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White Oprah: All The Single Ladies (And Homeboys)

Q: When will I find true love? What if I don’t find true love?  And even so, will I know it when I see it?

A: It’s the age old question.  And it’s no surprise.  Lurrrrrrrve is what hundreds – if not thousands – of movies revolve around.  Countless classical novels.  A myriad of magazine articles every month. The Beatles said it’s all you need.  Heck, it’s really what makes the world go ’round.  Right?

Right.  But it’s a layered, complicated question… an answer for one person could be completely wrong for another.  But in my opinion, love IS what we’re all looking to receive, and even more so, the ultimate gift we’re looking to give.  Whether it’s for another person, your dogs, or whether it’s for your family and friends.

But for those who are wondering when they’ll be finding their soul mate, I don’t know.  You don’t know.  And that’s the beauty of the process of life.

A few weeks ago, I came across a picture online that really resonated with me and I know with some good friends of mine:

What does that even mean?  Well, it means that one day, and yes, yes, when you’re least expecting it (it’s true!), you’re going to meet someone.  That person will have qualities and characteristics you can’t stop thinking about.


You’ll giddily start to date, meet each other’s friends, become exclusive, meet each other’s family, become comfortable enough to stop wearing your cute pajamas and start wearing your dad’s holey ones you used to sport every night before you met.  And one day, weeks or months or years later, you’ll realize that this is serious.  And maybe this is really going to be the one. There it is, you’re talking about “the one”.  See?  It… just… happens.


Until then, love others.  Love the elderly whose nails you paint at the nursing home every few Saturdays.  Love your friends for being the hilarious people they are. Love your parents.  Love your little brothers who throw parties for each other such as last month’s “Sam-A-Palooza”.  And duh, love yourself.

I will never forget the piece of advice my aunt gave me a few years ago, after a break-up with a bf of several years (thank GOD for that):  She said, “Before you can really enjoy being with another person, you have to really, really enjoy being by yourself.”

Have faith that your life is exactly where it’s supposed to be right now.


Off to my Montecito mansion to read under my cypress tree,
White Oprah, otherwise known as

4 Responses to “White Oprah: All The Single Ladies (And Homeboys)”

  • Love is when you quit THINKING rational because all you can do is FEEL giddy and the feeling is priceless! You enjoy that feeling because it is sooo.. good:)

  • This is Hollywood crap. Love is a choice and not some fantasy land. It is hard work. Having people believe that it’s ‘everything they ever dreamed of’ is creating a generation of Cinderellas with no glass slipper. The dreaminess can be good, of course, but passion and those feelings (or physiological responses) come and go. *Real* love endures…

  • I needed this. Today- I needed this more than you’ll ever know. That quote lives on my nightstand… a reminder that everything will be ok.

    Love you, KW!

  • Now I don’t disagree that real love isn’t also work, and can be hard…I think real love IS everything you’ve ever dreamed of… it does give you that dreamy feeling because it’s knowing that someone has your back, that they’re thinking of you, that they make you better. And does that “dreamy” feeling change and go up and down because love IS real work? hell yeah. But I don’t think that CovetyLiving would say that love doesn’t take work (umm another post suggestion CL?!) – the main point of the post though isn’t to say how hard it is, to me the point is to enjoy your life and be happy with yourself…and then love will come. And that’s a needed message for too many girls to count.

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