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Fall Must-Haves

I meant to do this post 2 weeks ago (whoops) – and considered just shelving it since we’re now *cough* 5 days away from Thanksgiving (how is that possible?), BUT there are so many goods on here to take you into next week and thru the Winter, if you wanna nab em.  Behold, my favorite staples – for the home, for suppa, and for you!

1. Black Elk Peak Candle from Ethics Supply Co, $38: this is the most delightful thing I have in my house right now.  SO GOOD for Fall!  Ethics Supply Co is running 15% off right now if you sign up for their newsletter.

2. B(air) Denim Ankle Skinny Jeans from 7 for All Mankind, $99: On sale from $199, or they have a 30% off with code VIP30 on these Best Sellers and of those, these with velvet stripes are killer… plus free shipping & returns. I have these in a classic fade and also in black and I live in them.  These jeans have just enough shape to hold all the things in and just enough stretch to be forgiving if you wanna slam some mashed potatoes. They’re also higher waisted which I love.

3. Nublado Throw from the Citizenry, $395: My sweet grandmother just rolled over in her grave because I put a $400 blanket on my blog, but HOLY TESTICLE TUESDAY LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL & CHUNKY & DELICIOUS IT IS! Also doubles as a work of art anywhere it’s sitting. If you’re like my family, we don’t throw blankets away until they actually disintegrate: I still sleep with the one I was swaddled in as a baby, and all the afghans we had in my house as a kid are still in a basket beside the couch at my mom’s house. Just sayin… #investmentpiece

4. Tapered Beeswax Candles in Black, $48 for set of 8: I love how unexpected the black is (and so moody!) – though any of the jewel tones would be gorgeous. I think they’re sold out of navy, but also love Forest.  Top image via 100 Layer Cake.

5. This velvet pillow as the crown jewel on your bed. We didn’t have enough pillows in the house (that’s a big fat lie), so I had this one made recently and have an extra. The fabric is a Suzani / vintage textile print on velvet, and it retails for (hold onto your shorts) $350 mother-loving dollars per yard. I wanted something really cozy that brought some color into an otherwise neutral palette (Chris made the wood bed, and those Carolina Irving Patmos Stripe euros are a killer staple, but they needed a friend with some pop).  Sham (no insert) is 31.5″W x 17″H, $150.  Face is this velvet, back is solid linen. I can have a custom-sized insert ordered for whoever gets this gem (prob another $50ish). UPDATE 11/17/18 at 3pm: SOLD! But DM me on Insta or email me at if you still want one – I had at least 15 people inquire so we can always make more!

6. Goē Oil, $49: This stuff SAVES MY BACON (hands) when it gets cold and dry outside, which is about 8 months of the year where we live. Vaseline Intensive imposter has NOTHING on this goo. Available via Goop or also at Anthropologie.

PS: Did you know women in Colorado age (something horrifying like) 40% faster than women in more humid parts of the country because it’s dry as a damn bone in these parts? Eek. So you better believe I slather this stuff on my hands a few times a day (little goes a long way, and it does soak in quickly). Thanks to one of my fave people & rad clients, Jamie, for turning me onto it! Had she not, pretty sure this would’ve been me in a year:

7. Mulling Spice from Trader Joe’s: I haven’t tried this myself but have heard people RAVING about it and being like: “You will never need to try to make mulled wine from scratch at home ever again.” And thank the goodnesses, because Chris & I tried to mull some wine a few weeks ago, and lemme tell you that it smelled glorious on the stove but tasted very much what I imagine a moldy foot tastes like. All the cinnamon sticks in the world couldn’t help me. Lesson learned.

8. Classic Nubby Sweaters. Sweaters are tough, man! Gone are the days when I can see something that looks cute online and then have it not look like a potato sack on me when it comes in the mail. They’re often either too frumpy or too scratchy or too boxy (*COUGH* Madewell, I’m pointing at you). Or worst of all, they have those giant bell sleeves, perfect for dipping in your soup – I would like to give a good slap to whosever idea those were.  So I don’t buy sweaters often – only when I REALLY love em… (this is me, setting you up for some-of-these-are-stupid-expensive-but-so-amazing-they’re-worth-the-splurge):

Heartloom Elsie Sweater, $68: I just bought this and it’s super cute and cozy. Runs large so size down (I got a small).

