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Effortlessly Cool, Summer 2015 Style

Good morning lovelies! As most of the country’s about to experience delightfully crisp temps and all that Fall has to offer, here in Cali we’re hunkering down for the hottest days of the year. Our Fall consists of 80, 90 and 100-degree weather and more swamp *ss than you can say Everglades. And in the spirit of our summer that just don’t quit, I crafted a few pics below of looks that had me swooning these past couple months. PS – Listen to this song while perusing – it’s one of my favorites from the summer!:



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Old Navy: Your Summer Secret

One day on a lil’ Sunday stroll along the Santa Monica Promenade, we decided to dip into that old bastion of our collective farm girl youth, Old Navy, for sh*ts and giggles. To our maje surprise, we (mostly Karrie) found a treasure trove of cute little summer outfits – and you guessed it – all were SO inexpensive (everything under $40). Check out what we got, and forgive Karrie’s Lazy Sunday no-makeup look, thank you:

Women’s Jersey Tube Jumpsuit, $37 – So soft and comfy, and available in black too!  Steph’s cute lil’ sleeveless denim jacket found here:

Old Navy Tube Dress | Covet Living

Women’s Jersey Shift Dress, $22 – Wear it as-is for a more profesh look, or get it hemmed to show off your stems, like Karrie promptly did:

Old Navy Jersey Shift Dress | Covet Living

Women’s Maxi Cami Dress, $35 – Breezy and casual, or can be made to look more formal with jewelry and what-not. Love this!:

Maxi Cami Dress | Covet Living

The Pixie Ankle Pants in Blue Floral, $30 – Super comfy, and a bit unexpected. Just get ’em.

Pixie Ankle Pants in Blue Floral | Covet Living

Chambray Cami Jumpsuit, $32 – Can be worn under a long cami or sweater at work with wedges or cute sandals, or with flip flops for a more leeeeisurely look:

Old Navy Chambray Cami Jumpsuit | Covet Living

Embroidered-Stripe Swim Cover-Up, $27 – Don’t mind the wrinkles (ON THE COVER-UP):

Old Navy Embroidered-Stripe Swim Cover-Up | Covet Living

Cami Jumpsuit, $37 – Loved the look on the model. Kicking ourselves for not adding this to our rotation:

Old Navy | Cami Jumpsuit | Covet Living

K that’s it… for now.  Grab everything quickly, as some stuff’s down to 1-2 sizes. Happy $hopping!


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