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Fall Must-Haves

I meant to do this post 2 weeks ago (whoops) – and considered just shelving it since we’re now *cough* 5 days away from Thanksgiving (how is that possible?), BUT there are so many goods on here to take you into next week and thru the Winter, if you wanna nab em.  Behold, my favorite staples – for the home, for suppa, and for you!

1. Black Elk Peak Candle from Ethics Supply Co, $38: this is the most delightful thing I have in my house right now.  SO GOOD for Fall!  Ethics Supply Co is running 15% off right now if you sign up for their newsletter.

2. B(air) Denim Ankle Skinny Jeans from 7 for All Mankind, $99: On sale from $199, or they have a 30% off with code VIP30 on these Best Sellers and of those, these with velvet stripes are killer… plus free shipping & returns. I have these in a classic fade and also in black and I live in them.  These jeans have just enough shape to hold all the things in and just enough stretch to be forgiving if you wanna slam some mashed potatoes. They’re also higher waisted which I love.

3. Nublado Throw from the Citizenry, $395: My sweet grandmother just rolled over in her grave because I put a $400 blanket on my blog, but HOLY TESTICLE TUESDAY LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL & CHUNKY & DELICIOUS IT IS! Also doubles as a work of art anywhere it’s sitting. If you’re like my family, we don’t throw blankets away until they actually disintegrate: I still sleep with the one I was swaddled in as a baby, and all the afghans we had in my house as a kid are still in a basket beside the couch at my mom’s house. Just sayin… #investmentpiece

4. Tapered Beeswax Candles in Black, $48 for set of 8: I love how unexpected the black is (and so moody!) – though any of the jewel tones would be gorgeous. I think they’re sold out of navy, but also love Forest.  Top image via 100 Layer Cake.

5. This velvet pillow as the crown jewel on your bed. We didn’t have enough pillows in the house (that’s a big fat lie), so I had this one made recently and have an extra. The fabric is a Suzani / vintage textile print on velvet, and it retails for (hold onto your shorts) $350 mother-loving dollars per yard. I wanted something really cozy that brought some color into an otherwise neutral palette (Chris made the wood bed, and those Carolina Irving Patmos Stripe euros are a killer staple, but they needed a friend with some pop).  Sham (no insert) is 31.5″W x 17″H, $150.  Face is this velvet, back is solid linen. I can have a custom-sized insert ordered for whoever gets this gem (prob another $50ish). UPDATE 11/17/18 at 3pm: SOLD! But DM me on Insta or email me at if you still want one – I had at least 15 people inquire so we can always make more!

6. Goē Oil, $49: This stuff SAVES MY BACON (hands) when it gets cold and dry outside, which is about 8 months of the year where we live. Vaseline Intensive imposter has NOTHING on this goo. Available via Goop or also at Anthropologie.

PS: Did you know women in Colorado age (something horrifying like) 40% faster than women in more humid parts of the country because it’s dry as a damn bone in these parts? Eek. So you better believe I slather this stuff on my hands a few times a day (little goes a long way, and it does soak in quickly). Thanks to one of my fave people & rad clients, Jamie, for turning me onto it! Had she not, pretty sure this would’ve been me in a year:

7. Mulling Spice from Trader Joe’s: I haven’t tried this myself but have heard people RAVING about it and being like: “You will never need to try to make mulled wine from scratch at home ever again.” And thank the goodnesses, because Chris & I tried to mull some wine a few weeks ago, and lemme tell you that it smelled glorious on the stove but tasted very much what I imagine a moldy foot tastes like. All the cinnamon sticks in the world couldn’t help me. Lesson learned.

8. Classic Nubby Sweaters. Sweaters are tough, man! Gone are the days when I can see something that looks cute online and then have it not look like a potato sack on me when it comes in the mail. They’re often either too frumpy or too scratchy or too boxy (*COUGH* Madewell, I’m pointing at you). Or worst of all, they have those giant bell sleeves, perfect for dipping in your soup – I would like to give a good slap to whosever idea those were.  So I don’t buy sweaters often – only when I REALLY love em… (this is me, setting you up for some-of-these-are-stupid-expensive-but-so-amazing-they’re-worth-the-splurge):

Heartloom Elsie Sweater, $68: I just bought this and it’s super cute and cozy. Runs large so size down (I got a small).

Forte Forte Round Neck Giada Sweater, $730: I know, get out of town…I can’t get on board with spending $700-odd dollars on a sweater, but I can get on board with sitting in my H&M sweatpants & dreaming about it, then putting it in my eBay “Saved Search” list and nabbing it when it comes up on supa-sale.

Joie Minava Sweater, $349 – I tried this on at Nordy last weekend and never wanted to take it off. The pic on the model scarcely does it justice – SO CUTE WITH HIGH WAISTED JEANS AND A TOPKNOT. Or a lob, if you have one.

