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Miracle Product: BUXOM Mascara

I recently discovered this mascara in the same way I discover most beauty products:  by playing the “ooooh, what’s THIS fun stuff!?” game in my friends’ makeup bags.  Baaaaahaha – just kiddin, Mar!  …well, kinda.  My best friend from college, Mary, turned me onto Sephora’s BUXOM Mascara last month, and I’ve been batting my eyelashes ever since.  It is THE best lengthening mascara I’ve come across in my (gulp) almost 30 years…  LOOK at that WAND

It gives you go-go-gadget, super silky lashes, and it doesn’t even think about clumping.  And every time I put it on, I think, huh.  I thought I had stumpy stubs for lashes?  Oh wait…  I do.  Which is so odd because now I’m batting these long, luscious wispy things.  Where did those come from?


Buxom is available at Sephora in Blackest Black or Blue Noir (ooh fun, rawr!) – $18.


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