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Quote of the Week

I was totally going to blog about my favorites from High Point Market today, but I totally lied because the gaggle of pics are taking forever to upload and Mama’s gotta go to yoga…  so #hpmkt post tomorrow!  Plus it’s still going on, so who knows what other yumyums could pop up.  In the meantime, I saw this quote over the weekend on our girl Janae’s Instagram and had to share it.  Have truer (or more succinct) words ever been spoken?  My verbose self said it in a big fat mouthful in this post, but Mark said it in 8 words.  Mark wins.

Have a great week!!!


A Wee Birthday Wishlist

I turn 29 for, oh, the 5th time next week, and so – in the spirit of a giddy 4th grader – I thought I’d round up a list of just a *few* little things I’ve been drooling over… just in case Santa or the Easter Bunny or my Fairy Godmother is listening. Can you tell I’m gearing up for warmer weather??

1 – Auntie Oti Color Napkin Set: equally as gorgeous as they are über relaxed and effortless.  Perfect for dining al fresco.

2 – Illesteva Milan Round Sunglasses: updated 90’s cool.  I’ll take it.

3 – Boys and Arrows & L*Space Suits from Pink & Navy Boutique:  The owner of this Anna Maria Island shop, Janae, has the best eye of anyone I’ve ever encountered.  We foam at the mouth over everything in her store.  Follow them on Instagram, and call (941) 567-4000 to order when you see something you can’t live without.

4 – Lemon Tree: All I ever wanted was one of these in my backyard.

5 – Marc by Marc Jacobs Softie Saddle Large Hobo: I died and went to heaven when I saw this last weekend at Nordstrom.  I might have to break down and buy it for myself as a Breakup / Big Life Change / Happy Birthday to Me present. #whoops

6 – Erie Basin Antique Ring: This is already sold, but a girl can (pipe) dream.

7 – John Robshaw Jammu Bolster Pillow: Karrie and I saw this while we were taking a spin around heaven – I mean, Bixby & Ball, last month… I swear, it was smiling down at me from its perch atop a dreamy shelf full of pillows.  And that grapefruit + golden olive color combo is completely unexpected and completely delightful.

Happy Shopping, kids!  Just kidding…

…not really, Mom & Dad.