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Calico Corners $100 Giveaway

We’re so tickled about Calico Corners‘ magnificent resurgence that, after gushing about them a few weeks back, we’ve decided to pair up with our favorite source for fabric and do a $100 GIVEAWAY. Ah (!) It’s like Christmas in November!!

TO ENTER, simply visit Calico Corners’ website, and LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST (here) before Friday, November 19 at midnight, telling us which is your favorite fabric (and if you wanna go crazy, tell us where you’d use it!) To have your name counted twice, ADD CALICO CORNERS AS A FACEBOOK FRIEND HERE and leave another comment about it. Who doesn’t wanna double their chances to win!?

The winner will be chosen by and announced on Monday, November 22! BONUS? As if their cup didn’t spilleth over with gorgeous goodies already, celebrity designer THOM FILICIA has just added his collection to their arsenal of fabrics.


You may remember Thom from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (which also featured a good family friend & culinary whiz, Ted Allen), or from his work designing homes for TV clients on Oprah and Dress My Nest… OR from his signature lines for Kravet & Vanguard – both of which are only available to the trade. But, giddy up! Now his glorious collection is coming to a store near you & me, and available to all us regular Joes. Here are two of my favorite TF rooms… the man’s got some serious style.


Below are our top picks for Calico fabrics, to getcha started…

STEPH PICK: City Square, by Thom Filicia is my #1 FAVE. I always gravitate towards neutral, curvy and girlie, so this fabric – with it’s geometric pattern in a sky bluish-grey tone – is a nice departure from that, but still true to my aesthetic. It’s a bit more modern, balances out my swirly twirly curvy crap, and is in a beautiful colorway that’s neutral without being boring. **Note: This swatch shows up in a photo of Thom’s collection on the link above, but the individual swatch – along with a few of his other iconic prints – is still in the process of being dded to the site.

I would use it for drapes…

Or perhaps a pillow…

Actually, I’d do just about anything with it. Make a shower curtain, make a dress… I’d even roll up my fajitas in it. It’s just that delicious.

KARRIE PICK: My goodness – where to start with Magnificat in Avocado?

Create a couple throw pillows for your couch and mix and match with one or two solids. Or, take a large swatch of the fabric, frame it, and create a striking background for your office area, like this:


OR, get a cheap ottoman from the local flea market/craigslist and upholster that sucker with it. Pair with a comfy leather couch, slightly buttery but maybe a *tad* darker, and you’re golden. **STEPH CHIMING IN: Magnificat Avocado is HUUUUGE in person – the repeat is 32 inches – so given its large scale, it would be PERRRRRFECT as the wall hanging Karrie’s talking about, or on an oversized, coffee table ottoman like the one below, except bigger:

STEPH PICK: The more I look at Flower Field in Sand Dollar, the more I love it. The pattern is playful and youthful, but the palette is sophisticated, which makes it feel fresh and modern.

My college bestie (Mary) and I are currently kicking around using it to recover her headboard – to the tune of something like this, which makes me foam at the mouth.

source unknown – sorry I’m such a floozy

KARRIE PICK: Prospect in Shadow by Thom Filicia is part modern, part tribal… love it. I’d personally use the fabric for bedroom curtains to totally brighten up the room, or for throw pillows on my light tan cotton couch. Of course, this would also look great on an ottoman in front of a solid, neutral sofa.

STEPH PICK: The rustic French girl in me loves Primitive Stripe in Red/Natural, because it reminds me of an old hemp antique feed sack.

I feel like it needs to be on the seats of the chairs in this room, or as a long bench cushion.


KARRIE PICK: Can’t you picture a slightly oversized, comfy armchair in this chic fabric (Ranch Stripe in Navy/Natural), perfect for a Sunday morning cup of Joe and the NY Times (duh, the Wedding section…)

STEPH PICK: I loved the Imperial Trellis-esque swatch of Iman’s Sultana Lattice in Citrine online, but I fell head-over-heels when I got the real thing in the mail. It’s 100% cotton, but feels like velvet on linen.

KARRIE PICK: I absolutely love Thom Filicia’s Shonnard in Citrine for bar stools, perched in a light breezy open kitchen. **STEPH CHIMING IN: Great call there, home slice.

STEPH PICK: Oooh, honeycombs! Otherwise known as Euclid in Ink, by Thom Filicia.

