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Bienvenue!  Ahhh… the birth of Covet Living.  Welcome to our site.  We’re two girls who grew up together amidst the cornfields of the Midwest and loved it.  Though we’d known each other for years (since the days when Karrie would make fun of Stephanie for wearing PJ zip onesies as a fifth grader), we really solidified our friendship when we were on the high school cheerleading squad together.  We knew we’d be buds ’til the end when one night on the cheerleading bus, spry freshman Steph (below left) decided to smash an ice cream cone mid-conversation into witty upperclassman Karrie’s (below right) forehead, then cackle uncontrollably.  That clinched it.  

We’ve been extremely close ever since.  And even though we’ve since moved pretty far away from one another, we couldn’t be any closer.

Over the years, our emails have included everything from interior décor advice (a major obsession and likely to be a huge part of this blog), fashion ideas, things that inspire us, new beauty products, recipes, and boy advice…  hence Karrie’s nickname, “White Oprah.”

Since we can’t see each other every day, this blog will become our letters to each other; a peek, if you will, into the daily correspondence between two girls with a love of living life to the fullest.