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October: What You May Have Missed

Before we plow full-speed ahead into November and all the gleeful, chaotic giddiness of the Holidays, I wanted to recap some of the coolest things I ran across in October.  There’s about enough information floating around the internet, magazines, and the blogosphere to make anyone’s head explode, so below are my Curatorial CliffsNotes to what you may have missed last month.  Because seriously.  Who has time to read all that?  ..bwahaha – well, besides me.

1. Budget-friendly, Rental-friendly, and sheer genius:  Colorful Masking Tape Entryway.  Jenny from Little Green Notebook has featured this project a few times on her lovely blog, and the photos below are from a recent reader’s DIY (wassup, Elsie!)  The tape is sold here for about $4.50/roll, and Jenny gives great how-to instructions here.  PS: using this gold leaf color would be outrageously cool.

2.  Guilt-free and glorious:  this Avocado Salad.  I made it, and then I licked the bowl.


3.  Looking to update an old dresser?  Check out this gorgeous knob from Anthropologie (gasp!)  I think it might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

4.  Speaking of dressers, I also nearly lost my marbles when I saw this.  Nothing makes me happier than a lovingly worn, ornately carved piece of furniture.


5.  I love the quiet poignancy of the quote below.  On a personal note, watching my friends get married and pop out kids at lightning speed has filled my silly little soul with joy, and seeing them climb corporate ladders and nestle into comfortable lives is wonderful.  But in the wake of it all, I hear the echo of my own shoulda / coulda / wouldas…  should I have married him, or him, even though – despite loving him – it didn’t feel completely right?  Would it have been more prudent to have stayed in a six-figure job that made me unhappy?  Etc.  But as I round the corner to the big 3-0, I realize that I have finally made peace with the things that didn’t go as planned, because I don’t think that any decision you make with your gut is ever the wrong decision.  And for the first time in a long time, instead of looking back and wondering if I’ve made the right decisions, I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.

6.  Anybody ever perused Young House Love’s House Crashing files?  If you haven’t, you should.  Below are a few of my faves.

The homeowner’s boyfriend painted that mural on the wall.  I’m speechless.

That light is from IKEA, and that giant mirror is made out of an old weathered wood pallet.  Chairs were a thrift store find.  I think I want to be friends with these people.

This 700-pound butcher block was a Craigslist find, took 7 men to lug into this house, and makes me weak at the knees.

7.  The photography below is so breathtaking, it’s actually painful.  Dustjacket Attic is a mystical, dreamy little blog that posts gorgeous photography (often from foreign publications that we might not otherwise stumble across), to the tune of often exotic iPod music.  I could look through its archives for hours.

(Sigh), the beautiful melancholy of fall.  Is that Fields of Gold I hear playing?

Italy??  Yes please.

8.  You’d better believe that I’ll be giving these recipes from House Beautiful a whirl in a skinny second.  If this isn’t the best (low carb) comfort food for fall, then I don’t know what is.

Herb Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Sage

Broiled Wild Mushrooms with Tamari Butter

9.  Oh, Eddie (!) Speaking of fall comfort food, I would like to eat the recipes above at the table below, styling courtesy of the hilarious and stupidly talented Eddie Ross, and brought to us by Lonny Magazine, which is like a Band-Aid over the gaping wound that Domino left.


10.  THIS SONG by Rooney is my new jump-around-the-house-dancing fave, and it sounds like 80’s, but actually came out in 2007.


11.  Last month, I ran across too many beautiful bedroom photos to count…  Below are my favorites:


Uncluttered, clean and utterly beautiful.  The understated, gorgeous antique bed…  the barely-there lavender paint…  those throw pillows (!)…  the camel cashmere throw and THAT mirror.  I can’t even handle it.


Bedroom of Rue Magazine’s Editor, Crystal Gentilello.  The refined and edited palette of beige and grey tones makes the room feel soothing, but the playful shapes of the bedside lamps, accent pillow and the bedspread – intermixed with the hard angles of the headboard and mirrors – makes this room a visual gem.  Rue Mag’s current issue has an entire spread on Crystal’s Budget Bachelorette Abode, and it’s entirely stunning.


