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Gift Guide #3: For the Gals

Diane von Furstenberg once said that when a woman becomes her own best friend, life gets easier. We agree a thousand percent, because a life without our female friends: our ride or die b*tches, the girls who’ve ridden shotgun in our lives as we’ve blazed our respectable (and sometimes not so respectable) trails – well, we can’t imagine a life without ’em.  And today’s Gift Guide is for just that kind of woman in your life.  Your sister, the bestie you’ve been in the trenches with since 2nd grade that feels like a sister, the dear friend you became instant friends with when you started your first job… all those gals.  As long as they are special, as long as they’ve taught you a little bit about not following the rules, about misbehaving a bit… well then this Gift Guide is for them.  And if you’re a guy reading this post and wondering what to get your girl, well… you’re welcome:

1 – GIPSY YOUNG HEART TIGHTS, ASOS, $11.37.  How fun are these??  Lighthearted way to mix up her work wardrobe, or a perfect gift for your niece.

2 – MUAH! MATCHES, Paper Luxe, $8.  What a pretty pop for the coffee table!  Or, let’s be honest…  the back of the throne.

3 – BLUE GODDESS STATEMENT NECKLACE, Majestical Jewelry, $35.  We love Majestical Jewelry for pimping out such jaw-dropping, J.Crew-esque statement pieces for Target prices.  Note: the pictures they post on their Instagram page are usually a truer representation than what’s on the website, so make sure you follow them over there.  It’s also where they do FLASH SALES, and you don’t wanna miss those.  I have this one, Karrie has that one, and I accidentally just bought THESE during a flash sale on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, then you can check out for more jewelry pieces.

4 – SILICONE WRAPPED WINE GLASSES, Bed Bath & Beyond, $17 FOR SET OF 2.  Um, omg.  The answer to Bachelor/Bachelorette party Mondays!  Do you think this would still have shattered if I’d hurled it at the TV during Juan Pablo McD-bag’s final epidsode??  On that note: make sure you read the blog every Tuesday morning after the show when I can’t keep my thoughts to myself and post recaps like this.

5 – JEWELED FLATS, Boden, $198.  These are like the modern-day slippers that Cinderella left at the ball.  I don’t know if they belong on my feet, or behind a piece of glass in a museum… Heaven.  Also love ’em in gold.

6 – 3D FIBER LASHES, Younique, $29.  I just started using this about a month ago after receiving an incessant amount of Facebook group invites to buy it… Everyone I knew seemed like they were having a Pampered Chef Mascara party online, and if you’re a female with a Facebook account, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’d also always loved my mascara and didn’t see the need to change things up…  But I finally did, and I gotta tell ya – it’s pretty fab.  I did one eyeball in the 3D Fiber lashes, and one eyeball in my old stuff…  there’s no contest.  My “old mascara” eye was a joke.  This stuff gives you long, super luscious, doe-like lashes.  Most days when I wear this, I don’t really feel like I have to put a lot of anything else on – just lip gloss.  PS: when you click the link above to buy, there’s a quote on the right under a pic of me that’s standard on the Younique site, and I just wanted you guys to know that I’m not getting paid or having my arm twisted to talk about ANY of these items in this post…  Karrie and I don’t roll like that.  Everything on this blog that we recommend to you is ONLY on here because we love it.

7 – ARAN TEXTURED POM HAT, C. Wonder, $48.  Perfectly classic.  And perfectly practical since it’s supposed to be the coldest winter since the ice age back where we’re from.  Also…  whenever I look at it, I want to honk the pom pom and make this noise:  “Bop-bop.”

8 – LOVE RED, Boots No7, $9.99.  Read my lips: this red is universally amazing on everyone I’ve ever seen it on.  It also goes on super smooth and creamy.

9 – ADAM + VIKTORIA PILLOWS, available through Mecox Gardens, call for pricing. This one is the Edgar Candy Flos, but omg, they’re all stunning in person.  Pricey, but the kind of piece she’ll keep forever.  Velvet appliqué on linen.

10 – HARRIS SUNGLASSES IN HONEYED TORT, Shauns, $305.  These are an investment piece for sure… or better yet an “eBay saved search” item 🙂  Do you guys know that trick yet??  Whenever I find something I love that’s sold out, or that’s out of my price range, I set up an eBay “Saved Search” for it… then as soon as your item is listed, it sends you an email with a link to it – and it’s usually for a fraction of the retail cost.  BANG.

