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Upholstered Bench Re-Do: VOILA!

Purchased:  June 2010

WhereEdgewater Antique Mall, Chicago

Price:  $60

Size:  16″ x 48″

Condition:  Wuf.  Covered with white vinyl that belongs on a table cloth in a camp ground.  But frame and cushion are in good condition.

Photo Quality:  Wretched.  Reason #958 why I need an iPhone.

Thoughts:  Good bones, great size and decent price.  But considering that similar looking benches go for GOBS more ($300+) at Restoration Hardware & such, and considering it would take very little effort to make it look stellar, I went for it.

Restoration Hardware LOUIS Bench

Remember the new suzani fabric I scooped up last week?

I went to town on that bad boy with my staple gun last night – look!




Goody gumdrops.  $74.99 total for that pretty little thing?  (Bench: $60 + Fabric: $14.99) = Not awful.  I meant for my sparkly new suzani bench to sit at the foot of my bed, but with pieces like this, the possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned tomorrow for oh! the many places they can go!!  Because frankly, I’d go on, but I need to get on a treadmill stat.  There is still much casserole + Moonshine Christmas Drink to burn off.  Plus I’m trying to bait you to come back tomorrow.

PS: Ya like those tumbleweeds of Gus hair in the corner?  I vacuumed yesterday morning.  The kid’s got some fur.

PSS: Young House Love has great instructions for a project like this.  I’ll defer to Sherry + John…


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