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Cleaning House

I have invested in some pretty cool stuff over the years that, for whatever reason (probably because I redecorate 7 times / year), is no longer getting put to good use, despite being totally glorious.  So in the spirit of Spring cleaning, I’m shamelessly using my blog to pimp out some of my long-time favorites for sale.  Shoot me an email if you’re interested, or just want 1 instead of the set of ’em, and I’ll shoot you a PayPal invoice:

LULU DK “MADISON” PILLOWS COVERS – EURO SIZE – Set of 3 for $130 or $50 each

I had these custom-made with Lulu DK Madison fabric in chocolate/cream, purchased from GDC in Charleston.  The welt is a really fresh, linen apple green, and the back is chocolate velvet.  Hidden zip.  Literally used for 2.2 seconds (shame shame) – but I had 3 made because I needed them to go on a sectional sofa.  Super soft and they go with literally anything/everything.  See eBay listing HERE for additional details.


I bought these for my house in Charleston to have installed over the kitchen island, but then moved to Chicago shortly thereafter.  They are each in their original packaging and have sadly never seen the light of day.  Have a great Industrial Glam feel and would look awesome in a kitchen as a set of 3, as a pair (or a single) hanging over a bathroom mirror…  as a single over a kitchen sink…  even as a pair hanging over nightstands.

(check out those matching socks…  what-whaaaaaaaat)


This one hurts me a little.  I made like, 8 of these panels for my massive living / dining room in my house in Charleston, because that area was so stark and almost virile, and I wanted to soften it up with the most feminine thing I could find – blush-hued silk.  I lined these in block-out fabric to keep the scorching summer sun out (and the A/C bills down).  These would be ABSOLUTELY. FREAKING. PRECIOUS. in a little girl’s room or baby’s nursery.  Or any girl’s room for that matter.  Each is about 47″ wide and 96″ long (give or take a 1/2 inch) – I’m not a pro seamstress, but I think I did aight (see 2nd pic).  eBay listing HERE for additional details.

Designer Tia Zoldan’s little girl’s room

DELIA SHADES – 3 Moorish Panels – $100 for the large, $50 each for the small

I used these for a designer showhouse I did a room in back in 2010, and then had the good fortune of using ’em in my Chicago apartment for a few years after.  Obviously they were custom-made for the windows in that historic Evanston home, but it never kept me from using them in other places as well.  It’s a white background with a Moorish design in slate grey, and they are outstanding.  The best and most surprising part about Delia Shades is that they don’t keep light from coming in – you can see through them and see everything outdoors – but from the street, you can’t see inside the house.  It’s mmmmagic.  The smaller ones are 23″ wide x 62.5″ long…  Big guy is 41″ wide x 62.5″ long.  Despite the length, when I needed them to be shorter, I just rolled the bottom and secured them with (wait for it…) paper clips on either side.  Ghetto, but it worked and you couldn’t even see ’em.

Image via Design*Sponge | Design by Jessica Helgerson

Image via Martha Stewart

The actual shades, installed in the Evanston Designer Showhouse

My bathroom in Chicago

‘S all I got for now!  Give me a holler at if you’re interested or have any questions!


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  • Steph, I have to say thank you for this post. I used to check in on the blog often but haven’t lately, not sure why, I’ll blame the baby. Although I am not able to help in taking anything off your hands, you have solved my problem of dressing the windows in my house. The Delia Shades are just what I have been looking for. I have lovely 4 sectioned old windows, much like the home in Chicago, that have puzzled me for 3 years. Thanks for clearing my mind a bit!

    • Hey Ivy!! Oh my gosh I am so happy to hear that! They are amazing – you’ll love them! Please tell the girls over at Delia Shades hello for me. Not sure if they’ll remember me b/c it was a few years ago, but they were awesome to work with and will do a great job on yours!!

      Take care and thanks so much for still reading CL! xoxo, Steph

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