11 – THE SWIMMING POOL iPHONE 6 CASE, Gray Malin, $49.  Le sigh.  How could you not slip into a state of serenity every time you looked at your phone?  It’s like being in Palm Springs… on a Monday morning in your office.

12 – TRIBAL PRINT KIMONO, Waverly Boutique, $54.  I picked one of these up when Karrie and I were in Manhattan Beach a few weeks ago, and it’s the shizzizzy.

Reminds me of this ditty we posted as an outfit suggestion last Thanksgiving… which is a perfect way to style it.

13 – LIP TEASE MUG, Shopbop, $25.  This has been on my lust list for years.  But for 25 bucks, it’s one of those things that’s hard to justify buying it for yourself… which is why it’d be SO perfect if someone BOUGHT IT FOR YOU (!!!)

14 – YOU’RE PRETTY Malbec, Speak Wines, $25.  If this isn’t the best hostess gift of all time, I don’t know what is.  It’s like a wine/greeting card combo…. and it’s so pretty that no one will never want to throw away… and that is why Baby Jesus invented things like DIY candlesticks, so you can pop a taper candle in it afterward.

15 – XL LEATHER POUCH, Rib & Hull, $90.  This showed up under my Christmas tree last year in tan, and it’s wonderful.  Looks better with age, holds all of your girl’s garb, and feels like buttah.  The green color is a gorgeous and sophisticated twist on the regular ‘ol neutral.

16 – RENT THE RUNWAY GIFT CARD. There was a time in our lives when Rent the Runway didn’t exist, and it was a cold, dark era in which we hope to never live again. RTR is an online service that provides thousands of gorgeous dresses and accessories to rent (for not that much dough!) The joy that RTR’s brought to our lives is hard to quantify, but let’s just put it this way: When you get someone a gift certificate to RTR, you’re gifting them the opportunity to feel like freakin’ Cinderella – and for next to nothing!   Check out what WE’VE rented over the years, herehere and here.

(A Badgley Mischka get-up currently available)

17 – VOLUSPA CUT GLASS CANDLE, $26. Every single candle in this collection has THE most heavenly scent, with Goji Tarocco Orange being our personal fave. It’s the perfect gift, not just ’cause it makes one’s casa smell like a peaceful sanctuary, but because it comes in the prettiest, girliest jar.

18 – UGG WOMEN’S SLIPPERS IN IVY, $100 and SLIP-ON CHUCK TAYLOR ‘SHORELINE’ SNEAKERS, $45. Two different kinds of comfy kicks, and both so cute. Those Uggs Ansley Mocs are so girly, they make me squeal a little. And the Chucks, well, they’re totally classic and go with everything (no, really) and did we say they’re slip-on?! Making your girl’s life about 23 seconds easier.

19 – GIFT CERTIFICATE TO YOGA CLASSES, priceless. There’s no getting around what yoga can do to the body and the psyche, so why not bequeath those benefits to one of your girls who could really use them?  The two of us are huge fans of Core Power Yoga (Amy P. in San Diego – we worship at your altar), but we’d bet a pretty penny there’s a yoga studio in any ol’ town these days.

That’s it for now – and be sure to keep following us on Instagram and Pinterest for more gift giving ideas!  Karrie – Pinterest | Instagram and Steph – Pinterest | Instagram.



Gift Guide #2: For the Boys

Behold: The ultimate gift guide pour les hommes (!) For those odd, Animal-Planet-Like creatures we love.. they always seem so simple in their t-shirt, flannel pants & cereal bowl glory, but every holiday, they’re next-to-impossible to buy for.  Why is that??

…Anyhow.  We sifted through the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops out there for guys – through all the wood grain cufflinks and lunchbox-sized portable grills, which (no offense) *sound* like a good idea buuuuuuuut…  those cufflinks will have dust by Valentine’s Day, and next football season, the itty bitty weiner-griller ends up being able to hold enough hot dogs for 1.5 people (or 5 Smurfs) at the tailgate.  SO – with a seriously discerning eye + the approval of a few super studs, this is what we came up with:

1 – AVIATOR CLASSIC RAY BANS, $150.  Show me a guy who doesn’t look amazing in Aviators, and…  God.  I’d probably agree to show you my boobs.  Cuz even Chewbacca would charm just about anyone if he had a pair of these on.  NO ONE LOOKS BAD IN THEM!  We also love the classic gold w/the grey lens.  Baller.