I loved all the colorways in this fabric, so it was tough to choose one, but I am envisioning this on a little modern, armless slipper chair… with a mustard-y yellow or orangey-red velvet pillow in front of it, kinda like this vintage Domino pic.

Or maybe just use a smidge on a little guy (!) like Amanda Nisbet did in this bedroom makeover:

Last but not least, toss ‘er on an antique French armchair, à la India Hicks:

via Domino

(India’s & Amanda’s fabrics are obviously NOT the Thom Filicia Euclid pattern, but I put ‘em in to show you what a similar, small-ish geometric pattern looks like).

CO-PICK: Karrie and I actually fought over this one. It’s even more beautiful in person. It’s heavy, woven, and totally luxurious. I would love it on some big, plush oversized pillows for the couch, in my charcoal grey living room.

Corazon in Seaglass

But I’m also considering using it to recover a long upholstered bench at the end of my bed, comme ça.


STEPH PICK: Yum. Fioretto Sprout is light, airy, 100% linen and 100% divine. The pattern actually looks like music (wheeee!), and I would love to get my grubby paws on a few yards and stitch up some floor-to-ceiling curtains.

STEPH PICK: I love the toned-down chartreuse, ochre-colored green in Suzani Dial in Astral. Inside those dials, if you look past that gorgeous raspberry color, there’s the faintest hint of lavender, which makes this fabric look really fresh and stunning. It would look SO sharp against a black piece of furniture.

Or on a couch, kinda like this:


KARRIE PICK: Once upon a time, I lived in a cute little apartment by the beach and was constantly on the hunt for any fabric that would conjure up a carefree, breezy feeling that matched my lifestyle. Otisco in Ciel by Thom Filicia does *exactly* that. And really, you don’t need to live by the beach. This brings a carefree peacefulness to your home regardless of where you live. I’d personally use as fabric for curtains. Can’t you just imagine a warm breeze blowing through them? Light a couple beachy candles and you’re set.

STEPH PICK: On a similar modern-blues-y-beachy-ikat note, I’ve always loved Tilbury Lapis. It looks and feels delicious.

Obvi, it’d be great made into pillows, but eh. mah. gah. CHECK IT AS A HEADBOARD from super stylish flick “A Single Man.” Uh, yes please.


Aren’t you dying to get your paws on some of this gorgeous fabric? Woo hoo! Good luck!! …PS, a few additional rules: **Winner must present gift certificate at time of purchase to receive discount at participating stores only. No cash value. Cannot be applied to prior purchases. Calico employees and their families are not eligible.**

Bon chance!

11 Responses to “Calico Corners $100 Giveaway”

  • What’s not to love about Calico Corners! I used Olive Kiss as an inspiration for my colors. The Ana Caspian covers my mid century modern chairs, and the mushroom leopard for storage cubes! Next purchase will be Fioretto Sprout for curtains!

  • I feel like a copy cat but (as mentioned in your post) I love Flower Field for a headboard!

  • I have Shabby Chic on my bed but I want something in a hotter pink/coral to go with a flamingo print hanging over the bed. I woud like a more tropical Florida look for my bedroom. Any suggestions anyone?? Also, I have French Provincial furniture in cream colors and gold trim.

  • One of my favorite window treatments I created from Calico Corners fabrics for a client were Valances from Juicy – canyon with Roman Shades in Mindbender – autumn. Needless to say my client loves them!

  • I adore ZAHRA LEAF – IMAN HOME FABRICS in RADICCHIO – perfect for the seats on my bedroom chairs.

  • I love the

    It’d make gorgeous pillows for my living room sectional!

    • Tiffiny honey – are you there, caller?! You won, you won!!! Shoot us an email ( so we can send you your $100 Calico Gift Certificate!

  • “Prospect in Shadow” is my pick. I can think of about 27 places it would enhance in my home! Love it.

  • Pioneer Wine! I LOVE color!! But I love paisley, and I couldn’t really find one that tickled me pink…

  • Hi, What a feast for the eyes, all the Calico Corner’s fabrics; it was hard to choose only one!! I like the #000261991 CHELTENHAM FLORAL BREEZE fabric. Just what I need to make some pillows for my sofa and loveseat. It’ll be what helps us sell our house! All the colors match perfectly.

  • LOVE Silhouette: Amethyst. The purple makes me feel bold and comfy all at the same time!

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