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Theez uz muh FAY-YUN-SAY shoes.

Kate Spade Floral Heels | Covet Living

When I was a kid, Easter was all the rage because it meant that I got to dye eggs (ahhh – can’t you just smell the vinegar and see the PAAS kit on the kitchen table??) and if I was lucky, it meant I might get some new frilly, saccharin-colored Easter dress… probably something my Grandmother would buy me in an attempt to make me “act like a lady.”  (Ask Ruthie how that worked out for her.)  As an adult, I’ve swapped real eggs for Reese’s peanut butter ones, and Easter dresses for Easter kicks – otherwise known as floral pumps.  Dresses – meh – you may only wear once or twice, but floral pumps, imho, are a far better investment because they’re almost like a wild card / versatile neutral you can wear with anything: they take jeans + a white tee from “I just painted my bedroom in this” to très chic, take a normal striped dress (hey Hopie Sue!) from “I’m going to the Country Club today (yawn)” to “oh hey guys, I just threw this together because I’m channeling Carrie Bradshaw & am effortlessly fashionable and free-spirited and fabulous” …or yo.  If you work in an office where the dress code is a little more austere – say, suits & dresses that are all one neutral color – then maybe you can still have a little fun with what’s on your feet.  Plus… if looking down at your hooves and seeing these doesn’t brighten everyone’s day, gurl I don’t know what will 🙂

Easter Kicks | Best Floral Pumps | Covet Living

1 – Circus by Sam Edelman Maddy, $80 // 2 – Louise et Cie ‘Hermosah’ Pump, $118 (I’m gunning for these), $118 // 3 – Ted Baker Adecyn Crystal Droplets, $190 (or these) // 4 – Ted Baker Adecyn Cascading Floral, $190 // 5 – Loeffler Randall Pari Ink Floral Pump, $350 $295 // 6 – Pamela Heeled Sandal, $23.99 // 7 – Halogen Mattie Pointy Toe Pump, $90 // 8 – J.Crew Sloane Printed Crisscross Pump, $175

Red Soles Flowers of Paradise Heels | Covet Living

Or these beauties for $75, which I just spotted after I’d already collaged all that business up there.

Happy Easter!


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Beachy Birthday Wishlist

Baby Steph | Covet Living

…what am I, 5?  Yeah maybe.  Whatever.  Guess I’m all pipe dreams & pigtails cuz I’m still making birthday lists.  I call this one the “who do I think I am!?” list.  Slash do you think if I’m *really* good this year and maybe click my heels 3x, the Easter Bunny will grant me ALL 11 wishes below??  Meh – probably not.  But a girl can dream!

Steph's Birthday Wishlist 2015 | Covet Living

1 – Jailbait Bikini | Boys & Arrows ($143 top / $117 bottoms)…  Boys & Arrows is quickly becoming my favorite swimwear designer.  I only know about them from our girl Janae at Pink & Navy– aka our Fashion Yoda.  And since I live in swimsuits on the weekends, then I can justify this (insert air quotes) “investment piece”… right?

Mary the Madwoman Top Vix the Vixen Pant - Jailbait

2 – Pink Ray Ban Aviators | eBay ($115).  Cuz who doesn’t wanna look at everything through rose-colored glasses?

Pink Ray Ban Aviators | Covet Living

3 – California Ripples #2 & #4 | Natural Curiosities.  I saw these at Vegas Market in January in the Natural Curiosities showroom, and they’re positively ethereal (and also massive). Available to the trade.

California Ripples Photography, by Natural Curiosities | Covet Living

4 – Andaman Illusions Printed Pant | Calypso St. Barth ($295).  I tried these on in Malibu a few weeks ago and decided I’d like to live in them.  If they start making a designer collection for Target, I’ll be all set.

Calypso Ikat Pants | Covet Living

5 – Indego African Coral Burst Basket | Urban Outfitters ($60).  I don’t know whether to hang this on a wall, plop some fruit in it, or wear it as a hat.  Either way, I’m game.

Indego Africa Coral Burst Basket

6 – Capri Blue Aloha Orchid No 3 Green Jar Candle | Amazon ($29).  When I tell you this smells like heaven, you should probably take my word for it.

Aloha Orchid Candle

7 – Weekdays Tee | J.Crew ($40).  Je love graphic tees, avec un pencil skirt for work.

Lundi Mardi Mercredi | Covet Living

8 – T3 Featherweight 2 Hairdryer | Nordstrom ($200).  Bud pooped his pants in his grave just now because I just posted a link to a blowdryer that costs $200.

T3 Dryer | Covet Living

But seriously… this is what it did to my hair.  Now do you believe me?

T3 Hairdryer Blowout | Covet Living

9 – Vitamix S55 Personal Blender | Williams Sonoma ($449.95).  Now I love everything on this little pipe dream of a list, but when the rubber meets the road, a Vitamix might be the **one** thing I would really splurge on, because I would use it every day.  Cuz I use a juicer EVERY day.. which would be great if it didn’t take a whole tree of fruit to spat out a cup of juice, and if you didn’t lose so much roughage in the process (I save mine, then put the fruit pulp into Greek yogurt, and the carrot / celery discards into stir fry or spring rolls).

Vitamix | Covet Living

10 – Vintage Ikat Pillow | Rooms & Gardens ($188).  The prettiest thing I ever did see. These are vintage / one of a kind, found in a dreamy little shop on Montana Street in Santa Monica called Rooms & Gardens… it reminds me the rustic, laid-back cousin to our preppier beach chic staple Bixby & Ball in Solana Beach.  Fun fact: the shop owner is Mary Steenburgen.

Vintage Ikat Pillows from Rooms & Gardens | Covet Living

11 – Pendleton Purple Hills Oversized Beach Towel | Aviator Nation (about $48).  My girl KP has a few of these towels and they’re as gorgeous as they are ginormous and luxurious.  And pretty enough to wanna wear as a sari all summer long.

Prettiest Beach Towel | Aviator Nation

If all else fails, can I just get a fat slice uh this and wash it down with some bubbly? Ah grazie!!!

sprinkle cake!


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