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Honey, get in line.

Are you SERIOUS?  Look at this doozie that Ballard Designs just came out with.  Heavens people.  I ran across it earlier today whilst I was perusing the world wide web for my buddy Benny B’s kids’ room – which is a project we’ll be highlighting in the next few weeks.  Anyhoo – I saw this thing and moments later, had to wring out my drawers.  GYAH, it’s like a glorious, majestic bird dusted with gold meets Oly meets a wee round Edison light.  It’s so chic I can’t take it.  And I’m just guessing here, but looks like an easy install…  unlike most pendants or chandeliers, which you have to pimp out an electrician to do.  That, my friends, should make it *extra* popular with renters the world over (like je).  Ballard also makes a MONEYBAGS suggestion on their website: “Install multiples down a hallway for eye-catching texture and warmth.”  Uh, genius.  Against a watered-down robin’s egg, pastel-ly Tiffany’s box blue ceiling?  I die.

Sprint your little fingers over to the link above and if your nether-regions have the same reaction to it that mine did, buy it stat.   Already doesn’t ship till 3-7-2013.  Which means…  (who’s seen Sleepless in Seattle??) – “Honey.  Get in liiiiine.”


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