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Scenes From a HOT Weekend

And we’re not talking about the San Diego surfers littering the beaches this weekend – nah; we’re talkin’ bout the SCORCHING temps that blessed us and made being outside kinda tough. But we made lemonade out of lemons and headed out to the beach for concerts, marinating, a wee bit of working out, and all that good stuff. A few snaps from our weekend:

Concert Yoga | Covet Living

Steph and her San Diego #squad being themselves at CRSSD Fest

Hey Buddy! | Covet Living

Dress via Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach // nails are “Butler Please” via Essie // glow-in-the-dark necklace via the 80’s // sunnies via Becker Surf in Malibu // cute boy via Steph’s gaggle of friends

Crssd Fest | Covet Living

Sunset on the San Diego waterfront… do we spy the Goonies ship in the background??  Also… St. Lucia puts on an amazing show.

Duck Face | Covet Living

Karrie’s duck face courtesy of the stairs in Santa Monica


Sunrise on Saturday Morning at Kate O. Sessions Park in Pacific Beach… thanks Gus.

GusGus | Covet Living

But look at his sweet face.  He’s worth a 5:30am weekend wake-up pounce (onto my head).

Man's Best Friend | Covet Living

Sweet sweet Tim aka Teem, and his best friend til the end, Kilroy

Karrie | Covet Living

Gettin’ ready to hit the town with a new ‘do, and a fave new lipstick: “Men Love Mystery” via MAC // Dress via Waverly Boutique

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Now if we could just extend it, like, 2-3 days, k, thanks.


Steph and Karrie's Signatures TOGETHER


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