Forte Forte Round Neck Giada Sweater, $730: I know, get out of town…I can’t get on board with spending $700-odd dollars on a sweater, but I can get on board with sitting in my H&M sweatpants & dreaming about it, then putting it in my eBay “Saved Search” list and nabbing it when it comes up on supa-sale.

Joie Minava Sweater, $349 – I tried this on at Nordy last weekend and never wanted to take it off. The pic on the model scarcely does it justice – SO CUTE WITH HIGH WAISTED JEANS AND A TOPKNOT. Or a lob, if you have one.

St. Roche Sissy Sweater, $375 because the 80’s remain the best decade ever, and this one has just enough cute details with the perky shoulders and the neck detail and the ribbing at the waist.

9. Creamy Rigatoni with Broccolini & Sausage from What’s Gaby Cooking: I’m foaming at the mouth and can’t wait to make this. Nomnomnomnom.

10. Melbourne Patchwork OTK Boot from Sole Society, $149.95 less 15% off today: These are Karrie’s pick! So rad, good price for what they are, come in a few colors and have great reviews.

Have a great weekend!


These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Goooood afternoon lovies!  How was your weekend?  ‘Cause I didn’t have a boatload of plans, I ended up feeling 1000% recharged. I mean there was some socializing here and there, thankyouverymuch, and a kick-arse workout class that almost killed me, but mostly the majority of it consisted of reading, Pinning, sleeping in, and catching up on thought provoking and intellectual television such as Lindsay on OWN and Real Housewives of OC, the former giving me such severe angina but which I watch anyway (tsk tsk).

So I know we usually do this on Fridays, but well, life took over and… we’re gonna kick this week off with some of the stuff floating around out there that we’re currently loving.  Here she blows:

1) First and foremost, the ladies at TONE IT UP, a fitness website with loads of fitness videos, recipes, you-name-it:

These two – Karina and Katrina – are besties with a workout website and DVDs and a show on Bravo and perfect golden tans and infectious laughs and OK FINE I WANT TO BE THEM!  Sh*t, there, I said it, I WANT TO BE THEM.  They’re literally like rainbow punch coming out of the pores of a unicorn.  And just when I couldn’t love them more, they’ve just created a bikini season workout plan that starts today. Check out this video they made and tell me they’re not the cutest two ladies you’ve eva seen:

I’m hopping on that bandwagon so fast it’s gonna make my head spin.  Starting today.  Wish me luck!

2) Speaking of bikinis, this summer my cute, sassy gubby Jonathan (hay gurrrl)…

Gubby with his fairy godmother

…is having a bachelor party in Vegas and it’s gonna be crazy… no, seriously. Imagine a group of 10 of the most hilarious, inappropriate, out-of-their-minds b*tches, me as the lone (literal) female, one house, one pool, in Vegas over one weekend.  It’ll be insane.  I’m partially scared.  And something tells me my Target two-pieces aren’t gonna fly.  So I need to step it up a bit.  Hmmm… do I go with THIS sexy little number below?…:

Vitamin A Serra Wrap Bikini

3) …Or do I attempt this little number, the bathing suit I’m already affectionately calling “My favorite mistake” because I know I don’t have the body to pull this off. But it’s so effing cute:

Seafolly Bella Rose Chartreuse

Especially if you look like the GORGEOUS Andee from The Honeybee, where I originally saw the suit.  B*tch could wear a paper bag and look ravishing:

So.  I dunno.  Part of me says to go for it, and the other says, well… it says mean things so I ignore it.   So we’ll see. I’ll keep y’all posted.

4) Ever since I noticed holes in my kicks last weekend at a workout class, I’ve been scouring the intraweb for some new ones.  I saw these Nike FlyKnit Air Max running shoes last night on Pinterest and peed just a tad:

I mean, for Pete’s sake, these running shoes have YARN in them.  My 12-year-old, Amish-looking self is doing backflips over that.  But my current self is saying, “Ok they’re a touch bad-ass, they mean business, but they’ve got a feminine streak going with the brightly woven yarn.” Yes, I just might have to git ’em.

5) And lastly, this fun little mash-up courtesy of my man Matthew at Yoga Hop this weekend.  A little Blurred Lines meets Honky Tonk Woman never hurt nobody:

Happy Monday!