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Karrie’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

To Steph’s point about how we’re old AF and need more material things like we need holes in our heads, I’d like to counter by saying: True. We’re old AF. But there’s no better way to feel young again than by ignoring all the things you need (booooring) and instead writing all the things that you just wannnnt. And after a year in which I rented out my uterus for 10 months only to then have to take care of said tenant round the clock, Imma just be selfish for a bit and pretend Xmas revolves around me and what I want. Here’s my list of what I’m jonesing for!:

Clockwise from top left:

1 – Lioness Palermo Blazer – I’m totally digging the double breasted look I’m seeing on all the basic b*tches this season. Very 90s. I like.

2 – “Iris” Hoops by one of my favorite brands out there, Able

3 – Elite Mirror Oval 8 Brush – A makeup brush for $67?! Yes, I know it’s crazy… Who the f*ck do I think I am putting a $67 makeup brush on my Gift Guide? But this is supposed to be the Grand Poobah of makeup brushes, designed to flawlessly blend foundation, bronzer, contour shades (if you’re a Kardashian) on your haggard little face. Yes please!

4 – Instant Pot  – Maybe the closest thing on this list to something I actually need. And I don’t need it… but I would use the living sh*t out of it, for real.

5 – Also from Able, the “She’s Worth More” bracelet, handcrafted in Nashville with signature hand-stamped plus signs to show support for #PublishYourWages.

6 – This rainbow hued Alidia ring from Bauble Bar – Cause who can’t use a happy little rainbow to look down at throughout the day? By the way, this ring keeps selling out, so pre-order now to get to you or someone you love by Dec 21st.

7, 8, 9 – Three (!) entertaining/cookbooks: “Kathryn at Home” (SUCH a good book, if you love her vibe, which you do, because you read this blog and are smart); my home slice Ina Garten’s newish book, “Cook Like a Pro”, and Tiffani Thiessen’s “Pull Up a Chair: Recipes From My Family to Yours” (side note: Did anyone watch her now-canceled show on Cooking Channel? It was actually delightful).


10 – T3 Professional Styling Wand – The Indiana redneck hillbilly cheapskate in me can’t plop down over $100 for a curling iron, but maybe someone else will???!!!

11 – A good, trusty pair of booties for Fall/Winter, from Dolce Vita

12 – A grown up camera, instead of relying on my older iPhone to capture important moments in my life, especially now that I have a nugget to document.

13 – A gift certificate for a massage – At the risk of sounding like a broken record, because I think I’ve put this on every single one of my gift guides, I just really really really love massages, and I really really really need them. Sooooo I would really really love if anyone reading this wanted to grab me a sesh at my fave spa!

14 – A gift certificate to Face Haus, which is basically Dry Bar, but with deliciously relaxing facials… all for a super reasonable price.

15 – Also from Able, these “Tonal studs” are pretty, delicate, but also make a statement!

16 – Beastie Boys Book – I can’t remember a music memoir I’ve wanted to read as much as this one. And it sounds different, in a good way: “Alongside the band narrative you will find rare photos, original illustrations, a cookbook by chef Roy Choi, a graphic novel, a map of Beastie Boys’ New York, mixtape playlists, pieces by guest contributors, and many more surprises.”



For the Home: Gift Guide 2018

I couldn’t help myself… here’s one more!  SO MANY GOOD THINGS ON HERE! Mom, Dad, Santa, Chris… 1, 7, 10, 14, 15… I wouldn’t be mad about ’em.

1. Swivel Cheese Board Serving Set, $98 + 30% off at Anthro this weekend: I love this thing. Normally don’t like gimmicky stuff like this but the black marble is beautiful, and I love that the knives are carefully stored inside, which means I won’t lose a pinky finger reaching for them in the silverware drawer.

2. Auntie Oti Napkin Set of 6, $52: I have put these on no fewer than 6 gift guides over the last 6 years. Just ordered the purple ones for myself a few weeks ago, but I could’ve flipped a coin. They’re all rad.

3. Diptyque Baies Room Spray, $68: Universally known for being the most heavenly-smelling stuff in the biz. “A bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves…It can be used alone or in more confined space, such as your luggage or wardrobe, by gently misting over your fabric items. You can mist it on your curtains as well.”

4. Hallmark Movie Watcher Sweatshirt, $36: On the “For The Home” list cuz let’s be real. You know you’ll never leave the house when there are Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat. The farthest distance you’re going is to the fridge to get another helping of mac & cheese.

