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Scenes From a Weekend

La Jolla | Covet Living

Happy Monday y’all!!!! Wait, what? How did Monday get here so quickly? Ridiculous.

Anywho – this weekend was kind of perfect. The two of us reunited in glo-horrrrious San Diego, and our days consisted of sun, sand, fish tacos, dumb movies, Italian food, and Uber drivers with a penchant for red upholstered seats and country music. Here are a few pics (of our weekend, not the red upholstered seats):

Steph at Windansea Beach | Covet Living

Windiness Beach | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

As soon as we met up we hightailed it to one one of the quietest (shhh, don’t tell anyone), most gorgeous stretches of beaches in SD: Windansea. Nestled between La Jolla and this cutesy little area called Bird Rock, it looks like it’s from a movie.

Steph | Covet Living

The water was a little rough – surfers were along the horizon riding pretty substantial waves – so while Steph was trying not to get sucked in, I was reading my new Redbook magazine.

Karrie | Covet Living

Hey girrrrrrl

Steph | Covet Living

Dream House | Covet Living

Can you say DREAM HOUSE?!

Tacos | Covet Living

Obviously our day was fueled by the fish tacos at Bahia Don Bravo.

Karrie and Steph | Covet Living

Then we headed home to get ready for din din at the cutest, seriously most delish little Italian restaurant in La Jolla, Piatti. This picture is Selfie Attempt #54 in the back of our Uber (see the red upholstered seats). I’m pretty sure our Uber driver wanted to take us to a remote road somewhere and kill us because we were being so annoying.

La Jolla Sunset | Covet Living

San Diego is a very, very special place to both of us. And when you’re sitting at dinner and see this? You get why.

La Jolla Sunset | Covet Living

And this 🙂

Movie Theater | San Diego | Covet Living

After dinner we scooted on over to this new movie theater called The Lot that had the fancy recliners you lie back in while watching your movie and pouring Reese’s Pieces into your mouth. Steph and I – who are both notorious for falling asleep during movies (well, Steph falls asleep during any sort of media) – were both out in 15 minutes. At one point I woke up from some explosion in the movie and looked over at Steph who was head back mouth open passed out. Oh yeah – and the movie was Deepwater Horizon – and it blew.

Steph with Gus | Covet Living

And what blog post would be complete without a pic of our redheaded mascot? GUS!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Steph and Karrie's Signatures TOGETHER

Scenes From a Palm Springs Weekend

Hi lovelies! We hope you guys had a great Labor Day weekend and aren’t too depressed at the thought of summer being over… This weekend half of us were lounging in San Diego while the other (me, Karrie) was straight chilling in glorious Palm Springs. Some pics of the Palm Springs weekend below!

Karrie & Kilroy | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

That’s Kilroy. He makes himself real comfy. Can’t blame him. Traffic from LA-Palm Springs on a Friday afternoon = bruuuuuutal.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

But once we got there, this became our view for the four days. Our rental house was on a golf course and every morning (and afternoon, and night) it was soooo quiet and peaceful.

Football watching | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

This is how you watch college football while in Palm Springs. *Note: We did not leave these seats for h-o-u-r-s.

Bike ride thru Palm Springs | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Until we decided to take the bikes provided by the owners of the house on a stroll thru the surrounding neighborhoods…

The pink house in Palm Springs | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

And YOU GUYS – #thatpinkdoor (THE most iconic in Palm Springs – maybe one of the most iconic homes amongst bloggers) was located half a block down from our house!

Homes of Palm Springs | Covet Living

And everywhere we looked there was a super cool home with – as is customary in Palm Sprizzles – a brightly colored front door. Can we paint ours this color Steph?

Palm Springs | Covet Living

That garage door is SO Jonathan Adler.

Homes of Palm Springs | Covet Living

Every house is different; every door color so vibrant!

Las Casuelas | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Speaking of vibrant, if you’re ever in Palm Springs you MUST go to Las Casuelas and pound a burrito and a big ol’ marg straight to your head. Thank us later (or not)….

Karrie | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Me, lookin’ all kinds of relaxed. Oh yeah, and I stole these sunglasses from my mom – aren’t they the raddest sunglasses ever? Thanks Mahm.

Palm Springs | Covet Living

Can’t you just smell the still desert air here? Sigh…

Have a great Tuesday and remember, just four days ’til the weekend!


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