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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Goooood afternoon lovies!  How was your weekend?  ‘Cause I didn’t have a boatload of plans, I ended up feeling 1000% recharged. I mean there was some socializing here and there, thankyouverymuch, and a kick-arse workout class that almost killed me, but mostly the majority of it consisted of reading, Pinning, sleeping in, and catching up on thought provoking and intellectual television such as Lindsay on OWN and Real Housewives of OC, the former giving me such severe angina but which I watch anyway (tsk tsk).

So I know we usually do this on Fridays, but well, life took over and… we’re gonna kick this week off with some of the stuff floating around out there that we’re currently loving.  Here she blows:

1) First and foremost, the ladies at TONE IT UP, a fitness website with loads of fitness videos, recipes, you-name-it:

These two – Karina and Katrina – are besties with a workout website and DVDs and a show on Bravo and perfect golden tans and infectious laughs and OK FINE I WANT TO BE THEM!  Sh*t, there, I said it, I WANT TO BE THEM.  They’re literally like rainbow punch coming out of the pores of a unicorn.  And just when I couldn’t love them more, they’ve just created a bikini season workout plan that starts today. Check out this video they made and tell me they’re not the cutest two ladies you’ve eva seen:

I’m hopping on that bandwagon so fast it’s gonna make my head spin.  Starting today.  Wish me luck!

2) Speaking of bikinis, this summer my cute, sassy gubby Jonathan (hay gurrrl)…

Gubby with his fairy godmother

…is having a bachelor party in Vegas and it’s gonna be crazy… no, seriously. Imagine a group of 10 of the most hilarious, inappropriate, out-of-their-minds b*tches, me as the lone (literal) female, one house, one pool, in Vegas over one weekend.  It’ll be insane.  I’m partially scared.  And something tells me my Target two-pieces aren’t gonna fly.  So I need to step it up a bit.  Hmmm… do I go with THIS sexy little number below?…:

Vitamin A Serra Wrap Bikini

3) …Or do I attempt this little number, the bathing suit I’m already affectionately calling “My favorite mistake” because I know I don’t have the body to pull this off. But it’s so effing cute:

Seafolly Bella Rose Chartreuse

Especially if you look like the GORGEOUS Andee from The Honeybee, where I originally saw the suit.  B*tch could wear a paper bag and look ravishing:

So.  I dunno.  Part of me says to go for it, and the other says, well… it says mean things so I ignore it.   So we’ll see. I’ll keep y’all posted.

4) Ever since I noticed holes in my kicks last weekend at a workout class, I’ve been scouring the intraweb for some new ones.  I saw these Nike FlyKnit Air Max running shoes last night on Pinterest and peed just a tad:

I mean, for Pete’s sake, these running shoes have YARN in them.  My 12-year-old, Amish-looking self is doing backflips over that.  But my current self is saying, “Ok they’re a touch bad-ass, they mean business, but they’ve got a feminine streak going with the brightly woven yarn.” Yes, I just might have to git ’em.

5) And lastly, this fun little mash-up courtesy of my man Matthew at Yoga Hop this weekend.  A little Blurred Lines meets Honky Tonk Woman never hurt nobody:

Happy Monday!


Adorable Target Bikinis On The Cheap!

It’s time to shake your tailfeather in your brand spankin’ new Target bikini!

Tar-Jay.  My sweet, sweet Tar-Jay.  All my life you’ve provided me solace; a place I can enter and immediately feel my worries melt away.  And this summer you have not disappointed me.  You see, you came out with approximately 1 million bikinis in all styles of the season – ruffled, fringed, floral, you name it.  And you made them all less them $25.

Our friendly readers:  I know summer’s moving along quickly, but there’s still PLENTY of time to shell out 20 smacks for an adorable new two-piece.  And the great thing about Target bikinis is you can mix and match so many of them.  Or stick a colorful top of theirs with an older black bikini bottom you’ve got in the drawer.  Below are a handful of my fave bikinis available online – and check out those prices!

Crochet 2-piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Ruffle geometric print – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Coral Crochet 2-piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Polka Dot 2-piece – Navy & Blue 17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Two piece swimsuit – Navy and range print – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Crochet Halter 2-Piece – $19.99 for set:

Floral Midkini 2-Piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

2-piece Push-Up Bandeau and Bottoms – $14 (top) and $12 (bottom):

Zig Zag 2-Piece Bikini Swimsuit – $12 (top) and $11.99 (bottom):

Geometric Print Bikini: $14.99 (top) and $17.99 (bottom):

Ruffle 2-piece Bikini Top and Bottom each $11.24:

Hanky 2-Piece Bikini: $14.99 (top) and $11.24 (bottom):

Bird Print 2-Piece Bikini Top and Bottom each $11.24:

Ruffles 2-Piece Top and Bottom each $14.99:

What are your favorites? Anywhere else you’d recommend stylish, affordable get-ups?  Hit us up, homies.  And happy guilt-free shoppin’.


Top image via Commes des Fuckdown