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Dear Santa…


..ehhh, I’ve been a good girl this year (?)  Welllll, except for the time that I saw Gus licking the butter sticks on the edge of the Thanksgiving dinner table right before we ate and didn’t tell anybody…  and the time I smuggled home-popped-popcorn into the movies in my giant Furla, then used the movie theater’s butter machine…  aaaaaand the time Gus did one more round of business than I had bags, and we ran.  Oosie.  On top of which, I may’ve gotten a little rowdy this year.  


I also haven’t quite grown out of this habit yet…  I’ll try to work on that next year.  


…you still love me, right Santy Claus?  


Anyhow, I promise I didn’t do anything rotten enough to get myself demoted to the Naughty List.   (That’s where people like Karrie belong…)  BaaaaaaaaAAAHAHHahahahAHHaaaaahahhaa.  Here’s what’s on my list this year:  



1.  SNOW.  Pretty please?  Christmas never feels the same without it.  If you could create some sort of blizzard, keep it around 30 degrees, and make sure Claymation Rudolph and It’s a Wonderful Life play on repeat with no commercials, that would be fan-TASTIC.  


2.  A few gorgeous frocks: DVF Tiny Dancer Corset Dress – $498 $298 / DVF Mini – $185 / Rosamosario La Fata Dress – $725.  The DVF on the left is one of those dresses that doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but I put it on and it changed my life.  It’s wildly flattering, appropriate for almost any occasion, and it’s on sale.  I have visions of wearing one of the lovelies below when I turn the big 3-0 in March.  


3.  Tickets to Wicked on Broadway in Chicago.  Because I’m duh-duh-dying to know what went down between Glenda and what’s-her-face before Dorothy came along, and I only have until January 23, 2011 to find out.  



4.  Ugg Dakota Moccasins – $100.  I have a firm belief that the true cost of something is (the price) divided by the number of times you wear it.  Which actually renders these things, like, negative 2 cents.  And listen, I did my due diligence…  the ones at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks are literally lined with gauze.  No spanks.  

5.  Melissa Clutch from Club Monaco – $138. Since it has every color of the neutral metallic rainbow in it,  it’ll work hard and work with almost everything.


6.  Big Easy Knob from Anthropologie – $12 each.  I’ve been swooning over these ever since I ran across them on Oh Joy’s blog.  They’re 1.75″ in diameter and totally delicious.  Like big hunks of gorgeous jewelry that would make any crusty old dresser look like a gem.  


7.  Flower Mirror from Tonic Home – $375.  Part modern, part retro, part swirly twirly gumdrops – and altogether pristine & girly.  I dig it, I’ve dug it for awhile, and I wanna mount it over the dresser with the pretty knobs.  


8.  Bliss Body Butter – $28 for 6.7 oz. Listen, people aren’t kidding.  This stuff really is like buttah.  Supple, luxurious, and the lemon/sage version is refreshing without being overwhelming.  Plus, in its absence, I might turn into a scaly dragon this winter.  


9.  I would love a few yards of this Yellow Ikat fabric to reupholster the long bench seat at the end of my bed.  Come springtime, I’ll be itching for something fresh, happy & bright, comme ça.  


10.  All that said, I will CHEERFULLY trade #’s 1 thru 9 if my entire family can hole up in this place for a week with no cell phones or computers, and just kick it old school with board games, books, and maybe a deck of cards.  Whatever happened to the days when entire extended families all stayed in the same house over the holidays?  When people made snowmen?  When everything wasn’t in fast-forward mode all the time?  I call a re-do.  


Thanks so much, Santa.  And…  well, maybe just to be safe, you could leave #4 under the tree for me?  Just so my feet will stay warm.  The floors can get very cold in those cabins, you know.  


3 Responses to “Dear Santa…”

  • i laughed out loud when i read about gus licking the butter… it reminded of the time he licked 47 loaves of bread. sigh….

  • I love that pic of you doodling with your butt. It reminds me of last time I saw you… three weeks ago… when you were doodling with your butt.


  • I am in such agreement with you about Bliss Body Butter. My boyfriend works for a band and is always bringing me back hotel toiletries… This is how I discovered this AMAZING product and have been hooked since. Great list! xo

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