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Listen. Eat. Wear. Read. See. Repeat.


Awww… every time I hear this song it transports me to sunny San Diego to one of my weekends with Stephy poo, lounging around her beach pad, drinking one of her fresh homemade juices and getting ready to head to the beach or yoga. Haylo Shtayph!



Naturally dyed deviled eggs (oh so pretty!), perfect for Easter:

Naturally Dyed Deviled Eggs


Spring’s a callin’, people, so dress appropriately. This ruffled shirt – seen below on the smoke show that is fellow blogger Andee Layne – is the perfect statement top for the season. I could also see this on a summer night with cute vintage cut-offs:

Andee Layne in Bardot Ruffle and Frill Shirt

Bardot Ruffle and Frill Shirt | Bloomingdales


Now, I have zero children, but 89% of my friends do. And of that 89%, about 79% of them occasionally let it slip to me, usually over a bottle of rosé and some delicious appetizers, that they hate their husbands from time to time. In fact I bet about 63% of you reading this have kids, and periodically hate your husbands too.

It’s alright. You’re in a safe place. And this book is perhaps your next read. Just do it on your Kindle, so your husband won’t see the book cover and start pouting. And then make you hate him even more.

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids


A sweet, funny, breath of fresh air in a TV show: NBC’s new show First Dates on NBC. You gotta check it out on Friday nights. It premiered last week and I cried in the first minute of the show. And then laughed and again cried, but mostly laughed. Based on a British TV show, it’s a hidden camera show that follows different couples on blind dates. Sounds simple, and it is, but it’s oh so endearing. And at times, hilarious:


That’s it for this week. Happy Friday frynds!!!



Listen. Eat. Wear. Read. See. Repeat.

Happppppp-y mother loving Friday, people. Are you as ready for a two day respite from work as much as I am? Good, good. Without further ado, here are a few things I’m feelin’. xoxo!


The ‘Big Little Lies’ soundtrack: The most perfect soundtrack to the most perfect TV mini-series just dropped. If you weren’t able to watch this murder drama that just ended on HBO, do yourself a favor and take today off (or if you’re at work, just walk out right now), hunker down in your bed, get online and immediately devour this series. I’m serious. And not only was this addictive drama the best thing I’ve seen this year so far on TV, but the soundtrack was ON POINT and masterfully laid into every episode, becoming a character itself.

Big Little Lies


These red wine braised short ribs were made by a friend last week and holy fall of the bones, Batman. They were so tender and mouth wateringly good, and according to my friend, pretty easy! Spring’s here but from what I’ve heard it’s still cold in most of the country, so you just go on ahead and make this comfort dish:

Braised Short Ribs


This Black Long Sleeve Zipper Jacket – $45, as originally seen on Ali Fedotowsky (so cute!) was my answer to finding a cute jacket that wouldn’t break the bank but could go over a dress or jeans. *Note: Get one size up, or else you’ll feel like Fat Guy In A Little Coat.

Ali Fedotowsky

Shein Black Jacket Read

“The River At Night” by Erica Ferencik – What do you get when you combine Meryl Streep’s great movie “A River Wild” with a story about four best friends on a whitewater rafting trip in Maine, who become lost in the wilderness? A great, scary book.

The River at Night by Erica Ferencik


“Rock and a Hard Place” on HBO – Inspired by The Rock’s own experiences with the law as a youth, this heartwarming HBO documentary follows incarcerated young people who are granted a second chance through a one-of-a-kind boot camp program in Miami and the opportunity to trade an extensive prison sentence for a fresh start. I didn’t know what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised. Get some tissues and watch this… trust me.

Rock and a Hard Place on HBO

Have a lovely weekend!


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