came across the PERFECT song to transport me back to the beach.

Listen to it people – and feel all worries dissolve, if only for 7 minutes:

Here’s to a happy Friday, and a happy weekend.  See you tomorrow, Stephy poo!