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Karrie’s 2016 Chreeshmosh Gift Guide

karrie's christmas gift guide

You know, it seems wrong to put together a superficial, materialistic holiday gift guide for myself because I know it’s been a tough couple of wee– oh please, who am I kidding… I’m as materialistic as they come and no Earth-shatteringly depressing news can hold me back.  So here goes – MY wishlist for this holiday season. Hooray!:

BOOKS: It wouldn’t be a Holiday Gift Guide without a sweet new tome from our favorite goddess, Ina Garten. The fact that she dedicated a book to her precious hubby Jeffrey just makes me feel all warm inside. Now, throw in a glorious picture book of never-before-seen Bowie shots, the newest Domino book and the book of Bill Murray, and I’m set:

Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

{From top left: David Bowie: Behind the Curtain | Ina Garten’s newest book, Cooking For Jeffrey (I really hope there is a 2016 version of his beloved roast chicken recipe) | Domino’s second book in (6?) years(!) | The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray}

HOME DECOR FOR THE HOLIDAYS!: Yes, I’m aware that some people whose names rhyme with Peph think I’m pathetic for wanting holiday pillows, and I’m aware that these are a tad pricey but look how cute they are! I can hear Andy Williams singing in the background, I can smell the Frasier Fir in my entryway; basically all is right when I look at these pillows.

Pottery Barn Pillows | Covet Living Xmas Gift Guide

{From top left: Road Trip Santa, $55 | Christmas Tree, $69.50 | Woody Car, $55 | Sleigh Bell, $69.50}

A RAD NEW WAY TO WORK OUT: Say hello to your new friends – toned arms – thanks to The Burn Machine. I’ve been wanting this bad boy for months (the 5-lb version!) ever since my friend sung its praises. All you do is stand there, turn the wheels, and it rips your arms/shoulders to toned glory. I could see this being a great gift for the man in your life, too. Get it here.

Burn Machine | Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

A PIECE OF ART I’VE BEEN WANTING FOR, OH, MONTHS: There’s something really calming about this print on One Kings Lane, and I think the colors are beautiful. *Cough* Currently on sale, too!:

One Kings Lane | Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

CUTE CLOTHES MMMHMMM: I’m a total sucker for cute, inexpensive finds and have even posted about a couple of these below. Yet I haven’t bought them for myself yet. Which means… Santa, throw a sista a bone:

Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

{From top left: Brenda Twill Top, $48 | Piper jeggings, $38 | Skinny Fit Overalls, $53 | Black Houndstooth Print Bell Sleeve Dress, $20.99}

PAJAMAS: Santa, do my husband a solid and please bring me a cute pair of PJs. I feel badly that he only sees me in sleepwear that’s disgusting with a hole in the crotch, or given to me by my mom after she found them in a Goodwill:

Victoria's Secret

{Left: Eberjey Gisele Sleep Shirt | Right: Victoria’s Secret Sleepover Knit Pajamas}

JEWELRY THAT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE – I’ve previously posted about this line of jewelry made by women who’ve gone through very tough times, and I’ll sing it again: There are so many simple, pretty pieces here that are quite on trend(!). But most importantly this jewelry is helping to make the world a little bit better:

Fashionable Jewelry

{Clockwise from top left: Ear Arch, $24 | Cuff Ring, $34 | Hammered Circle Earrings, $30 | X Ring, $34}


Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

{Left: Bobbi Brown Hot Raspberry | Right: Mac Rebel in Satin Lipstick}


Covet Living Gift Guide 2016

{Left: Asos Slip On Loafer | Right: ‘Chandy’ Loafer}

A CAMERA TO TAKE RUHL PURDY PICS FOR OUR BLOG: This Canon camera is one of the cameras used by Sarah Tucker, a fellow blogger I know who actually helped set up my wedding the day of. She has gorgeous taste and I just lurv her pics:

Canon 60D

Rent the Runway Unlimited

ONE MONTH OF RENT THE RUNWAY UNLIMITED: Y’all know we’re obsessed with Rent the Runway, but have you heard of Rent the Runway Unlimited?! Basically it’s a subscription service that lets you pick three things at a time from Rent the Runway (dresses, sweaters, purses, etc) and keep them for however long you want. When you’re done with any or all three items, you repack the garment bag and ship them back to RTR for free! And you can swap those items as often as you want and have a bunch of new goodies throughout the month. A month’s subscription is $139 which might seem pricey, but just think: You’re able to get quite a few pieces each month that would usually costs sometimes up to thousands of dollars.

