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Are You There Santa? It’s Me, Karrie

Oh, how I used to love my little Mexican grandma singing to me, “You baytor watch out, you baytor not cry, you baytor not pout, I’m tellin’ you why.  San-ta Claus eez coming… to town!”

Every time I hear that song on the radio, I STILL get giddy (gracias, Coast 103.5 for playin’ those Xmas tunes 24-7!).   Soooo, I might have pouted a bit.  I definitely did my fair share of crying this year.   But you know what?   Overall, I’m not too bad!  (I know, Mom, except for that time I let tickets to Dancing With the Stars fall through… time to move on…)

So here’s my list of goodies for Santy Claus.  Like the wise people behind that sage book The Secret once wrote, you need to put it out to the universe for it to come your way.  Right???

1. A niiice SLR camera – A Canon or a Nikon.  All I ask, Santy, is for one that can take beautiful, crisp, vivid pics.  I promise I’ll even teach myself Photoshop once I obtain said camera.  Hooray!

2. Headphones – either Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones or the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones.  One’s the equivalent of standing in front of a loud sound system at an underground rap concert, the loud, bass-heavy music throbbing energetically in your ears; the other, a front row seat to a lovely, classic symphony where every instrument sounds clear as day.

3. Drive Time: French Learning CD – One only need look at the miles I’ve accrued driving back and forth from LA to my love every week, to know I’ve got plenty of time to be learning another language.  Each year I tell myself it’s time to learn Francais and this year, I think I’m a gonna bust a move and make it happen!

4. J Brand “Houlihan” Skinny Cargo Pants – If I have to watch my long, lean Brit colleague walk past me one more time wearing these M*A*S*H inspired pants… I tell ya.  Sooo cute, with summery tan platforms or hot high heels.

5. Centerville Pies’ chicken pot pie – Just reading the “About Us” on the website for this Maine-based company made me almost tear up.  Two women, a former banker and deputy sheriff, put their careers on hold to pursue their dream of opening a pie shop for their friends and family.  Lo’ and behold, one year later, Oprah Winfrey herself exalted their chicken pot pies in Part 1 of her Oprah’s Favorite Things episode.  *Warning – holiday ordering has now stopped; all purchases will be shipped out at the beginning of January.  D’oh!

6. Williams-Sonoma croissants – Mmmmmm… can’t you just smell these buttery delights fresh out of the oven?  I know, kinda a weird “ask”, but I’ve been wanting a batch of these shipped to me from an elf for quite a while.  Idea courtesy of,  per usual, Ms. Winfrey’s Favorite Things.

7. Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That? The Queen of All Things Perfection just released her 7th cookbook, and this time the focus is on “creating simpler yet appetizing dishes that save time and minimize stress in the kitchen”.  Amen to that, Ina!  I’ll buy what yer sellin’ any day.  Tell Jeffrey I said what up!

8. Books:  1) Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes 2) Best American Travel Writing – Bill Buford 3) One Day – David Nicholls 4) Cooking for Two: 2010

9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 4) – After years of hearing how this show was one of the funniest shows on the tube, I finally got a viewing when my man had knee surgery and I was forced to cuddle and watch TV with him for hours.  We devoured this series – it’s effing hilar – no, seriously – and it’s time for me to pick up where I left off, with Season 4.

10. Subscriptions to US Weekly and People Magazine – No joke, I’ve been asking for subscriptions to these since college.  My senior year, my boyfriend told me he was about to order me a People Mag subscription.  When we broke up a week later, one of my first thoughts was whether or not the magazines would be showing up in my mailbox.  They didn’t. 

11. Sade’s “Soldier of Love” album – Thanks to me mum, I started listenin’ to this soulful crooner when I was just a baby Hoosier.  I can remember drivin’ down the Indiana highway in our ’84 rusted out red Pontiac, jamming (probs in my fave ballerina t-shirt) to a tape of Sade.  

But, with all this said, I’d be remiss not to mention that these material things are just that… material.  I’d gladly nix any presents for some time well-spent with my loved ones – both the ones physically present, as well as those with me in spirit.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  And now, Marv, I just ask that you PLEASE stay away this year.

Keep the change, you filthy animals!!!


5 Responses to “Are You There Santa? It’s Me, Karrie”

  • OMG. The fact that you just signed off with “Keep the change, you filthy animals” is one of the reasons why we are such good friends. XOXO! -S

  • My memories of Christmas is 15 yrs ago spending the day in Anna Maria Island,Florida in shorts! Every time I hear Burl Ives singing “Frosty” I know my Little Karrie is in her groove with “Christmas spirit”Luv you:)

      Submitted on 2010/12/16 at 4:14pm
      Mom – lucky for you, I’ll be back in Anna Maria in oh, 4 days, to walk on the beach (if it’s warm enough), eat peanut butter pie at Gulf Drive Cafe, go see movies, and have you scratch my forehead. Hooray, see you soon!

      Jennalynn – Oooh I’ve never heard of the Amazon Wish List. You are, as ever, so resourceful! xoxoxo

      Monika – You my gurrrrl, gurl. That movie is the BEST.

  • My dearest…

    You need to set up an Amazon Wish List! The best part: It doesn’t just have to be things you can buy on Amazon.

    Mine includes a lovely little bauble from that divine blue box store.

    Well. It is a WISH list right?

    (Oh and it also includes the Nikon D3000. I’m dreaming of a DSLR too.)

  • I second Stephanie… Home Alone was one of my all time favorite movies… keep the change you filthy animals is the BEST quote. 🙂 i may have to rewatch that over the holidays.

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