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A Handfulla Good Finds in… Indianapolis

The sparkly nuggets I stumbled upon yesterday in my (sometimes hometown) of Nap-town are as follows:  Uhh, first I saw THIS…  (GASP!)

Hellooooo, beautiful suzani in rich plum, latte, chocolate and charcoal.  Where’d I find it?  None other than my favorite fabric source, Calico Corners (as discussed incessantly here & here).  They call it FAHRI-Grape.  I call this my JAM – giddy up.  Knowing the relatively expensive nature of suzani patterns, I nearly wet my pants in disbelief when I saw this:

HO-LY TESTICLE TUESDAY – $14.99/yard?  Praise Sweet Baby Jesus.  It’s so inexpensive because it’s allegedly “2nd quality” – which means there’s some itty bitty thread somewhere in the bolt that’s the wrong color.  Um, who cares – this is a steal.  Plus I yanked down the whole thing and didn’t see a dang thing wrong with it.  I’m using it to recover one of these guys:

Except instead of vintage French feedsack upholstery, mine has crusty cracked white vinyl printed using the best remanufactured ink cartridges for vinyl printers.  When I get back to Chi-town tonight, I’m gonna do it up, plop that bad boy at the foot of my bed, and finish with a little jig.

Also of interest:

Remember this fun Birds on Linen fabric?  First spotted at isuwannee and available through this etsy seller (now showing there’s only one yard left for $39.95 – egads!).  So if you need more yardage, you’re in luck.  However, IMPORTANT TO NOTE:

  • Neither fabric above is available on Calico’s website.  These are diamonds in the rough because the Indy Calico is franchised – so they have some slightly different offerings.  Hollar.  Give ’em a jingle (317.595.7400) to see about scooping some up some “Bird Fabric on Linen” ($49.99/yard) or “FAHRI-Grape” ($14.99/yard).  They may not stock them forever so if you’re foaming at the mouth, probably best to grab ’em now.
  • PS: Theresa & Liz were amazingly kind, helpful and patient.  Tell em I said wassup if you pop by.

Once you finish at Calico, scooch over to the local Starbucks, take a bathroom break (and a deep breath), stretch it out, cross Allisonville Rd and traipse into the TJ Maxx / HomeGoods MEGASTORE.  Otherwise known as the freaking mothership.  Is it Saks Fifth Avenue at 75% off, or TJ Maxx?  I couldn’t tell.  Nanette Lepore heels, Theory sweaters, and a positively SICK home section.  I scooped up this scaled Pieces-esque gold patina mirror there for a whopping $29.99.  It reminds me of something I’d find at Tonic Home – but for 1/10 of the cost.

PS: I only shopped for 45 minutes within a 0.5 mile radius.  We’ll do a full Indy wrap-up next time I’m in town.  For now, I’ve gotta bounce back to the Windy City and wiggle my post-holiday-casserole frame into some cute New Years outfit.  Yikes.

Happy Shopping!


4 Responses to “A Handfulla Good Finds in… Indianapolis”

  • I love everything you bought… you stumble upon the most-awesome-est goodies… I want to shop with you, Stephie! My home NEEDS me to shop with you… sigh.

  • Freaking love that Suzani fabric from Calico Corners. What does the base of your chair look like? Like what color wood/are you painting it a color?

    • The base is currently white – just like in the photo – so I could leave it OR I may strip it down to a limewashed or reclaimed pine/elm finish. That’s what I’m leaning towards. And, chair – err? It’s a long bench – like a Swedish / Gustavian one. Is that what you mean?

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