Ok. That’s all I can think of right now it for now! Happy Holidays, you filthy animals!


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Gift Guide #4: For Mom!

Wash your mouth out and wipe your tears. Today we’re wrapping up our Gift Guide series, and some might say it’s the most important gift guide of all, as it’s the Gift Guide for Moms! I mean really, who’s gone more outta their way to ensure you and your sibs were hooked UP each and every holiday… that you got your Barbie Dream House which was precariously assembled at 2 AM? Our poor moms didn’t get a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve for, oh, about 30 years and we want to recognize that.  So let’s all agree to splurge on Mom a little bit this year, shall we? Because she deserves it. She really does. So heeeeere we go:

1 – LEATHER WALLET, CUYANA, $120. This functional yet chic wallet is dyed THE perfect shade of red and feels like soft, soft goodness. You know, being made out of Argentinian pebble leather and all. Time for mom to throw out the wallet from Hot Topic she found in the backseat of her car and upgrade to this.

2 – ‘THEY SEE ME ROLLIN, THEY HATIN’ KITCHEN APRON, ETSY, $40. Before the term gangsta, there was just the word “Mom.”  Show her some respect by outfitting her in the baddest apron in the land.

3 – Flask Bangle, Cynthia Rowley, $225 or $38 for 6 months. Who said flasks should only be used by sweaty frat guys on the prowl for pizza and freshmen girls? No, this flask is for a classy lady. A classy lady like Mom who after metaphorically wiping her kids’ a*sses for two decades deserves a sleek and discreet nip every once in a while. It’s pricey, but your mom’s love for you is invaluable.  Show up your siblings this year with this golden gift.

4 – Satin Flats, Tory Burch, $206.50. Because there are two types of moms: Those who’ll appreciate making a statement by wearing this pair of super vibrant, Oz-chic slip-ons, and the mom who will look at these, blankly stare and say, “What am I supposed to wear these with?!” We can’t wait to hear our moms chime in on these. Take it away, Tina and Jayne.

5 – Candy Stripe Fringed Throw, Bixby & Ball, $98. She wrapped you in your d*mn blankie all those years, now it’s time to bundle her up and make her feel safe and warm. Mom will love this suuuuper soft cotton blanket, wrapped around her as she watches Nancy Grace or America’s Got Talent, or draped across a couch or chair.

6 – Keurig K-130/B130 Brewing System, $69. Just a happy little single use coffee maker for the woman who “can’t be seen in public unless she’s had a cup of coffee.”

7 – Opalite Round Studs, Pigment, $48. Help her shine a bit with these purdy little studs. A subtle touch of sparkle will look lovely in her ears. Handmade with semi-precious stones found around the world.

8 – Heart Photo Art Collage, Minted, prices vary. A really lovely way to display 30 photos in a cute heart-shaped collage. So sweet, so sentimental, so perfect for Mom.

9 – Ice Cream Pint Club, Jeni’s, prices vary. According to Steph, this ice cream is just “de-freaking-licious.” Actually she used the actual “f” word but as this is a Gift Guide for Moms, we thought we’d keep this post respectable. So this here Jeni’s Ice Cream is supposed to have the most random, yet most mouthwatering flavors of any ice cream you’ll taste. And better yet, you can have it delivered to Mah by signing her up for the Pint Club!  Every 3 months, she’ll receive 3 flavors shipped directly to her doorstep. And get this – according to the website, “Recipients will be notified by a keepsake letterpress (with a handwritten note) and a set of four ice cream spade…”.

10 – Matching Infinity Necklaces, $32.99.  Your mom’s your best friend, right?! So show her she is by getting her this modern day BFF necklace – and get one for yourself while you’re at it. So sweet, and so appropriate for the woman whose love is truly never-ending.

That’s it for this year, friends. We hope you’ve loved our suggestions and please feel free to pass on to your friends and fam! We’ve so loved vicariously shopping for you all through our gift guides.


“Be a good boy and show Mommy how the piggies eat!” – A Christmas Story