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Pretty in Peach

We know it’s Valentine’s Day… which is precisely why we’d like to offer a quick respite from all the saccharin for you singletons out there:  how about a little less pink, red & puppy love, and a little more dreamsicle-colored eye candy?  Eh?

I should also throw my favorite orange jumpsuit in the mix…  probably my all-time favorite rental.  It’ll come in real handy next time I get thrown in the slammer.

While we’re talking about favorite things, this is my favorite new jam:

My favorite dreamsicle-colored dog… never complete without at least one eye booger – bless his heart:

My favorite peachy cocktail of choice – especially in the presence of my fairy godmothers:

Whether you’re celebrating with someone you love today, lost someone you love, or are hoping to find someone you love someday – there’s always truth and comfort in the words below…  it’s why we post them every year.  Bonus points if you read them in a British accent:

“It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you’ll find that… love actually is all around.”


PEACH MONTAGE PHOTO CREDITS: balsamic strawberry sorbet | nars orgasm nail polish | pretty peonies | balloons | sleep shorts | peach sofa | monogram stationery | peachy murano chandelier

Minted in the House: $50 Giveaway!

When I say “Minted in the House,” I’m not talking about Tiffany’s box blue walls and seafoam sofas.  I’m talking about Minted – purveyor of pretty paperie & luscious letterpress – who, lucky us (!) has also just added a baller collection of wall art to their repertoire.  So in honor of their newest endeavor, we thought we’d play a little curation station and handpick some of our favorites to get your juices flowin’… cause we’re doing a $50 Minted Giveaway!  (Details at bottom of post…)

Salinity – yep – looks about like my life right now. | Striped Suit – worn by someone named Claudette, bien sûr. | Staredown – aka Mooooooo.  Perfect for a guy’s abode… or mine – this is awesome.  | Rooftops of Paris – le sigh.  Je hear this playing. | California Dreams – when I look at that pink sky, I can almost smell salty ocean air.

Peonies in Vase – Because peonies are the prettiest, as is this art. | Highway Wildflowers – The bright pops of color conjure a feeling of vibrancy that just makes me happy. | Twisted Horizon – The equivalent of 5 valiums, right there. | Runaway – Sooooth that soul, Amanda.  Staring at this, just for a moment, takes me back to my Caribbean honeymoon.  Sigh. | Ligurian Houses – Add this painting to any room and bring it alive.

In the market to send some good ‘ol fashioned mail?  Here’s what we suggest.  If yoooooooouuu…

Are gettin’ hitched:

Twine | Papel Picado


Wanna tell people they BEST not make plans on the day you’re gettin’ hitched:

Let Love Rule Foil-Pressed | Boutique Foil-Pressed


Are throwin’ a party for someone else who’s gettin’ hitched:

Fresh Mimosa | Matthiola


Are throwin’ a party called “I’m awesome” and treating yourself to some personalized stationery:

Botanical Watercolor | Hello Friend | My First Monogram | Heirloom Monogram | Pink Blossoms | Initial Then Period


Are rollin’ out the red carpet for your nouveau nugget’s debut into the world:

Lacy Paper Foil-Pressed | Heirloom Scroll Foil-Pressed


Are throwing the coolest birthday party, ever, for your kiddo who it feels like JUST made his/her debut yesterday:

Simple | Garland


Are late to the Valentine’s Day game like I am…  whoops.  There’s still time (!)

Complete Love | Sunset


1.  “Like” Covet Living’s Facebook page

2.  “Like” Minted’s Facebook page

3.  Leave a comment below telling us how you’d LOVE to spend your $50 at Minted!

4.  Contest goes through Valentine’s Day (next Friday 2/14) at noon.  A winner will be randomly selected using Rafflecopter then!

Happy Shopping!