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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Guys

Covet Living Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Guys

1 – BUFFALO CHECK FLANNEL SHIRT, J.Crew, $79.50.  Show me a boy who doesn’t look good in a red buffalo check and – oh wait.  There’s no such thing.

Buffalo Check

2 – HIGHWAY MATCHES, Jayson Home & Garden, $8.95.  Not that the red Strike-on-box matchboxes aren’t cool, but this is mo betta to look at.  It’s the little things.

Highway Matches

3 – HAND-STAMPED TIE BAR, Lord & Lady Co, $40.  I’ve been told that every man needs a good tie bar… we love this one for its simple, classic design.  Personalize it with your favorite guy’s initials.

Hand stamped tie bar | Covet Living

4 – “CONCERT 1982,” One Kings Lane, $225 – $295.  I feel like I would see this ultra cool framed piece nonchalantly tilted against the wall on the top of the mantle in some handsome, mysterious bachelor’s loft.  But if the guy you’re shopping for doesn’t curate so well for himself, well, now’s your chance to help him out.

Concert 1982 | Covet Living

5 – BLUETOOTH TRACKING TAG, Uncommon Goods, $40.  We count on Uncommon Goods to deliver only the most genius gifts, and this one is no exception.  The rosewood tag comes with a companion app for your phone, so when you lose your keys for the 987th time (you can also attach to your iPad or anything else you always seem to misplace), the app will find ’em for you lickety split.    On the flip, if you lose your phone but have your tracking tag, touch the alert button and voilà.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

6 – THE BIG BAD BOOK OF BILL MURRAY, Urban Outfitters, $22.95.  Because never has a funnier man ever lived.  Like, ever.

Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

7 – CLARISONIC ALPHA FIT SONIC CLEANSER, Sephora, $189.  We’ll let InStyle tell it to ya: “To get specific, men’s skin generally tends to be thicker than women’s, and has a lower pH, meaning they could be more prone to breakouts. Because of the repeated motions created by shaving, men’s complexions also have a weaker barrier function and are more likely to lose moisture. The Alpha Fit caters to these needs with two targeted settings for both clean-shaven skin as well as full-on Lumbersexual beards, which effectively remove any buildup hiding at the roots of his stubble.”

Clarisonic for Men

8 – BLUE CHAMBRAY SKINNY TIE, Lord & Lady Co via Domino, $64.99.  He’ll be channeling his inner Don Draper with this little ditty.  And we all know panties go flying when Don Draper enters a room.  See how that works out?? #everybodywins

chambray skinny tie

9 – STRIPED WOOL BLANKETS, Green Island, from $198.  Note the classic detailing with the slim stripes and the whipstitch and what-not.  This bad boy ups the cozy and the effortlessly cool factor, big time.  It’s so mountain man!  Rawr.  PS: discovered in Mountain Living Mag.  Thanks, Lumberjacks!

Striped Wool Blankets Go Green Island

10 –  CUSTOM TAILORED DRESS SHIRTS, Indochino, $55 and up.  Before I launched into Interior Design, I worked at med device giant Stryker – a testosterone-filled wonderland where the most handsome, down-to-earth, brilliant and athletic dudes on the planet all work.  And so after awhile, I came to know one universal struggle boys face: their dress shirts NEVER fit right.  Indochino is the anecdote: guys pick a style, send in their measurements and get a custom shirt in the mail.  BANG. Also, take a look at this testosterone booster perfect to improve your body building skills.

indochino 2

11 – TEAKWOOD & TOBACCO CANDLE, Pommes Frites Candle Co via Lulu & Georgia, $18.  I love the understated packaging of this almost as much as the fact that it’ll keep a dude’s place smelling more like a woodsy wonderland and less like the inside of a jock strap.

Teakwood and Tobacco

12 – MAN CRATES, $19.99 and up.  What’s your guy into – Hunting?  Fishing?  Retro video games?  Grilling?  Beer-making?  Whatever tickles his pickle, they’ve got a crate for that.  Thissun’s fer huntin‘.