Heavens to Betsy.  All my favorite things in one shot:  Pretty wallpaper, tufting, poufs, sunburst mirrors, and that pool blue wall color.  If you love blue as much as I do, you should scurry over to House of Turquoise.


Oh, Lulu!  You ‘ol mixer-upper you.  The photo above is the bedroom of textile designer Lulu DK, featured in this month’s Lonny, and dang.  Her-mix-a-lot sure can weave a good smathering of furniture, textiles and accessories into something genius and completely unique.


Wintry and delicious.  Look (!)  It’s the garland light from the Dreamy Little Bathrooms: Lighting on a Shoestring post!  That and the itty bitty silver bedside lamp would make this room icy cool, except the nubby throw, hide rug and floor/ceiling/wall planking keep it uber warm and cozy.

12.  I ran across the photography below on Bottom of the Ironing Basket, which is always full of amazing eye candy.  This one’s for all my favorite mamas raising sweet little girls. 

13.  October was like opening a treasure chest of fabric sourcesCalico Corners (swatches at right), which I gushed about last week, and LS Fabrics out of Atlanta (swatches at left) are two of my new go-to’s.  PSST:  stay tuned next week for a surprise give away!

14.  Nicole from Making It Lovely – who posted the GORGEOUS dining room below (which I logged into my inspiration folder stat) – is also the genius author of the 30 Before 30 List…  a list of 30 goals she set for herself, and then worked diligently to hit in the months leading up to her 30th Birthday.  You’d better believe making THAT list is on my to-do list for the week.

15.  Last but not least, House Beautiful‘s November 2010 Issue featured one of the BEST resources, ever, for entertaining – 101 Party Do’s & Don’ts.  And I’m not just saying that because we’re in it.  Whether you’re having 2 people over or 20, these 4 succinct pages are filled with smart, witty, all-encompassing, simple-but-genius tips to being the Hostess with the Mostess.  I already have ’em in a plastic binder sleeve, stashed in my cupboard for easy access.  The issue – on newsstands for another 2 weeks – also marked Covet Living‘s very first appearance on the glistening pages of a magazine, which was exhilarating, to say the least.  We heart them for including us, and we’re almost ready to shut up about it.

And now, you may proceed to the Holly-Days.


12 Responses to “October: What You May Have Missed”

  • I so need that knob from Anthro! What a fab list you’ve compiled here! Thanks so much for the link-love too! 🙂

  • Erin (!) You got it girlfriend – we heart House of Turquoise!

  • your #5 strikes such a deep chord in my heart. turned the big 3-0 this year as well and same thoughts running thru my mind as i see friends around me move onto the next stage of life. love love love the quote, and perhaps one day i’ll find the courage like you to take that step to follow my gut and be excited abt what’s around the corner.

    • Hey Eunice!! So glad you liked it 🙂 The Big 3-0 is so strange… I remember seeing E.T. at the movies about 10 minutes ago (eh, I was 3), and I remember a day when 30 sounded the same as 107. But eh, whatever. 30’s like, the new 21… it’ll be guh-REAT!

  • That EM Forster quote is wonderful. I printed it out and taped it to my work computer!

  • Stephie: This is to die for. Who are you, where did you come from, and how am I lucky enough to call your one of my best friends? Hearts and stars foolio.

    • Caitlin: She’s a rugrat from the Midwest who wore onesies til the 7th grade, and we LOVE HER. Calling her right now to see how her HGTV interview went!!!!

  • Thanks ladies for the Rue shout out. Your support means everything to us.

    I’m finding your blog so delicious and inspiring!
    Best of luck.

    xo The Rue Team

  • Rue Girls: Woo hoo!! Wassuuuuup!

    Caitlin: Love you too, y’old skank. Hearts & Stars!

    Karrie: Bwahah. I thought I retired the giant zip onesie in 5th grade. Wasn’t 7th grade when I sent your boyfriend a singing candygram for Valentine’s day?? Oosie sahhhhree!


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