St. Roche Sissy Sweater, $375 because the 80’s remain the best decade ever, and this one has just enough cute details with the perky shoulders and the neck detail and the ribbing at the waist.

9. Creamy Rigatoni with Broccolini & Sausage from What’s Gaby Cooking: I’m foaming at the mouth and can’t wait to make this. Nomnomnomnom.

10. Melbourne Patchwork OTK Boot from Sole Society, $149.95 less 15% off today: These are Karrie’s pick! So rad, good price for what they are, come in a few colors and have great reviews.

Have a great weekend!


Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Home

Covet Living Holiday Gift Guide for the Home 2015


Art Crates | Covet Living Gift Guide for the Home

Ahhhh, Home. If you’ve been a trusty reader of this blog from the beginning you might remember that it started out as a home decor lifestyle blog. Before the posts about The Bachelor, Target finds, fish tacos, and our favorite Taylor Swift songs, this blog started as a love letter to our obsession with home goods.

Today we’re throwing it back. We present to you our Gift Guide For the Home. Which, even after seeing it 96 times while compiling, still makes us swoon. Snag up these items for yourself, or even better, get them for someone for the perfect hostess gift, or to simply help sprinkle some decor fairy dust into their lives:

1 – VINTAGE KILIM THROW PILLOW, Celadon, $139.  The perfect pop of pink!

Vintage Kilim

2 – FIREPLACE MATCH BOTTLE, Skeem, $30.  Because the red Strike-on-Box matches from the grocery just don’t cut the mustard.

Fireplace Matches

3 – COPPER TOP FLATWARE, Anthro, $78.  Gorgeous for your holiday table, Easter table, summer BBQ or just for every day.

Copper and Enamel Cutlery

4 – ‘NO COKE IN THE BATHROOM’ CROSS STITCH, $3.83This one IS a DIY, but for real.  Please don’t do coke in my bathroom.  Seriously.  I never realized how many people do it until I was in my 30’s – like it’s nbd and can’t completely ruin your life.  Plus, c’mon.  It’s not 1998.  #hugsnotdrugs

No Coke in Bathroom

5 – BUBBLED GEYSER DECANTER, Anthro, $78This decanter set would be gorgeous for your hard-to-please but wine-loving girl friend. Can you imagine how pretty white wine would be in this?

Bubbled Geyser Decanter

6 – (YOUR FAVORITE PHOTO BLOWN UP ON CANVAS), Easy Canvas Prints, from $34.99.  I use these guys ALL THE TIME.  Have a favorite photo from a favorite place you’ve traveled?  Or a picture you took that belongs in a magazine?  Howsabout blowing that bad boy up onto a canvas?  Such a cool and personal gift.  I did this one a few years ago and it’s my all-time favorite.

legs in water

7 – BLUE MARBLE CERAMIC SERVING BOARD, Simple Life, $74.99.  Because it’s just so damn pretty. And we love white marble & all, but the blue ups the ante.  Update 12/3: we stink!  This sold out between post draft and actual post.  But this company makes amazing tabletop goodies!  Several others in the same blue marble available here.

Marbelized Ceramic Serving Thing

8 – WOVEN RATTAN TRAY, Bixby & Ball, $78These purdy trays are a touch Clairee (“If you can’t say anything nice, come sit by me…”) and also beachy chic. And they’re from OUR FAVORITE SAN DIEGO HOME DECOR STORE, PERIOD.  PS: the one below is coming back in stock soon, but this larger square version is available!

Woven Rattan Tray with handles

9 – MARBLED BOWLS, Jayson Home, $20These agate bowls would be perfect for your older brother or guy crush or boyfriend who’s trying real hard to be a grown up. Like, he really wants to get there, and these gorgeous brown and cream bowls are legit.

Marbled Bowls

10 – VINTAGE RUBY BAND GLASSES, Etsy, $20.  Antiques give a home soul… or so I believe.  Maybe go out on a limb and give a loved one a set of these vintage gems (!)  Everybody loves something with a little provenance, right?

Ruby Banded Diamond Point Glasses

11 – 24 CARAT GOLD FRENCH PRESS, LaCafetiere, $44.50.  If you’ve never had coffee made from a French press, then you ain’t livin’ (hint: it tastes about 999x better than it does coming out of the coffee maker).  Perfect for lazy Saturday mornings.  Or just for making your kitchen look a little bit prettier.

vintage french press

12 – CUSTOM RETURN ADDRESS STAMP, Domino, $43.99.  We love, we love, we love!

Home Address Stamp

13 – CHARLESTON QUILT, Celadon, $319An homage to my former homeland. I can imagine wrapping up in it and almost being able to smell the sweet tea, saltwater, boiled peanuts and deep-fried okra… and maybe the paper mill on the Don Hold bridge.

