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Annie Getcher Staple Gun

Remember when I did this last month?

Why don’t you take one of those for a spin with a little bittah the Suzani Pink fabric below?  (Or any of these fabric faves, for that matter.  The Designer’s Attic is also amazing for discount designer fabric.)

And when you’re done, it’ll look something like THIS!

Here are a few Craigslist fixer-uppers in DIRE need of a little reupholstery action:

(South Jersey) – $100 or best offer.  WAY underpriced.  Sweet Jesus, somebody in Jersey had better grab it before I do.

(Chicago) – $75.  Love the deco lines.  Do not love the ivory-satin-on-ivory-satin pattern.  Revamped, this could be a very cool – and very functional – piece.

(New York) – $140.  PS: $140 is WAY too much.  Tell them I said you will NOT pay $140, but will cheerfully give them $40 PLUS a fresh batch of Tollhouse cookies for it.  And a hug.

(Los Angeles) – $85.  I would love this in a solid burlappy-greige, and I’d paint the legs white.

(Indianapolis) – $60.  Clearly not a bench, but it’s an AWESOME chair.  It looks a little stodgy as-is, so I would freshen it up with a coat of bright paint on the frame (e.g. Behr’s Pineapple Soda – see some helpful paint tips here), and use it as a desk chair.  I’d try to barter a little – $60 is pushing it just a tad.

(HOT-lanta) – $50.  I want to strip it to a bare pine, lime-washed finish.  And upholster it in one of these cheeky little numbers from Studio Bon:

Favorite = the red dots.

(Philly) – $60.  GOOOOOOOOD LORD, someone save this poor thing by recovering it stat.  Or throwing a tarp over it, if nothing else.  It’s upholstered in a still life of fruit, for crying out loud.


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  • Love all of the great ideas. I have just started wanting to reupholster everything since I moved in to my new apartment!

    I just started my own blog about a 365 day project I am doing. I hope you can take a minute to check it out.

    Have a lovely day!
    -Jayme Lynn

  • Love, love, love…the Suzani Pink print. What could I use it for in my home?

  • thanks for article!

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