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Steph’s Lust List

Between magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and the blogosphere, there’s WAY too much out there to keep track of all the eye candy that blows up my shorts, so when I see it, I screen shot it.  And it usually gets swallowed up by the big black hole that is my phone, and then goes to die with thousands of its friends on the island of misfit photos.  But let’s resurrect some of those pretty little things, shall we?

I’ve never been able to keep my wits together around Adam + Viktoria pillows – sold through Mecox (view all the pretty pillows over on Lisa Fontanarosa’s website).  They are luscious and so exquisitely made – velvet appliques on linen.  #nomnomnom

No, I’m not in the market for a sparkler…  but I am totally loving Andee Layne’s OPI “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons” nude polish for summer.

Cursive “love” ring from Pigment – a sweet little gift-y shop in North Park (San Diego).  Hey.  It’s a place holder.

The aqua tile with the gold inlay from Exquisite Surfaces (Laguna Showroom, to the trade only).  Le sigh.

Best / easiest way, ever, to cook salmon:  wrap a salmon steak (tightly) in aluminum foil with a few lemon slices, a few pads of butter, and then I usually sprinkle a little fresh dill, salt & pepper on it.  Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Comes out perfect EVERY time.

The softest, prettiest linen I ever did see at the Becky Walker Showroom…  also to the trade only.  I’m a total slut for even putting it on here.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should.  I mean.  I think she was a tickle in her mom’s drawers when I was graduating high school, but this little fashionista is wise and fashion-forward beyond her years.  Great daily dose of style.  She’s also so stunning it’ll make you wanna barf.

O&L’s Japonerie wallcovering, via Alex Kaehler’s Insta.  Love it.  I just ordered samples and they’re even lovelier in person.  Also comes in a pale silvery-and-white colorway that is TO DIE.

The best-smelling hairspray that ever lived, says my college bestie Mary.

Cassandra LaValle aka Coco Kelley couldn’t set an ugly table if she tried.

Karrie swears by this.  I *^%$ hate foundation.  But she put this on me, and then I didn’t hate foundation anymore.

Can’t wait to try it.

Dying to rent it.

Just scored this vintage Stroheim fabric on eBay.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I couldn’t help myself.  More yardage here.

Perfect little summertime staple for the pool.  No longer online but available in Zara stores.

Keeping the sun off my face with this happy hat I nabbed at Marshall’s for a song. It’s a nice pop of pigment since my wardrobe (including the bikini I’m living in this summer – not this one) is white, white and white.

I need Santa to bring these to me immediately.

Long live the 90’s!  These are amazing.

That’s all I got!  Happy Hump Day!  PS: I hate to brag, but my Pinterest boards are killer.  Are you following me yet?  …you should be.


Photo Stream (of Consciousness)

Shall we do a little iPhone dump this morning??  Oh, I say let’s!  I’ll start with last weekend – one of my most wonderful friends of all time and Colombian sister-from-another-mother, Tata Perez, came to town.  The last night she was here, we did a little George’s at the Cove in La Jolla for sunset cocktails… I’d go back for the gorgeous view, but I’d say it’s better for cocktails than food…  and I *certainly* wouldn’t hustle back for the douchetastic dudes that we got accosted by at the end of the night and I had to tell to scram. They were so pretty until they started talking.

I almost stole Tata’s sunglasses right off her face…  she’s got some big bad a$$ Ray Bans that were so big on my face they felt a little like the blue blockers some swanky old lady in a mumu in Florida would wear, but don’t think that won’t stop me from adding them to my collection.  Big recommend if you’re in the market.

But in the close overtime thriller between the blue blockers vs. the blue mirrored aviators, the aviators won out.  I do not hate them AT all.  For someone who wears some version of a white tee and jeans every day, they slap a little color on my palette.

Moving along…  part of my new job is to spend HOURS pulling potential fabrics for clients at the Kravet Showroom.  When I flip past things like this, a little pee always trickles out.

There’s a stack of memos (samples) on my desk that are so drool-worthy, I can’t put bear to file them away…  cut velvets & hot pink woven biznass & such.  On that note, I’m DYING (d-y-i-n-g) for us to get a project to do a kid’s room, or a nursery.  I can’t take it.  This would go great in a bambino’s room…  not pictured is the turquoise colorway that they just discontinued (#knifetomyheart).  Kravet is to the trade only, but you can scoop stuff like this up at Inside Fabrics at a little less than retail.

Speaking of work, we’re dog friendly, so Gus came with me for the first time last week.  He did a little drafting…

A little begging with his most pitiful “I’m a starving handsome boy, are you seriously not going to give me any of that?” face…

And a lot of napping…

Sometimes I screen shot stuff from Pinterest that bangs a big gong for me, or rings even truer for friends of mine.

One of my dearest high school friend’s kiddos proudly sporting a signed jersey that another old friend of mine / RSL soccer stud did me a serious solid and signed for her.  She wore it to school that day…  I die.

I need to get back into shape in a REAL serious way.  Sarah Santos‘ instagram feed is a good source of motivation.  And a good source of 90’s clothing inspiration – so cool.

My eyes are starting to notice different things as of late…  a month ago, I would’ve pinned this pic for the blush velvet sofa.  But last week, I pinned it because that hex mirrored glass in the built-in is so amazing.

Sconce from Visual Comfort I’m dying over and dying to put with the temp wallpaper Kristin chose for a client’s powder room.

The best looks-great-on-everyone shade of lipstick…  that also stays on for-ever and costs $6:

Just bought & love this sucker:

On my list to try… I have yet to find a can’t-live-without-it, authentic Mexican joint here.

I scooted on up the 805 to Santa Monica over the weekend for Easter.  We did a nice little sunset walk down Ocean to cocktails and dinner…

Karrie’s K Bracelet

My *FAVORITE* new dress from Zara, which I sadly can’t find online to give you the link to :( …  Dips in the back.  Works like Spanx.  Feels like Monte Carlo.

Saturday night got a little out of sorts…  pretty sure I woke up with macaroni in my hair and one of these in my cleavage.

The hostess with the mostest sported a sweet little floral frock from Target… like the grown-up version of a sweet Easter dress.

Sweet & simple Easter table.  Do you love??

Karrie scored the dishes from West Elm a few years back, the black and white napkins are Kelly Wearstler via One Kings Lane, and the tortoise napkin rings are from a little shop on Anna Maria Island.

PS, how nice is my Mom?  She blew up my Facebook wall with this doozie on Saturday and followed-up with the comment: “You were well fed!” …what a gem.

Have a great week!!