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Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Bridesmaid Dresses

One day last summer, soon after I became rocked up, I decided to sign up for a coupla wedding sites.  Sweet Lincoln’s mullet, if it wasn’t 10 minutes before I became besieged with emails notifying me I only had 409 DAYS. LEFT. UNTIL. THE. BIG. DAYYYYY.   Luckily I kept my composure, had a nice laugh at those folks at The, then moved onto my afternoon schedule of yoga and Oprah (what?  I worked from home at the time).

As a bride-to-be who’s doing most of the festivus planning herself, I am frickin’ thrilled when someone lobs a helpful suggestion my way, or better yet, when I stumble upon an inexpensive, genius service that just so happens to make the planning process muuuch less ‘spensive for us brides-to-be.  As in, the always brilliant Rent The Runway:

Just announced, RTR has partnered with ‘uuuuge designers to create bridesmaid dresses – and duh, like all other get-ups on RTR, all for a fraction of the price. Catherine Malandrino, Badgley Mischka, Shoshanna – each have new designs in different styles and colors – for rental prices starting at $75.

So instead of your bridesmaid hussies shelling out hundreds of dollars for a dress they might never wear, Rent the Runway lets you rent designer dresses and then return a few days later.  I personally not only lurv their bridesmaid dresses; I also dig renting their more casual looks for, say, a beach wedding (oooh, know anyone with one of these in the upcoming year?)  Check out my personal faves:

This Ruffle Cascade Dress above by Ali Ro is 50 mother-loving smacks to rent. I can picture my girls sporting this on the white sandy beaches next November, ohhhhh, Hallelujah.

A really good friend of mine got hitched on a boat off the coast of Miami a while back.  This mint-colored Grecian Escape Dress from Mark & James by Badgley Mischka above woulda been perfectly casual-yet-elegant for the nuptials on the love boat.  Instead of its retail price of $360, it’s yours for $50, people!

This Rebecca Taylor Sweetheart Cut Dress above is e-lectric. I wanna get married somewhere in Jamaica and have my bridesmaids wear this.  Later, one of them who will have indulged in too many rum runners will accidentally fall backwards into the band.  Her name will rhyme with Keph.  Before: $365.  After: $50.

Well, isn’t this Shoshanna Optical Bustier Dress above precious?  The design and cut make it cute and super flattering.  I see Central Park nuptials in the Spring. Sigh.  Once again, $50.

It’s better to check out a close-up of this delicious Theory Pretty In Pleats Dress above so you can get the full effect – soft and feminine pleating throughout this glamorous get-up.  Pair with chunky earrings and you’re golden!  $75.

The Sky Shoulder Dress by Yigal Azrouel is billowy… elegant… classy… On second thought, probably not right for my ‘smaids.  Kidding!  Stay classy, my little hooligans.  Originally $840.  Now $100.

I die.  This Wrap Up Dress from Robert Rodriguez’ Black Label screams out NYC wedding to me – but instead of Central Park, this time we’re above all the little people at the top of 30 Rockefeller Center, in the uber swanky, timeless Rainbow Room.

Ohhh, and did I tell you they have the perf dresses for one’s rehearsal dinner, along with a bajillion hot accessories?  Exhibit A:

Milly’s Country Club Chic Dress above is ruffly, cute and casual for my Friday night pre-soiree.  Annnnd instead of $360, it’d cost me $50.  Partner with a pair of either these delicate Lee Angel Pearl Drop Earrings ($15):

Or somethin’ a little more formal, like the below earrings from Badgley Mischka ($25):

So many fun options.  What’s a gal to do?!


Happy Hump Day, darlings.


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  • I’m DYING over that Rebecca Taylor electric sweetheart dress. You know, the one I’ll be sporting whilst I toss back Rumrunners – BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Y’old floozy. GURL – all of those dresses you pulled are amazing. The Shoshanna Optical Illusion one, the lavender ruffly one. And that sky shoulder draped one has been in my RTR faves for awhile. Good heavens. Do we really get to pick whatever we want?? Oh boy oh boy oh BOY!

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