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Adorable Target Bikinis On The Cheap!

It’s time to shake your tailfeather in your brand spankin’ new Target bikini!

Tar-Jay.  My sweet, sweet Tar-Jay.  All my life you’ve provided me solace; a place I can enter and immediately feel my worries melt away.  And this summer you have not disappointed me.  You see, you came out with approximately 1 million bikinis in all styles of the season – ruffled, fringed, floral, you name it.  And you made them all less them $25.

Our friendly readers:  I know summer’s moving along quickly, but there’s still PLENTY of time to shell out 20 smacks for an adorable new two-piece.  And the great thing about Target bikinis is you can mix and match so many of them.  Or stick a colorful top of theirs with an older black bikini bottom you’ve got in the drawer.  Below are a handful of my fave bikinis available online – and check out those prices!

Crochet 2-piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Ruffle geometric print – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Coral Crochet 2-piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Polka Dot 2-piece – Navy & Blue 17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Two piece swimsuit – Navy and range print – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

Crochet Halter 2-Piece – $19.99 for set:

Floral Midkini 2-Piece – $17.99 (top) and $14.99 (bottom):

2-piece Push-Up Bandeau and Bottoms – $14 (top) and $12 (bottom):

Zig Zag 2-Piece Bikini Swimsuit – $12 (top) and $11.99 (bottom):

Geometric Print Bikini: $14.99 (top) and $17.99 (bottom):

Ruffle 2-piece Bikini Top and Bottom each $11.24:

Hanky 2-Piece Bikini: $14.99 (top) and $11.24 (bottom):

Bird Print 2-Piece Bikini Top and Bottom each $11.24:

Ruffles 2-Piece Top and Bottom each $14.99:

What are your favorites? Anywhere else you’d recommend stylish, affordable get-ups?  Hit us up, homies.  And happy guilt-free shoppin’.


Top image via Commes des Fuckdown

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