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Santa Lists Courtesy Of Our Fave Bloggettes

Over the past couple years, we floozies at Covet Living have obsessively perused, oh, we’d say, around 5 bajillion blogs – ranging from design to cooking to photography to patrons of Wal-Mart (seriously ridic, in a gloriously good way).

There are sooo many great ones out there, each one with its own personality and charm.  And because we obviously can’t get enough of putting together lists of things we want (heck, we might just keep doing this throughout the year), we’ve asked some of our fave bloggettes to take a break from blogging away to share with us what’s on their Santy list this year.

1) Shelby and Taryn at joielala (above) are two of the coolest, most gifted So Cal-based photographers I know, and I love checking in on their blog frequently for awe-inspiring photos that never fail to transport me into a dream-like state. They’re the kinds of ladies you just want to pal around with, and the fact that they’ll be shooting my Florida-based wedding just makes this girl giddy with delight.

So whatcha want this year, ladies?

Taryn: “More shades of Chanel nail polish! The stuff is amazing. I got one as a Secret Santa gift and now I’m obsessed with how amazing it goes on and you only need one coat! I want more colors.”

Shelby: “More Brixton hats for our trip to Europe this Spring so I can fit in with all the other Europeans!”

2) Hannah at The Lexingtonienne

Hannah is not only a true, true Southern belle, she’s a new mommy, as of last week!  Congrats to her!!!  For years I’ve been asking mah frynd Hannah for recipe ideas.  One year, many moons ago, she even whipped up a date night meal with all the fixins’ for me, which I then passed off to the guy as a meal I’d slaved over before he got to my apt.  Tee hee.  Annnywho, her blog, The Lexingtonienne is the perfect site featuring all kinds of amazing recipes, always described in a simple, easy-to-read manner.

So, what’s on this new mommy’s wish list (besides more than two hours of sleep)?:

“Two things: 1) Bar Method Classes – There are no secrets or tricks to Bar Method’s magic: each class is 60 minutes of good old-fashioned hard work. But I can say from experience that it is the most effective workout I have ever done, and for the first time ever, I actually have the muscle tone to prove it. With new year’s resolutions just around the corner, a gift certificate to Bar Method is the little nudge everyone is looking for.”

“And, 2) Taste No. 5 Umami Paste – Umami is the ‘can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it’ fifth taste (the others being sweet, salty, sour, and bitter) that gives depth to savory dishes. Now the somewhat elusive flavor element is available in a tube, so you can add it to sauces, pastas, and even hamburgers. And I want some.”


3) Calder Clark and Caitlin Sullivan from Calder Clark Designs

Calder and Caitlin are the dynamic duo behind the, and I mean *the* ultimate wedding planning and design firm, Calder Clark Designs (formerly known as Blue Moon Events), in downtown Charleston, SC. Surrriously, their weddings are some of the most imaginative, uniquely beautiful weddings I have ever seen; thankfully, I can follow their blog on a weekly basis. It’s a friggin treat to read, y’all.  Even if you’re not an impending bride, you’ll enjoy their hilarious lists of do’s and don’t’s, and all things design/fashion inspiration, all with a bit of sophisticated, Lowcountry flair.

Calder’s choice for her list: The Gold Holga camera. (Covet Living note: Oh, mah Lawd. This camera is on OUR list, as well)  This cheap, plastic, unassuming thang is a cult classic amongst photographers.   Each camera produces wildly different – yet incredible – photo effects:


Ms. Caitlin’s choice: The Bow Regard Maryanne Bag from Kate Spade.  (Other Covet Living note – yup, can totally picture Caitlin rockin’ this bag… like her, it’s sweet, sophisticated and sleek!  Hollar…)

4. Erin from House of Turquoise

This suuper sweet (and newly engaged!) blogette befriended us when we were just a wee young blog, and amazingly took us under her wing and helped us work out some of the mechanics.  Shank you!  She has also managed to take an “obsession” with the color turquoise and expertly craft a whole blog around it.  Kinda genius. Initially, it sounds like a difficult task – devoting a site to just one color.  But Erin does it with such aplomb, scouring pictures and items from around the globe and presenting everything to her readers.  So… what’s on yer list, Erin?

KitchenAid mixer from the Martha Stewart Blue collection – Oh, Erin.  We were only hoping you’d have the perfect turquoise gift for your list, and you sure didn’t let us down, now did ya?!  One doesn’t even have to be a turquoise aficionado to appreciate this beauty.  It’s almost like a perfect Tiffany Blue.  For the inner Betty Draper in us all. On second thought, if we’re Betty Draper, we need to figure out balancing the mixer AND the cigarette and glass of wine in our hands all at once. That might be tough.

5. Lyndsy from Yellow Brick Blog

I heart this blog so much, not just because it’s a sweet, optimistic canvas for fellow LA girl Lyndsy to muse on her love for her friends, fashion and the fine City of Angels.  But you also get the sense that you’re following the journey of Ms. Lyndsy’s life, with the ups and the downs, and you just wanna stick around to see it all play out in a Sixteen Candles ending-kinda way.

So Ms. L, what would you love to find under the chimney this year?

“Lately I have been eyeing my coworker’s beautiful eternity wedding band.  I think it is so gorgeous and so dainty and even though I am not even close to getting hitched, I really want Santa baby to bring me a ring…I don’t mean on the phone either.  I would love at least one if not all three of the Tiffany Novo Ring, perfectly elegant, timeless and chic.”

Ooooh, swoon-worthy…

6) Melissa from Bubby and Bean

Ok… once again, another blogette we want to be friends with, stat. A Chi-town-based artist and sustainable fashion designer (her stuff’s been in Women’s World Daily for crikey sake), Melissa’s blog is this interesting lil’ glimpse into the art bubble that is her life.

“I could really use a dining room table.  Right now, our little dining room is empty other than a small book shelf and random art supplies scattered on the floor.  I’m in absolute love with this rustic-yet-modern farmhouse dining room table set from Modern Rust, made by hand from reclaimed wood in Washington DC.  If it were mine, I’d add a couple of vintage 50s-era dining chairs (in pea green, please) to the ends.”

7) And last, but certainly not least, is Sutton from The Dainty Dish

How we love our modern day Earth Mother, Sutton.  Living with her teeny son Hawke, her talented artist hubby Tripp and their dog Samson in Colorado, we totally enjoy reading about her daily life and her eternal search for enlightenment in this crazy world.

From Sutton: “If Santa gave me just one wish and money was not an issue, I know just what I would request… for him to teleport me, my husband, our son, and our dog to Big Sur, California.

Santa would teleport us to our very own home (mortgage paid, fully furnished- including the comfy velvet sectional from Crate & Barrel that I dream about, big windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the fridge stocked with everything organic) and there we would live, happily.

Santa would also have purchased for us a tiny little shop/gallery along Highway 1, where we would design, print, and sell not only my husband’s art but also pieces we would collaborate on, including art prints, card sets, postcards, calendars, wallpaper, fabric, and t-shirts.

And there we would work, happily– inspired by our surroundings… the ocean, the streams, the creeks, the mountains, the redwoods, the people, and the amazing energy that flows throughout the entire Big Sur region.”

We hope all of our friends/readers/fellow blogettes get just what they’ve requested for the holidays.  For us, aside from our holiday lists, we’re wanting some real family/friend time, many a Pizza King pizza from our hometown of Funcie, Indiana, some quality time with our adopted niece baby Hailie, and some Florida sun by the pool (that’s for me, Karrie).

Stay warm, lovies.



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