5. Artisan de la Truffe Truffle Salt, $20: I would put this on everything – fries, red meat, grilled veggies… good staple to keep in your arsenal.

6. Luminarc Cavalier Champagne Coupes from the 1970’s, Set of 6, about $40 including shipping: So fun and festive (!) I scarcely buy new stuff when I can buy vintage or antique. It keeps a space from feeling flat, like you imported the contents of your house from page 54 of the Pottery Barn catalog. Etsy is a great source for all things home related.

7. Agate Coasters, $14 each + 30% off at Anthro this weekend: the prettiest color in the whole wide world (dyed green), and will protect the finish on your coffee table.  I’ll take 6!

8. Antique Oushak 3×4 Rug, $1334.50: Doesn’t have to be this one, but antique rugs add such beautiful color and such a nice layer to a home. This seller on Etsy – God love em – always has great quality stuff but even so, they’re always so overpriced it really chaps my hide. This one is currently 20% off. Also like this guy. These are good sizes to go in an entry / in front of an entry piece, or in a small kitchen (without an island).

9. Ankole Horn Spoon Serving Set, $65: Really beautiful and versatile enough to go with just about any decor. A nice serving set is one thing I always need and never buy.

10. Leather Woven Baskets, $129 each – currently up to 25% off at Rejuvenation: I LOVE THESE AND WANT A WALL OF THEM FOR MY OFFICE, but at $129 each, 24 of them might be a bit cost prohibitive. That said, if I added up all the wicker baskets I’ve bought at HomeGoods over the years that fell apart a year later, I bet I could buy me a big fat set of these leather lovelies.

Saw them in Athena Calderone’s closet

Also like the idea of just 1 of them – it’s one really beautiful thing concealing not-so beautiful things. Like rolls of Charmin.

11. Rose Tarlow “Tristan” Hand-Dyed Pillow, prices vary per size: I have this fabric in my arsenal (pictures don’t do it justice) and it is so perfect. Like your favorite pair of jeans or an old chambray shirt that’s so so soft because it’s been worn into submission. This Etsy Seller – Motif Pillows – are the folks who make all my custom pillows for clients too. I hang with them whenever I’m in Charleston – really good people. Their workmanship is also impeccable – can’t find the hidden zip closure if you try!

12. Nublado Throw from the Citizenry, $395: I shared this last week on the blog in a post about Fall Must-Haves. Still fab, still a beautiful piece, but if you’re on a budget like yours truly, Barefoot Dreams has a blanket for 50% off at Nordy Rack ($49.95) and that thing feels more like sweet cream buttah than if it came straight from the cow’s teet.

13. Tolovo Sphere Ice Molds, $9.56 per pair on sale: I always saw these on gift guides for dudes and thought they were so stupid, and now I love them. We use them ALL THE TIME – in whiskey, in margaritas – in all things. Swear it makes your drink taste better, and sources sitting next to me in their ski gear say it doesn’t water down your drink quite as fast.

14. Mandoline Slicer with Cut-Resistant Gloves, $46: Because ain’t nobody got time to julienne veggies themselves into Smurf-like cuts. The gloves are also a huge bonus. Cuz nobody wants finely shredded pieces of my knuckles in their salad.

15. Greenpan + GOOP 10″ & 12″ Fry Pan Set, $120: I got REAL excited when I saw these. Mostly because they’re the prettiest color blue but also – and more importantly – because I LOVE every piece of Greenpan I’ve ever gotten. We almost exclusively use a cast iron in our casa, but there are some things that are better done in a non-stick (like scrambled eggs). PS, these are also $69 at West Elm this weekend + Free Shipping with code SAVEMORE.

16. Vintage Chrome & Leather Cantilever Chairs, $795 each + free : Last I spitballed with Jayson, they had 6 of these. I can tell you – as someone who scours the universe daily for all things that go into a home – that for these, this price is fair, and they’re FAR more rad than a $700 upholstered chair you’d buy at Ballard Designs. No offense to them. Dining chairs are expensive, and one reason is that they’re laborious to make.

Look how rad they look at the table – would go so beautifully with just about anything.

17. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, $18 + 25% off with code MORE18: because I do wash a few cashmere sweaters on delicate and the last thing I wanna do is ruin them with Tide.

18. Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer in White, $299.95 on sale: Eating guilt-free fried food sounds almost as heavenly as eating pasta for every meal and never getting fat. PS didn’t research the differences too much but here’s a much more affordable one on Amazon that also has great reviews.

Happy Shopping (in your PJ’s)! Karrie’s list is up tomorrow!