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DAD OR ALIVE – Aka Sex, Fights, Body Piercing and Being A Stay At Home Dad

Ladies and gents, it’s not every day we pirate hookers at Covet Living can toot the horn of a friend who’s just written their first book… but toot is what we’re about to do.

You know that friend you have as an adult who you just know would’ve gotten you kicked out of 8th grade History class by making you laugh uncontrollably?  Well this is my friend Adrian, the blogger behind Dad Or Alive, a hilarious and brutally honest blog about his hell-raising adventure of becoming a dad – a stay-at-home one to boot.

The dad and his two chitlins, Charlie and Ava

A father to a 3- and a 1-year-old, his posts (like “Dad’s In Deep Shit” or “Ava Full of Grace“) are so funny (especially when you know the inane, at-times inappropriate, mind of the person behind them), that I consistently find myself cackling thru his tales of utter chaos.  And you know, they just might make you or someone you know feel a little better about your parenting skills.


Come May 7th (*ahem*, perfect for Father’s Day!), his tales will be available in book form.  All you need to do to pre-order is click riiight here.  Personally I think this would be fab gift for any newish parents you know.  Or any parent in general who remembers the days and nights of tending to your little rugrats!

But don’t take my word for it – from the mouth of Adrian himself:

“This thing is a girthy 254 pages.  It’s small enough to fit in your bag, but thick enough to make your friends think you’re a real academic.  It’s got a normal, grown-up adult font, not that abnormally large shit they use in children’s books.

It’s a journey people. A slice of life from the parenting pie.

Sex, fights, body piercing, exposed breasts, cursing, excessive drinking, state troopers and some occasional filler about trying to raise a kid as a stay-at-home dad.

It’s truly got something for everyone.  But at it’s core, it remains a heartfelt (yet funny) journey of an unexpected stay-at-home dad, finding his way through life while taking care of his daughter.”

Thank you, Adrian.  I seriously can’t wait to witness the journey you’ve begun, my friend.

Oh – and check out his Twitter for more – you won’t be sorry.

Here’s to good parents out there so we don’t have to be (yet),

6 Responses to “DAD OR ALIVE – Aka Sex, Fights, Body Piercing and Being A Stay At Home Dad”

  • I love to read his blogs. I follow him on facebook and twitter and he cracks me up everytime he puts something on there!!! I am definitely going to get his book!

  • Bahaha- I can wait to get my hands on this for my husband, Rob. We work different shifts so he is home at night – every night alone with my 2 year old and 7 month old. I call him Mr. Mom – as I think he can put my mothering skills to the test 🙂 He will love this! Thanks!


  • I’ve been reading Adrian’s posts for a while and they are hilarious – definitely getting this for my hubby.

  • That is too funny! I recently read one of his posts on Huffington Post! I’m letting all my ladies know to get this for their husbands. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  • This is a great gift for Father’s Day, and I know my man will probably feel better after reading this! Thanks, Stefanie

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