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Baby, It’s Gettin’ COLD Outside!

Gone are the cool, crisp Indian Summer days when I could walk outside in just a hoodie, and have that be enough to keep me warm.  Gurl, it’s startin to get chee-LAY in the windy city, and pretty soon, it’ll look like this:

It’s not QUITE chilly enough just yet to necessitate suiting up in my painfully unattractive (but like a furnace) Michelin Man winter coat, but I could certainly use a liiiiiiiiiiiittle help keeping warm right about now.  You too??  Try enlisting…

A pair of fuzzy Ugg Dakota Slippers, AKA “Old Man Slippers.”  Though, old man schmold man – that sweet little pink bow keeps ’em from looking like they belong on the feet of the Werther’s Original dude.  These retail for just under $100, and yes…  I know they sell similar ones at Rack Room, Target & L.L. Bean for about 1/2 the price, but Ugg does it so, SO very right, so remember that you’re investing in serious quality.  Plus, down the road when that cushy stuff on the inside gets matted down, Ugg replaces the innards for about $15 + shipping (thanks for the tip, Big Red!).  Long live your warm fuzzy feet!

When you’re ready to hit the streets for the day, nuzzle into this mitten & snood set above from J.Crew ($24.50 & $48.00) to keep you warm.  I love anything marled, and plus, these go with everything – black, red, camel – whatevah.

Traipse on into your neighborhood coffee shop and grab a big ‘ol cuppa somethin’ on your way to work – Starbucks not only serves up hot java, but heart-warming messages too.  I dig it.  PS: have you ever tried a milk steamer w/vanilla?  DELICIOUS.

Hopefully, mother nature will splash some sweet sunshine on your face mid-day.  And later on, when you wanna kick it up a notch on your way to cocktails, try this combo:

Me & Kashmiere Scarf, $176, Art Effect on Armitage (Chicago).  Cashmere gloves, $48, J.Crew.

Staying in this weekend, or having friends over?  Whip up a big ‘ol batchuh Mulled Wine…  Or if you’re in NYC, pop into BOOM SoHo and cross your fingers that they’re serving their seasonal specialty.  I once holed up in there on a freezing, winter afternoon, and they brought me some on the house.  It was the best thing I have ever tasted, and that deliciously hospitable gesture keeps me going back to that place every time I’m in the Big Apple.

At the end of the day, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna spoon this little guy with all my might, because he is the warmest, fuzziest, silliest creature that ever was.  GUSGUS!

Have a great weekend, and stay warm!


8 Responses to “Baby, It’s Gettin’ COLD Outside!”

  • I bought my first Uggs a couple weeks ago and I’m sooooo addicted. And long live the snood too, that addiction is still alive and well. Super cute pic!!

  • Your cute little posts keep me warm! 🙂

  • It’s probably not the right time to tell you I just had lunch by the beach, where it’s currently a frigid 85 degrees…


    Your fave co-blogette

  • 1. Am planning a trip to NYC and was thinking I needed to look up your post on where to eat.
    2. Going on 3 years with my Dakotas and could use new “cushy stuff.” Thanks!!!!

    • Alissa (!!!) Hooraaaaaaay! Def hit BOOM for lunch if you’re shopping in SoHo. It’s on Spring Street (?) I think, and right in the middle of all the fun shops. Congrats on your engagement, lady!! XO

  • Who knew that you could get uggs re-ugged. I’m sending mine off stat. Thanks for the tip Agnes.


    • Hey Feefs & Alissa: I got a bit more info from my friend who got his re-Ugged. He said that THEY say they don’t re-Ugg for all models, but he sent a pair in that wasn’t on the re-Ugg list in, and they did it anyway. B/C they’re the bomb diggity.

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