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5 Good Things (…in the wake of today’s insanity)


Since we all woke up in an alternate universe today, Karrie and I thought it was only appropriate to distract ourselves with a few good, happy things:


…which I read on insta this morning, and in a sea of people shaking their fingers and talking about how scared they were inside their own homes and wanting to move abroad (did you know Canada’s immigration site crashed last night when it became clear Trump was going to take the election??  BAHAHAHHA)… this is the one thing that made the most sense to me.  Because all you really have control over is your own attitude and behavior:

Happy Thoughts on Election Day


Which is to die for, as is evidenced by my pants being about to bust.  Tip: if you can slice your apples paper thin with a mandolin, that would be amazing.  Also, you should obviously draw a heart in the top like I did. #carebearstare

best apple pie | covet living

3.  THIS GUY, HAPPY AS A DAM* CLAM, hopping around like a baby bunny on Gummy Beary Juice (video here).  #gusgusforpresident #gusgus2020…  also, are you following I Love Golden Retrievers on Insta?  You should be.



Which if you haven’t seen yet, you should take 5 minutes to watch.  It will slay you in the best way you can possibly imagine.


5.  THIS FUN FACT:  Holiday Gift Guides 2017 are on deck, people.  

Karrie is hosting Turkey Day this year at Casa Covet Living, which means we plan on logging extra time in our elastic waistband sweatpants after dinner, plopped in front of the tube watching Planes Trains & Automobiles, with our matching laptops, scouting out the best gifts out there.  We may seriously suck at blogging for 50 weeks out of the year, but when it comes to CL’s Holiday Gift Guides, we do not mess.  If you wanna get a jump start, you can start perusing the gift guide archives here.


Hearts & Stars, Guys!  Keep your chin(s) up :)

Steph & Karrie

Listen. Eat. Wear. Read. See. Repeat.


Currently listening to this on rotation, from Usher’s brand new album:


Chili Pot Pie With Cornbread Crust

Move over, pumpkin spiced lattes and burgundy color nails: These chili pot pies with cornbread crust s-c-r-e-a-m Fall. I have a feeling that if you spoon this in your mouth temporarily, just temporarily, all will seem right in the world.




Messy Hair, Don’t Care. How fuh-reakin’ cute is this? A friend sent it to me for my hair. Don’t mind if I do.

Covet Living

The Nix by Nathan Hill

Meryl Streep and JJ Abrams just signed on to do the movie adaptation of this book, which people are touting as one of the best books in a long time. Like, from page 1-kind of good. Read about it here.

Covet Living

Amanda Knox:  A Documentary

If you thought you had a shred of knowledge of what happened in the Amanda Knox murder case, think again. I myself got sucked into the media frenzy eight years ago and believed she’d been wrapped up in a wild sex party that went awry, that she’d murdered her roommate. And that’s because, as you’ll see in this documentary, the media created a great, juicy story they knew would bring in eyeballs and keep the world transfixed. But all was not as was presented, ohhhhh no – and this documentary lays it bare beautifully, with Amanda Knox describing everything she went through. So compelling.

Have a rad weekend everyone!


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