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26 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • I just wanted to let yall know I posted a link to your post, “Ball Jars, I love ya”, on my blog today. It was the best article I found on the many uses of ball jars and I thought my readers would enjoy it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  • This is my first time reading your blog and it so inspiring. I was told about it by my realtor because I’m studying interior design. I am also from the Chicagoland area and desperately want to find some great antique stores. Please help me.


    • Oh my goodness, THANK you Jayme! We’re so excited you found us! (Who’s your realtor, btw?) OOoh, great antique stores… I’ve had very good luck at the Edgewater Antique Mall ( – and while you’re there, the Broadway Antique Market ( is a couple doors down. SCOUT in Andersonville ( is perhaps my favorite spot in Chicago (it’s a curatorial mix of the most amazing antique/flea market finds you’ve ever seen, thanks to most wonderful Larry who runs the place)… and while you’re THERE, I’d also hit Brimfield next door (which is like, British antiques + a rainbow of tartan plaid blankets… amazing), and White Attic on the other side for refinished midcentury mod furniture and Slip lamps… George Lowell down the street, and Urbanest across the street. If you head to Evanston, Urban Totem is outstanding. Pam is the owner and she’s a doll.

      Thanks again for the sweet comment! Any other advice you need, please don’t hesitate to ask us!


  • OMG! Thank you Sooooo much!

    You have no idea how sad I’ve been about not being able to go shopping for lost treasures. I heard about it from Neeti Ardnt, she helped me find a new apartment and I’m looking for cute rustic old vintage finds on a budget. I would love some cheap ideas to make it feel more like Chicago and homey. My boyfriend is moving up here finally and doesn’t mind if i decorate the entire place.

    I’m so happy that i found your blog! I think I am in LOVE!


    • Jayme seriously, you’re making me blush! I’m SO glad you like it! And, ooh fun – you’re nesting with a boy! Other than the places I mentioned, I would also keep your eyes on Craigslist. It’s pretty stellar in the city (for instance, I saw a $900 Currey & Co chandelier for $20 the other day in mint condition). You may have to dig a little but there’s ALWAYS great stuff on there. And I KNEW it was Neeth! She’s a pal of mine from book club, and we both actually used to work for the same Real Estate company.

      Anyway – thanks again so much for reading, and please give us a hollar if you need help with anything! Can’t wait to see how your new place shapes up 🙂


  • My Fair Ladies,

    Any advice for a young guy on a strict budget that would like to dress up his apartment so that he could have people over and not be embarrassed?

    This whole growing up thing, it didn’t pass me by. It landed on my face.


  • Hostesses with the mostesses,

    Do you have any tips for a twenty-something guy with a tight budget who is trying to dress up his little NYC apt? I’m tired of hearing the, “I like your minimalist approach,” line, ya know?

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • hi Stephanie, was wondering if you know any good wedding planners in Chicago? My daughter is getting married next summer and we may need some help planning. We are looking for somone with urban chic ideas that won’t break the bank. Maybe even partial planning but definitely day of needed. I would love any feedback you can offer. diane

  • Your site is a little slice of heaven in the middle of my workday. Love your collective wit, insights and inspirations.

  • There is a picture that is pinned on Pinterest that people are buzzing over! It has a link from your site and I’m wondering if you can give me some info.
    He’s the like, I believe that it came from my repinning.
    Can you tell us where we can find this suit?

  • I absolutley love the hight waisted navy pants and white shirt. Are the pants Rachel Zoe?? Haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

  • I was wondering how or where I can find the orange/coral, short bridesmaids dress on the cover page. I love this dress and would love to order it for my upcoming wedding. I belive it said jeanBean underneath.

  • I was looking at pictures for coverlets and bedspreds, and you advertised a yellow rose one, as well as other colors of rose print beddings. Where is it? I clicked on it, but everything else came out, except what I was looking for. Can you help? thanks

  • Hello, I really love your site and I recently used your autumn falling leaves animation in my video for my mother’s video as my tribute to her on mother’s day. I hope this is okay with you. Please reply. Thanks :)This is only for my video on mother’s day.

  • I saw a beautiful white bedspread with ruffles around the sides on pintrest that said “Found on”. I have seached your site but cannot find it.

  • Hi ladies – I recently subscribed to receive new posts via email and received an email confirming my subscription but haven’t received new posts since then. I checked my spam folder in case Google got confused. Thought I’d let you know in case there’s a bug on your end and others aren’t receiving emails, too.

    • Aw SHEEIT! Thanks so much for letting us know, Jess! We are legit always confused with the back-end of CL and have to enlist the help of experts to figure it out. We’ll pass this along! Thanks a million!

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