2 – UNTUCK IT ALZERO SHIRT, $89. The same way cute low-rise jeans create unfortunate plumber cracks for girls, apparently too-long to leave out, but look-silly-to-tuck-in button-ups are a big issue for guys. (Ping!), whattayaknow – there’s a company called Untuck It that puts a big plaid Band-Aid on this.  Problem solved.

3 – HESTRA WOOL-LINED DEERSKIN CLASSIC GLOVES, $80. We’ll be stealing these, thanks.  But while we let you guys wear them in the days following Christmas, we’ll watch in awe over what a hard core, rugged lumberjack you are.

4 – TROON MESSENGER BAG FROM KNOMO, $149.  Ahem – No, it’s not a “murse”.  Knomo was created by the guy who created Tumi, so you know they’re legit.  Plus, you’re not a briefcase-carrying Steve Martin in Planes Trains & Automobiles chasing a cab on down Park Ave, cuz it’s just not the 80’s anymore (single tear…).  So out with the briefcases, in with the messengers.  PS:  No joke, whenever I see guys carrying them, they always seem unaffected, put together, literary and sure-of-themselves in a Ryan Gosling sort of way.  Translation: hot.  Plus we love the army canvas & leather detail on this one.

5 – HIMALAYAN SALT TEQUILA / SHOT GLASSES – SET OF 4, $30. Carved from Himalayan Pink Salt (so Fred Flinstone!), and REAL pretty to look at. #everybodywins! They’re also supposed to give off a more nuanced flavor with your tequila than regular salt.  So there’s that.  OMG wait – can I burn votive candles in these??

6 – RAG & BONE DOT POCKET SQUARE, $55. Pocket squares are dapper, they’re classic, and they’ve made a serious comeback.   If anyone has any questions about that, please see below.

7 – BASEBALL BAT BOTTLE OPENERS, $95-$125.  I always trust Uncommon Goods to come up with amazing gifts…  they’re the same people behind the etched city map glasses I put on my gift guide in 2012…  (while we’re at it, how cool are these??) Anyhow..  the bottle openers below are made from game-day bats from your guy’s favorite team.  Cubbies?  Check.  Sox?  Check.  I meeeeeeean…  you didn’t go to Kohl’s and grab him the sweater that was on sale in a heaping pile on the first rack you saw cuz you were hurrying to check the boxes in your shopping list.  You got him a bottle opener made from the bat Babe Ruth probably used before he cracked a bat hitting a HOMERUN in the who-knows-what-year-it-was World Series.  And I bet he’ll think of you every time he cracks an icy Smirnoff Ice Stella with it.

8 – STEPH’S PERFECT EGG SANDWICH.  Everybody loves something homemade and heartfelt, right??  This is my recipe, and I hate to toot my horn, but it’s seriously the best.  It’s never met a soul who didn’t love it.  Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

Ingredients (serves 2):

-Loaf of fresh bread (sourdough, whole wheat, white – your call)

-About 10 slices of bacon

-2 handfuls of arugula

-4 slices of Habanero cheese (NOT PEPPER JACK.  Sorry.)

-A few pads of butter (the good salty kind)

-4 eggs


1.  Fry bacon in a pan over medium to medium high heat till crispy but not burned. Remove and let it cool on a paper towel.

2.  Drain some but not all of the grease in the skillet – you want the bacon grease to coat the base of the pan so you can fry the eggs in it.

3.  Crack all 4 eggs in skillet and let ’em sizzle for a sec while you sprinkle flaked seat salt and a little pepper on.  It should still be medium to medium-high…  not so hot that you smell them burning, but hot enough that once you crack the egg, it doesn’t spread out forever, it cooks enough to catch itself.

4.  While the 1st side of the eggs are cooking, cut a few pieces of fresh bread and pop in the toaster.

5.  Turn eggs, then turn skillet down to low.  They’re probably almost cooked through, so you just need to finish cooking the other side so you don’t get salmonella.  But you don’t want to burn them.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper again, and wait until they’re about over medium.

