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7 Fall Looks to Love

Since we haven’t even had a summer this summer I hate to usher it out so soon, but I can’t help already being a *liiiiiittle* excited about Fall.  Maybe it’s the unseasonably brisk mornings we’ve had lately… my favorite Buckeye Fan’s countdown to football season… or all the back-to-school bouquets of sharpened pencils.  Whatever the case, the most beautiful and nostalgic season of the year is right around the corner, and I’ve been dreaming about how to suit up for it.  Here are 7 looks I’m seriously sweating:

It’s not just the semi-tweed jacket in this pic that fanned up my skirt…  it’s the walk on a chilly morning with a latte in hand…  the dark nail polish…  the raspberry shades and the two-tone leather bag.  Nomnomnom.

My favorite color combo, ever.  I would love for a chunky knit, Isabel Marant sweater to magically appear in my closet.

We’ve all seen the dark grey and dark dark berry polishes, but have you seen navy yet??  I haven’t hopped on the dark nail trend in years past, but this Essie No More Film is about to make me hop on the bandwagon.  Somehow it feels more sophisticated and understated than the ones I’ve seen thus far.

I don’t know where to begin with this shot…  The flats look a lot like these amazing Brian Atwood ones.  The Céline bag is a pipe dream…  and there’s a Céline bag outlet here but it is probably the equivalent of buying one in a dark room somewhere in Chinatown.  And I think I might fall down on the ground with my legs wallet up in the air if I ever saw zippered skinnies in person.

This is an easy one to pull off.  You know you probably have a slouchy turtleneck Abercrombie sweater from high school somewhere in your closet…  and you can easily grab a blouse-y white top at Forever 21 or H&M for peanuts.  Pair with dark skinnies and a pair of heels, and you’re all set!

Keep this look interesting by mixing textures in the same hue:  leather pants + a knit top, or a bouclé blazer with black denim.

Cabled Cream sweaters are my favorite, cuz they’re like the cold-weather version of white tees, but cabled tights can also be effortlessly cool.

What pieces are you craving for Fall??  PS:  For more of what Fall looks I’m digging, check out my Pinterest Boards:  WHAT TO WEAR || FALL || WINTER WEAR


11 Responses to “7 Fall Looks to Love”

  • Donna Newman..aka Sunny D :))

    Love the “look”…and those stylish ideas!..Hello Fall! Thanks for the great pictures…They will go with me when I shop <3

  • Thanks Suns! We should do a joint shopping trip to Rowe!!

  • Where do I start? {insert twiddling thumbs here}
    I’ll start with the season. It’s still winter Downunder so I’m going to start with what us la-dees are wearing here at the moment:
    * So much Tweed. It’s everywhere.
    * Zippered skinnies. I’m own two pairs. I wear them to death, but I pray they’ll never die or go out of fashion. I love my navy zip skinnies.
    * Yes to Leopard shoes. I don’t own a pair but I do own a leopard scarf and that’s the same kind of thing!

    PLONK!! That’s me falling off my chair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cable sweater with that beige clutch!
    And I MAY have to try the navy nail polish – I’m a tad tired over the plumy fuchsia nail I normally sport.
    B xx

    • GINA, aka Brooke:
      1. TRY THE NAVY!! I’m trying it myself this evening, and painting it myself post a few brews. I’ll let you know how that goes…
      2. Love tweed. Hi5 long distance.
      3. WHY oh why has it never occurred to me to just take my skinnies to the dry cleaner/seamstress and have them sew in a two dollar zipper at the ankle? (head smack) – duh.
      4. I can’t even talk about the cable and the beige. It kills me.


  • Love your slouchy sweater segment. Jonesing to wear one. Sipping tomato basil soup with big croutons. Maybe a movie. On a slightly chilly Saturday afternoon. Can no longer negotiate the heels, however LOL. Question: I’m a little older than your average follower. When am I officially too old to rock the navy polish? I love the look. JB

    • JO ANN! What up girl! Ummm, you are NEVER EVER too old to rock the navy polish!! Especially since you just said “Jonesing” – LOL. I just ordered some of that navy business from Amazon for $3 of $4. Try it and please tell us how it goes!! And LOVE tomato basil with big croutons! Do you have a good recipe for it?? Thank you so much for reading 🙂 xoxo, Steph

  • Love each and every one of these looks! Now I can’t wait for Fall! Skinny jeans, navy nails, leopard.. right up my alley!

  • Love that blazer! Where did you find it?

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