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Theez uz muh FAY-YUN-SAY shoes.

Kate Spade Floral Heels | Covet Living

When I was a kid, Easter was all the rage because it meant that I got to dye eggs (ahhh – can’t you just smell the vinegar and see the PAAS kit on the kitchen table??) and if I was lucky, it meant I might get some new frilly, saccharin-colored Easter dress… probably something my Grandmother would buy me in an attempt to make me “act like a lady.”  (Ask Ruthie how that worked out for her.)  As an adult, I’ve swapped real eggs for Reese’s peanut butter ones, and Easter dresses for Easter kicks – otherwise known as floral pumps.  Dresses – meh – you may only wear once or twice, but floral pumps, imho, are a far better investment because they’re almost like a wild card / versatile neutral you can wear with anything: they take jeans + a white tee from “I just painted my bedroom in this” to très chic, take a normal striped dress (hey Hopie Sue!) from “I’m going to the Country Club today (yawn)” to “oh hey guys, I just threw this together because I’m channeling Carrie Bradshaw & am effortlessly fashionable and free-spirited and fabulous” …or yo.  If you work in an office where the dress code is a little more austere – say, suits & dresses that are all one neutral color – then maybe you can still have a little fun with what’s on your feet.  Plus… if looking down at your hooves and seeing these doesn’t brighten everyone’s day, gurl I don’t know what will 🙂

Easter Kicks | Best Floral Pumps | Covet Living

1 – Circus by Sam Edelman Maddy, $80 // 2 – Louise et Cie ‘Hermosah’ Pump, $118 (I’m gunning for these), $118 // 3 – Ted Baker Adecyn Crystal Droplets, $190 (or these) // 4 – Ted Baker Adecyn Cascading Floral, $190 // 5 – Loeffler Randall Pari Ink Floral Pump, $350 $295 // 6 – Pamela Heeled Sandal, $23.99 // 7 – Halogen Mattie Pointy Toe Pump, $90 // 8 – J.Crew Sloane Printed Crisscross Pump, $175

Red Soles Flowers of Paradise Heels | Covet Living

Or these beauties for $75, which I just spotted after I’d already collaged all that business up there.

Happy Easter!


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Spring is (Nearly) Sprung!

marquesa dress | covet living

That little Marquesa number makes me weak at the knees… but it also makes me giddy for Springtime.  Even though it’s always Summer in California, I still get excited for this time of year… for everything in shades of pastels, for planting new flowers & herbs outside (OMG, I’m 107… but seriously, I can almost smell heirloom tomatoes on a vine in the garden)… just for a fresh start.  And if you’re any of my people back in the homeland, I bet the sun peeking through the grey skies and warming your face + the promise of green buds popping up from underneath the snow makes you so happy you could cry.  Hit play on the ditty below and keep scrolling down to getcherself in the mood for Springtime!

This weekend…

Hello Spring | Covet Living

Open a window – even if it’s still freezing out, and even if it’s only for a few minutes – just to let some fresh air in.

Open Window 2 | Covet Living

Or if it’s warm enough, sleep with all the windows open, and wake up like this on Saturday morning.  Which is precisely what I’ll be doing.

Happy Weekend | Covet Living

Pick up some fresh flowers from the market.

Peonies | Covet Living

Rearrange your furniture or refresh your decor, with things like this pillow from Lulu & Georgia:

Adana Extra Long Pillow | Covet Living

Mix yourself some lemon mint water… a) because it’s so good for you, but b) because it tastes like Springtime.

Lemon Mint Water

Go get – or DIY – a mani in a bright, happy hue.

NARS Kutki Polish | Covet Living

Get stoked, even if you’re over the age of 4, about Easter coming up, because even if you’re not gluing sequins on Easter eggs, at least you get to wear a Easter-egg-colored-outfits that weekend.

Sequin Easter Eggs | Covet Living

Treat yo self to a bright staple, like this green Gigi New York oversized clutch.

Island Green Uber Clutch | Covet Living

Throw one bright piece into your wardrobe mix this weekend, just to perk things up a little.

One fun color | Spring

Pink Skirt | Covet Living

Pot a basil plant in your kitchen window.

Basil in Window | Covet Living

Go for a bike ride (!!!!)

Spring in Notting Hill | Covet Living

Happy Weekend!


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