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Sunday Musings

I can’t.  This is the best party on anyone’s feet I’ve ever seen.  Down to the perfect shade of pink bubble gum polish.  Sophia Webster kicks – available at Saks.

Have you SEEN Tabarka Tile?  Remind me to post about them later this week.

Look at this little lilac stunner!  I’d like to pop triplets of these over a pretty Calcutta Gold island. #nomnomnom

Half of the things I say from my little soapbox on this blog, I say out loud to remind myself of, too.  And this is one of ‘em… I made a few REAL good strides on the “do more of what makes you happy” front today, including a project that started with crossing a few lanes of traffic and throwing myself on top of a wicker headboard in someone’s yard.  I wish I were kidding.

How stunning are these Limoges plates?  We could totally set the table with the doily dress above and everything would be right in the world. #passthecreamedcornplease

The world can never have enough Gusses.


One Girl’s Trash…

So, while Gus and I were scooting along on a morning run the other day, I ran across this little gem on the side of the road.  I spied that sucker from 2 blocks away, and didn’t even stop running – just slowed down, scooped it up, hid it in a bush, sprinted home and then came back and threw it in my hooptie.  She needs a little dusting off, but isn’t she pretty?

I saw a similar vintage dime piece on Layla Grayce a few weeks ago and the ûber girlie, Granny-chic enthusiast in me let out a loud squeal.  I don’t think I wanna go cream on the base (if I do, my antique aficionado of a father might disown me) – but I may just clean ‘er up some and try to do a lime wash finish…  and I’m def gunning to add a pristine piece of marble to the top.  Wuh-bang.

A wee piece like this is super versatile, so I don’t mind spending a little to doctor it up.  Thinking for now – since the depth is so shallow (maybe 8 inches) – I can pop it under my wall-mounted TV in my itsy bitsy but adorable bedroom…

Or later, between two vanities in a bathroom.

Or, in an entryway.  Or as the sweetest little nightstand.  Isn’t dumpster diving fun??

Happy Saturday!