Hunting Crate | Covet Living Gift Guide 2015

13 – TED BAKER GROOMING KIT, Dot & Bo, $33.  Hey.  Their cuticles & such need tending to, too.  And in this handsome little travel case?  I mean – who wouldn’t wanna trim their nose hair?

Ted Baker Grooming Kit

14 – MEN’S LOGO SWEATPANTS, Aviator Nation, $114.  I know.  $114 is steep for sweatpants.  I said that too until I tried a pair on, and I now realize they’re worth every. single. penny.  Honest to God the best &^$# sweatpants on the planet.  And actually – think of them as $57, because you know you’re gonna wear them half the time anyway.  Problem solved!  PS sweet LORD does Smith Jarrod’s younger teenage totally legal twin come with ’em?

Aviator Nation

15 – CIGAR CUTTER, El Casco via One Kings Lane, $149.  Function meets beauty.  I feel like this is the male counterpart to our acrylic staplers and giant brassy-handled scissors and such – serves a legit purpose but like a work of art in and of itself.

Cigar Cutter

16 – MALACHITE TUMBLERS, Dwell Studio, $25.  Not that red Solo cups and/or washed-out spaghetti jars don’t make good drinking glasses, but these up the ante. Love that the malachite almost looks like faux bois.  Again – it’s like Dick Whitman’s in the house.

Malachite Tumblers

17 – HUNTINGTON GEAR DUFFEL, Buxton via One Kings Lane, $79.  Found: the perfect carry on / perfect weekender bag, pour lui.

Huntington Duffel

18 – iPHONE PROJECTOR, Jayson Home & Garden, $60.  “Modern technology meets vintage aesthetics… Show friends photos, project music videos at a house party, or watch a movie in bed.”

iPhone Projector

19 – SHINOLA MEN’S WATCHES, from $550.  This pick is brought to you by former boss – a dapper gent with a mild case of Affluenza – but Shinola watches ARE the bomb.  We promise your favorite guy won’t be mad if you get him one this year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.41.23 PM

20 – HOUSE OF CARDS SEASON 1 DVD, Amazon, $14.99.  Be warned, he might watch the whole season in one sitting.  One of the best-acted shows to hit the tube in years. Frank & Claire Underwood somehow artfully manage to seem graceful while being disgraceful.


21 – DNA GENETIC TESTING & ANALYSIS, 23andMe, $199.  This find we can’t take credit for – our favorite pro athlete sent it our way, noting: “…there’s this thing where you swab your saliva and it tells you everything- like who your ancestors are, what you should and shouldn’t eat, if you’re more susceptible to a terminal illness. Everything!”     23 and me Then he followed-up with THIS screen shot from a buddy of his who had purchased it for his mom & grandmother…  I mean.  Single tear.

23 and me

22 – SUPERMAN UNDERPANTS, H&M, $12.99 $5.  Does this one really even need a description?

Superman Scoobs

23 – HANDCRAFTED LEATHER PORTFOLIO CASE No 18, Colonel Littleton, $150.  I purposefully asked my most highfalutin guy friend with the snootiest taste – you know, the one who has everything and is impossible to buy for – what the best gift he’d ever gotten was.  This was his pick – it was a gift from his father that he uses at work every day.  Love.

Colonel Littleton Padfolio

24 – DRIFTWOOD CHARGING STATION, Celadon Home, $79.  I’m always on the fence about cufflinks in the shape of bullets and equally borderline cheesy gifts for guys, but this is actually pretty cool.

Driftwood Charging Station

25 – MOUNTAIN HAUS CANDLE, Haus Interior, $34.  “A blue spruce needle and lavender base enhanced by the notes of cedar wood, patchouli and sandalwood” …because again – anything trumps the aroma of sweaty socks wafting from the direction of the laundry basket.

Mountain Haus Candle

26 – GOLDEN ROLLING HILLS ROAD ARTWORK, Kevin Russ for One Kings Lane, $189 – $369.  It’s not that our favorite fellas can’t decorate on their own, but it’s kinda like picking the restaurant so they don’t have to do all the planning guesswork… a little help never hurts.  We love this 50’s-feeling open road shot of some remote highway out west.

