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White Out

Ode to this glooorrrrious time of year when we’re on the cusp of Fall… ye know, when leaves start to turn and everything smells like cinnamon spice and looks like tartan plaid & pumpkins… (well – in most parts of the world).  And I am SO trying to channel that nostalgic, elusive feeling of Fall here in SoCal – what with all my windows open and fans on and Harvest Apple candles about to burn down the house. But alas – gowel, it’s 87 d*mN degrees outside.  And while perhaps I should be dreaming in autumnal shades of ochre / persimmon / deep garnet, all I’ve been gravitating towards this week are shades of white.  Maybe it’s because it’s been hazy and chilly here this week in the mornings.. (?)  Or maybe it’s cuz of this:

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote | Covet Living

Maybe my affinity pour blanche has to do with what my boy Scooter said: it’s the spirit of wiping the slate clean first and starting over again with a blank canvas (which, as it turns out, I do feel like I’m doing in my life – and that’s another post)… but whatever the reason, see below.  And exhale.  And maybe if you have the 1989 album, turn on my girl T-Swift’s “Clean”.

{ my favorite kind of outfit }

White on White | Covet Living

{big, big sigh}

Wash Out | Covet Living


Coleen McGill Design Group | Covet Living

{what sundays are made of}

Low Back, Low Bun | Covet Living

{çava, my old friend}

Paris Rooftops | Covet Living

{I think I forget}

Love | Covet Living

{unknown source but picasso / matisse-esque}

Nude Sketch, Source Unknown | Covet Living

{that hardware – i can’t even}

Sweet Brass Cabinet Hardware | Covet Living

{waterworks sink.  if i could only afford that sink or a shower, i’d take that sink and have it double as a bird bath.}

waterworks sink | covet living


White Bathroom | Covet Living

{my wildest wardrobe dreams: isabel marant}

Isabel Marant Sweater | Covet Living

{so warm.  i love everything in atlanta homes mag.}

ATL Homes Kitchen | Covet Living

{head to toe perfection, sans the scowl}

Neutrals on White and Denim | Covet Living

{laguna 6 by zio bios creative}

Laguna 6, Zoe Bios Creative | Covet Living

{black shower doors are all the rage… but so is this}

White Shower Doors | Covet Living


It's All Messy Quote | Covet Living

{the sweetest little old fashioned kitchen… note the detail and how the wee range slides in on top of the baseboard.}

Antique Kitchen | Covet Living

{denim + white = perfection.  always.}

White Blouse and Jeans | Covet Living

{but that gold backsplash}

White Kitchen, Gold Backsplash | Covet Living

Next week, pumpkins and lattes and flannels and jewel tones – honest.  And PS I’m sorry the formatting is jacked up on here – Karrie and I, in our infinite confusion over the techie back-end of our blog, can’t figure it out.  And PPS I’m sorry we’ve blogged like 4x this year.  We both love doing it SO MUCH and love all you wonderful people who follow along, so we’re making it more of a priority.  Pinky promise.


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6 Responses to “White Out”

  • These are my favorite kinds of posts you do – they harken back to the beginning when we’d send each other tons of pics of stuff we loved, that made us swoon. Which, by the way, all these pictures make me do 🙂

    • Did you just say “harken”? Lawd I gotta broaden my daily vernacular – that’s a goodie. And yes – those ping-pong matches were what spawned CL!!!! 🙂 xoxo love you

  • I love this post! Need these inspirations so I keep working on my apartments look and feel…and my wardrobe. I’m also having trouble with my blog formatting and which plugins I need so I can avoid CSS haha. It’s fun to learn, though! Thanks for all the info and quotes… xoxo

    • C-Strutty, you little sugarplum! I don’t know where we scooped you up as a beloved reader but you’re so kind to us. So happy you liked it! Fist bump long distance on back-end blogger problems. oxoxoxoxox to you!

  • I don’t keep score on how many times you gals blog but I look forward to your finds, insights and images w/much anticipation. Pinterest is like a part-time job. Love CL so much more ’cause it includes interiors that raise me up like a Josh Groban tune, your nuggets of life’s lessons and photos of our next POTUS. A warm hug and ’90s shout-out from Exit 109 on the Garden State Pkwy.

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