6.  Take bread out of toaster, butter slices, then immediately put habanero cheese on while the toast is still hot so it starts to melt in.  Place now-cheesy slices on the serving plates, then remove over-medium eggs from pan, placing 2 eggs on each open-face piece of bread on each plate.  The eggs should start melting the cheese into the bread.

7.  Break each bacon strip into 2 or 3 pieces, and layer on top of egg.

8.  Grab a handful of arugula, crush in your hand, then put on top of bacon.  Repeat on other plate.

9.  Top with the other slice of bread.  I usually give the whole thing a smoosh to meld some of the ingredients together, and so some of the yolk spills out.

10.  Draw a smiley face – or whatever you want – on the plate with Sriracha. Because there is nothing better to dip your egg sandwich in than Sriracha.


9 – BOOTS No7 RAPID REVIVAL EYE ROLL-ON, $12.74.  One of our closest friends’ husbands – who is like the male version of OP (aka has the most refined and best taste in everything, always) – swears by this.  Keep it in the fridge, and use it when you haven’t gotten enough sleep, or had a few too many the night before.  Feels like cucumbers on your boy’s eyes, but better.  And makes him look like he slept 12 hours last night.

10 – THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES, BY GARY CHAPMAN, $9.  We know you think we’re kidding, but we are so serious about this.  I don’t know how many couples – COUPLES – not chicks – I’ve heard rave about this book.  I also just had one of my closest guy friends – an upstanding, talented, successful man with a heart of gold tell me: “Stephie.  This a big statement, but I honestly feel like if I had read this book when x and I were still together, I don’t think we would’ve gotten divorced.”  And I don’t think I realized until my most recent relationship how imperative communication is.  And how HARD it can be if you don’t naturally communicate in the same (love) language – which, next to none of us do. This book helps break some of that down so we can all get on the same page.

11 – ECVISION BED BOLT iPAD HOLDER, $62.99.  …….Tim, can we get you anything??  We could go to Gjelina for brunch, hit the Pasadena flea market, putts down the Promenade and set the kitchen on fire, and he’d never even know we were gone.  #dontblamemeblameyourwife #wecouldleavehimherefordays But seriously – it clamps to the bed, to a desk… to just about anything.  So you no longer have to hold it while you’re doing a Homeland binge.

12 – JAMBOX BY JAWBONE, $129.99-$299.99.  “Turns any phone, tablet or portable device into a hi-def sound system.”  Doesn’t plug in, doesn’t have a dock – just sits there all big pimpin and plays tunes from your phone.  You can also hands-free video chat with it on FaceTime / Skype.  I wish I would’ve known about this on Monday, cuz I would’ve put it on my wishlist.  Comes in a gaggle of pretty colors, in addition to the murdered-out version below.  Which is pretty boss.


ALTERNATIVE APPAREL ECO JERSEY RAGLAN HENLEY, $40 (our color pick: eco black / shown).

If I’m generalizing, 99% of dudes despise shopping, but they don’t not appreciate looking dapper & put together.  This is probably why Trunk Club is such a success… Most guys I know just want to be given a cheat sheet for what to buy.  Well Campers…  here you go!  The Alternative Apparel henley looks great on everyone I know who owns it, it’s super affordable, and it never goes out of style.  And if you bought one for your man last year – welp – good thing it’s cold out, because layering is a good look.


I do realize the cashmere hoodie is a bit of a splurge, but guys deserve a little luxury too, right?  I’ll be the first to admit that a good ‘ol Werthers Original-esque wool dilf sweater popular on gift guides the world-over looks purdy… But after you buy it and they put it on, 5 minutes later they’re wearing an old sweatshirt… cuz the wool Werthers sweater looked great but felt like an itchy Scotch Brite pad.  (This is also cozy alternative).

UNIQLO V-NECK TEES, $12 now $7.90.

Last staple…  our friend we’ll call Affluenza loves these.

I lied – one more… I hate to sound like a broken record, but the Lulu sweatpants from last year’s gift guide??  Classic, cozy staple.  Perfect for borrowing.  And spooning. #everybodywins!

Hope this helps!  Happy Shopping!!  And if you need more great ideas for guys, check out some of our vintage versions: GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM 2013 | GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM 2012

Steph & Karrie