Golden Rolling Hills Rd

27 – NEW APPLE TV, Apple, from $149.  Apparently, it’s now all about the apps. “With the new Apple TV and its powerful new tvOS, developers are creating experiences that will change what you expect from your big screen, making your TV feel as personal as your iPhone or iPad.”  …what they said.

New Apple TV

28 – TEXTURED COTTON SHAWL COLLAR CARDIGAN, J.Crew, $128.  Show me a guy who doesn’t look perfectly rugged and handsome in this modern-day, cozy hipster-version of a Werther’s Original original.  Oh, right.  There’s no such thing. #dilfsweatersorbust

Shawl Collar


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Bachelorette Recap: Three’s a Crowd

1.  Chez moi last night.  Italiano (!)  So good.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.00.44 AM

And if you haven’t made these turkey meatballs yet, then you aren’t livin.  Gus is a good helper… look at that face!  Like no one’s ever fed or loved him a day in his life. #andtheoscargoestogus


2.  Just a little snack to warm it up… this knee-slapper came to me via my Fairy Godmother JB from Jersey.  I have not stopped howling for a week.  You know I love Bart – even in spite of his toddler Tonka Twuck fussy meltdown last week – but this is the truth:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.52.33 AM

3.  Another one from Megan on Twitter.  I DIE. BFdhjkhfjkahjhajkhahahhahaha.  Shiest – I get by with a little help from my friends.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.49.24 AM

4.  Also, I know I’m a real skank for making fun of these poor unfortunate souls every week.  So to level the playing field, here’s what my hair looks like in the morning.  Pretty sure Mufasa is my doppelgänger.  You’re welcome.  With any luck, potential suitors everywhere will be reading this post.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.20.41 AM

5.  Are Kaitlyn & Ben repping the J.Crew Kennybunkport collection ca 1997?  Hey – I’m not complaining.  I dig a good cable knit.  OMG is it Fall yet??

IMG_3585 IMG_3586

6.  Peter Brady in a DILF sweater in cold weather is like a sweet slice of apple pie on an Indian Summer day.  On a hay ride.  Like buttah.


7.  Ben H is (er, was until last week) 25?!!?  Lawd.  I’m not sure if his balls have dropped yet, but bless his heart – it looked like somebody took the eraser of a No. 2 pencil to the back of his head.  Cutest bald spot I’ve ever seen.  In other news, he’s a *really* good guy and always seems to say the right thing, but was it just me??  I didn’t see it between them.  They were adorable, great on paper, probably really liked each other cuz they’re both cool people but I dunno… something was missing, right?


Sidenote: DAYUM.  That girl can rock a red dress.


8.  Hands-down the best thing I’ve ever seen on this show.  I was also delighted to see him not acting like his head was inside a vice and about to explode.


Alf has never looked so good.  That’s just not a bad bod.


When she picked his clothes up and ran for the hills, I knew we were destined to be besties.


9.  Is he serious with those cap sleeves?  Honey, your clothes are all size XXXS.  We can already see your muscles (…and as Karrie so aptly pointed out a few weeks ago – we can also see your mushroom tip through your skinny jeans).


10.  How did I not know Nick had 98 siblings?


11.  Bella’s a little sweetie pie, but did the producers tell her Santa wasn’t real to make her cry so they could shoot it and pretend she was still distraught that Nick + Andi didn’t work out?  That part was straight bizarre.


12.  I found his Mom’s passive-aggressive dig at Andi was unnecessary… Yikes – hell hath no fury like a (family) scorned.  Speaking of his mom… I can’t decide what I liked better: her magical Birkenstocks or her ‘do.  I’m also pretty sure there’s a giant dreamcatcher hanging above her bed.


13.  The family hair game is uncanny.  Do you think she gave him a blowdryer for his 5th birthday and was like, “ok honey… now aim it at the back of your head like this and turn it on full blast“?


14.  Most endearing part of the show.  #bellaforpresident

IMG_3618 IMG_3620

15. I hate to be an a-hole but how come nobody told Shawn’s Pa that he had a bat in the cave?  That ain’t cool.  I tried to help… it didn’t work.


In other news, can we talk about what a baller my dog is?  Have y’all met Gus the Tazmanian devil?




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