Charleston Quilt

14 – MINCING SET KNIFE & BOARD SET, Domino, $37.49.  Because having to chiffonade herbs and mince (anything) is not only difficult but dangerous.  I literally cut part of my knuckle off last week doing it.  This knife & board set makes life WAY EASIER and totally ups your chances of keeping all 10 digits.

Herb Mincers

15 – GIA ITALIAN HERRINGBONE THROW, Lulu & Georgia, $98For mom, or your

Merlot Throw

16 – 21-PIECE INSULATED BASKET, Bed Bath & Beyond, $39.99. Completely too cute for words, this picnic set screams for a Sunday afternoon picnic in a local park or on the beach.

Picnic Basket

17 – LE FEU BLEU NUIT CANDLE, Furbish Studio, $62Hailed as this season’s “it” candle. We didn’t know there was such a thing, but we’re not surprised. It’s sculpted underwater and the vibrant color, which is hand mixed, is unexpected and quite gorgeous. We know it’s $$$$, but maybe someone you know deserves it?

Blue Nuit Candle

18 – “ROOT” WOOD CHARGER PLATE, Neiman Marcus, $30Because it’s rustic and beautiful. Because no two plates will ever be alike. Because when you layer your table settings with this your table will look textured and super cool. We love.

Root Wood Chargers

19 – BRONZE NAPKIN RINGS, SET OF FOUR, Jonathan Adler, $128These napkin rings are both playful and yet add a touch of glam to a table setting.  Also, someone should probably buy them for Steph’s dad. #steviebinthehouse

Stache Napkin Holders

20 – GOLD WISHBONE, Jayson Home, $68.  Because I swear, there’s always a stack of books somewhere or a coffee table that is missing that one last touch – like a crown jewel.  And here she is, folks.


21 – TURKISH TRIBAL RUG, Etsy, $235.  Um this is GOLD, PEOPLE!  Somebody please buy it before I accidentally do.  $235 is an amazing price for a 7′ x 3’8″ rug – especially one this gorgeous.


22 – PINEAPPLE ICE BUCKET, CB2, $69.95Did you know the pineapple was the universal symbol for hospitality? Which makes this the perfect gift for your hosts.

Pineapple Ice Bucket

23 – MEDITERRANEAN SEA SOAP, Compagnie de Provence, $21Trust us. This hand soap smells so delightful that even if that dream trip to the Mediterranean has no shot in hell of happening in the near future, this soap will transport you – or your hostess – there in no time.

Companie de Provence

24 – BEACHCOMBER EXTRA LARGE BASKET, Pottery Barn, $129We’ve always loved the look of a fiddle leaf tree or other plant placed into one of these babies. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference and adds a touch of relaxed, laid-back classiness.


25 – ‘AFTER A WHILE’ TRINKET TRAY, Nordstrom, $56I MEAN… Ain’t that the truth.

Mr. Big

26 – LAVENDER SIMPLE SYRUP, Sonoma Syrup Co., $13.99. Per the website, We infuse fresh ‘Provence’ culinary lavender flowers, estate grown for us at Matanzas Creek Winery, as the perfect flavoring for sorbets, shortbreads, champagne cocktails, hot teas or sparkling water.

Lavender Infused Simple Syrup

27 – GLACIER PORCELAIN DIPPING PLATES, Domino, $55.99.  We love EVERYTHING Red Raven makes…  these aren’t showing in stock on their site but phew – thanks Domino!  They’re showing in stock there.  Do you wanna grab a pinch of sea salt out of this gorgeous dish, or dump it from a box of Morton’s?  …we thought so.

Suite Studio Dipping Bowls

28 – ROSE QUARTZ BOOKENDS, $179.  Fabulous, dahling.

Rose Quartz Bookends

29 – CHARLESTON ROCKS GLASSES, SET OF 4, $48.  Apparently today I can’t stop won’t stop with the Chucktown stuff.  But how adorbs and peppy are these glasses?

Charleston Glasses

30 – ‘TREAT YO SELF’ PRINT, Art Crate, $18.  Like most bloggers, we get a ton of emails pitching everything from (literally) underwater basketweaving groups to butter of the month clubs.  HOWEVER – we recently got an email from a company called Art Crate – think of it as Birchbox for artwork – and it is LEGIT.  At first I thought, oh that’s ballsy.  Because art is so subjective.  BUT I took a quick survey to give them an idea of what I normally gravitate towards, and then POOF – a few days later, the perfect piece arrived in the mail.  I had pinned it YEARS AGO with the caption “OMG I WANT THIS.”  And it’s perfectly holiday-ish and now merrily hanging in our entry way.  Totally worth a try!  Note: after you take the design survey, they send you 3 prints to choose from and you decide which you want sent.  Get 20% off your first month with code: CHRISTMAS20


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